Q. How do you generate your leads?

A. 100% of our leads come direct in real time from our websites to your store. All of our leads are exclusive only to you.

Q. Do you share the lead I am buying with any other dealerships?

A. No, we have never nor will we ever sell a lead to your competition.

Q. How long does it take for my staff to get the lead once the customer completes the application?

A. You will have the lead within 5 minutes or the lead is free.

Q. How do you generate your leads?

A. Depending on your area, most dealers in our network stay within a 50 mile radius.

Q. How many customers can I expect to sell off of your program?

A. While results depend on things such as inventory and sales staff, we can confidently say that the worst results we have seen in the past 10 years is 4%. The best we have seen is 18%. Most of our clients consistently deliver 10-12% of the leads they purchase. Meaning with a purchase of 300 leads you can expect to delivery an additional 30-34 units per month.