Special Finance Leads

These are customers that still have the ability to buy a car however are more dependant on a dealership to get financing. These customers will be open minded to a new or used car and are not as concerned with the interest rate. These are real time leads, you can receive them seconds after the application comes in. We have a vast network of websites and partners that generate these leads from multiple sources. Approved Auto Leads has more top quality leads than anywhere else.

Real Time Prime Credit Tier Financing Leads

These are customers in the market for an auto loan and have a good credit rating. They are often time looking for the best rates, sometimes looking for a new car at 0% APR.

Tote the Note Leads

These are leads from customers that fully understand that they are going to have to have a down payment and are going to be visiting a buy here pay here lot. They are not looking for any certain car, just transportation. Many of these customers will have poor credit and they are more flexible to the options extended to them.

BDC Call Center

As you know, all of our leads are real time leads. Therefore, making contact as soon as you get the lead is critical for success. However, we understand that not all dealerships have a live call center set up. We at Approved Auto Leads offer a service to where our call center will make contact with the customer and make sure they arrive at the dealership with all the required documents needed to secure financing.

BDC Call Center Training

For those dealers looking to provide a refresher course to current BDC center or even their sales staff, we offer both web training videos complete with script or in person phone training.