General Information

This is where we are supposed to tell you all the things that 1 in 100 customers read. The fact is, if you have dig all the way through our website to get to this page you are one of two people:

  1. You're one of our so called "competitors” desperately looking for ways to improve your company.

  2. You're not quite sure if this program is for you or if it will fit your store. Let us take the time to place your concerns at ease. I subscribe to a little known theory that states, "facts don’t lie." Please allow me to lay out some facts for you:

    • How do you make money? Even if 90% of the leads we are selling you don’t buy, cannot buy, don’t like you or you don’t like them, you are still going to sell on average 10 customers for every 100 leads you purchase. Now in simple math that means that if you only average 2500 per copy you will put an extra $25,000.00 on the books. And that’s if our program has a fail rate of 90%.

    • Do not fear success embrace it. Now is the time to stand out and sell more without having the worry of tv rating or radio frequency. It's time to become the only and obvious choice in your market.

Company History and Practices

Started almost 10 years ago by automotive industry experts and dealership owners, we've grown to be the top provider of auto leads because our customers keep coming back for more. With quality standards in place, we've aimed to be profitable year after year by keeping you, our customers happy with quality leads.

We take pride in our leads and where they come from and will never sell stuffed leads or recycled. Every lead will be 100% straight from our websites directly to you within minutes. We've also set up a proprietary system that screens all of our leads for any errors in the application and accepts or denies them before they are even put on the market.