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Ready for the highest quality real time leads?

How the lead process works:

Simply put,
we sell leads that sell cars.

Approved Auto Leads has been stimulating the automotive industry with “real time” leads for over 5years. From conception, our high quality leads have provided many dealers the extra push needed to thrive and not just survive in the past downward market. We service only motivated dealers as well as wholesale markets looking to obtain exclusive territories. Dealers waste thousands of dollars each month on “status quo” marketing campaigns that produce the same lame results. That’s right, “same is lame!” Let's face it, the automotive landscape has changed forever. Do you want to be left behind or do you want to be one of the forward thinking dealers that realizes this and moves towards the customer that is in the market to buy NOW?

Why is buying leads better than traditional advertising?

Does TV advertising work? Well, NO! Most people today, live what I like to call, a customizable life. Meaning they have their DVR set to record the shows they want and come home then fast forward through your commercial. And even if they do see your commercial, you're “spraying and praying” a message to thousands of people in your market with hope that when they actually are in the market for a car or truck, they put you on their shopping list. Does radio advertising work? Wrong again... back to what I like to call the customizable life. Consumers today are people that run around with “ear buds / ear phones” listening to their downloaded music that is guess what? Commercial free.

So where have all the customers gone? Well, it's simple. They are looking at our ads while they are downloading their music, to avoid your radio ads. They are on our websites searching for information for financing, rates, terms or a price of a car you might have on your lot but they don’t even know who you are!

What makes our leads different?

That's the million dollar question! To answer that question, we are the only lead generation company founded by guys that have sat on your side of the desk and fought the battles you fight every day. You don’t just want a name and number to pass out to your sales force and hope they set an appointment. No, you want a name and a number to someone that is going to answer the phone and say "WOW I just applied! Yes, I can come in right now." One of the biggest differences is that we don’t just sell you leads, we sell you leads that sells cars. We only have a select number of leads in each market and that’s all we have. We will never, I repeat, NEVER buy a lead to fill an order. If you order 400 leads for your store and we can only produce 250, guess how many you get? That’s right, 250, and you will also only pay for 250. 250 real customers that are ready to make a decision TODAY is better than stuffing leads with watered down information. See, our leads are not cheap. If you want cheap leads, we are not the place. However, our leads produce more bottom line profit month in and month out more than any other advertising medium in the automotive industry today. Ask yourself this question... If you were going to the doctor would you want a great doctor or just the bare minimum? Would you want a fresh doctor or one that had just finished a 24 hour ER shift?

We have a simple philosophy. Keep our customers happy with ROI's the highest they've seen and they will keep coming back.