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Subprime Auto Leads: From Precarious To Profitable

Posted on: June 28th, 2012 by credit

As the economy grew more unstable, not only to consumers and buyers but to businesses and companies too, car dealerships also started losing opportunities as the demand for cars sharply declined due to various factors such as high gas prices and costs of car maintenance. Financial glitches in individuals have a parallel effect in the car dealership market and this is the reason why dealers started to look at the concept of subprime auto leads in a different light. What used to be a risky investment now turns out to be a profitable solution.

In a perfect world, car dealers will not be in favor of subprime auto leads because offering car loans to people with bad credit is a gamble. However, this thinking has been gradually losing its hold due to the rising number of individuals who are in a financially compromising status. This situation left car dealers thinking of another way to gain profit and found the answer by focusing on a new target market—people with bad credit. More often than not, these poor credit holders are ignored by financial institutions and car dealers because of their bad credit history. However, they are still capable of making payments and were once good credit holders. These leads are not as advantageous as normal leads but in a time where normal leads are difficult to come by, you need to be practical and convert subprime leads into sales. In addition, generating subprime auto leads are easier to manage now because of innovations in technology. You can effortlessly keep track and record all of your borrowers as well.

According to statistics, there are more people hitting a financial hiccup than people who are financially stable. This means that you have the power to tap into a greater target market by focusing your energy and services to the larger half of the fraction. By doing this, you will have more sales coming in through subprime auto leads than from normal leads which usually come from people with good credit records.

As a dealer, you have to consistently find ways and opportunities to gain profit even amid financial problems that may arise, be it an economic crisis or an increasing number of credit-challenged people. Think out of the box and come up with ideas that will turn what used to be uncertain investments into profitable alternatives such as generating special finance leads. Remember that a sale is always possible as long as you do not stop pursuing it. Moreover, big dealerships are still alive today despite the crisis mainly because of special finance leads.

How to Get Subprime Auto Leads

Posted on: December 22nd, 2011 by credit

Subprime Auto Leads

Getting subprime auto leads is just as simple as getting other types of leads.  There are many sources available especially now that the Internet is widely used to sell and buy auto leads.  A car dealer can still employ traditional methods, such as telemarketing, referrals, and the like.  They can also try Internet marketing strategies like search engine optimization or SEO, email marketing, and others.  However, the easiest way to get subprime car leads is through making use of the services provided by a lead generation company.

Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads have been a useful partner by many car dealers.  This is how it works.  An applicant who visited a car dealer’s page and liked the website would be convinced to take the company’s offer and then fill out an application form and submit it right away.  These applications will be validated by a system employed by a lead generation company.  All the information provided by the applicant will be verified.  Then, the financial qualification of the applicant will be evaluated and matched with the clients’ criteria.  Pre-screened subprime auto leads are compiled in a database and will then be sent to the client.

Lead generation companies alsp expose their clients’ websites to the world wide web through the use of different Internet marketing strategies.  This is to drive traffic to websites attracting more prospective customers.  If massive traffic is directed, there is a higher chance of making visitors take action just like the example above.

These companies should only provide quality subprime auto leads.  Car dealers should look at some factors to ensure the quality.  They are timeliness, exclusivity, and qualification.  Timeliness means the

leads are recent and fresh.  Outdated leads are no longer of use to any car dealers.  A lead provider should always update its database and provide their clients with real time leads.  Next factor is exclusivity.  It means that the leads provided to a car dealer were not sold to another client.  There are cases where the leads acquired by a client was already used by another client.  Resold leads are also of no use to any car dealers already.  Lastly, quality leads are those which are pre-approved already.  As was mentioned earlier, the information on the application were verified.  Afterward, the qualifications are checked if they match the criteria of the client.  This is to make the job of the car dealers easier discarding for them disqualified leads.

Approved Auto Leads utilizes such system in giving their partners top quality subprime auto leads.  It is also transparent in revealing such process to their clients to assure them of the quality.  It is committed to helping their partners increase step up by increasing their revenue.

Why Auto Dealers Should Consider Generating Subprime Auto Leads

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by credit


Nowadays, it is not unusual to hear stories about people with bad credit.  After all, a significant percentage of the population has poor credit histories.  It is easy to put the blame on the individuals: if they only controlled their spending and paid their bills on time, they would not have had to face the repercussions of having a low credit score.  However, the circumstances are also responsible for the fate of some of those who are burdened with bad credit: the fragile state of the economy put many people in a financially compromising position.  Even if people wanted to pay their credit liabilities on time, they would not be able to if they do not have the money for it.


For most lending companies, people with bad credit are a credit risk.  It would be too risky to lend these people money because they may not be able to settle their loan obligations, as their record implies.  It is natural for lending institutions to turn their backs on those with bad credit, but car dealers should not follow suit.  This is because these individuals serve as subprime auto leads, and they can help car sellers stay in business despite their credit scores.


If people with bad credit are deprived of certain privileges because of their credit histories, car dealers are losing revenue because of the current state of the economy.  During financially difficult times, they lose customers because of unemployment, the fluctuation of gas prices and other factors.  What car dealers can do is tap into a market that is easily overlooked—that which includes people with bad credit as consumers.  By having subprime auto leads, car dealers can gain profit and also help people work on their damaged credit histories.


The situation is beneficial for both parties.  There are many prospective car buyers who have bad credit and there are many car dealers that need to make a sale to survive the tight competition in the automobile industry as well as stay in business during tough economic times.  Through subprime auto loans, people with bad credit can get the vehicle they need and also start repairing their credit history.   Through subprime auto leads, car sellers get a chance to generate revenue. 


In reality, car dealers do not need to worry about the lack of consumers.  Truth be told, there are many people who are interested to buy cars.  The main problem of car dealers is basically finding where the prospective buyers are.  Unfortunately, a considerable number of potential customers have bad credit.      

If only these people are given the opportunity to purchase a car, they would do so immediately and car dealers will be glad to have more money in the bank and one vehicle out of their garage.  This is the reason why car sellers should consider generating subprime auto leads and entertaining the idea of having people with bad credit as would-be buyers.

Automotive Loan Leads – Secure your Furture Today

Posted on: November 29th, 2011 by credit

With the competitive automotive industry today, providing consumers with your message first and fast before your competitor does is every more important.  Dealers in today’s market have seen traffic drop by 50% in some areas. The ability to stock inventory is ever more difficult. Thus the having the correct information will provide critical data as to who are the consumers in your area. Do you really want to waste thousands of dollars on TV ads to a certain zip code when less than .003% of that market in actively in the market?

The question is who is your customer and what stage in the car buying process are they in?

Prescreened Automotive leads or special finance leads are the way to gather all the information you’re looking for. With this data your company will have the unique opportunity to reach out to the consumers within a100 mileradius of your store that are in the market and are 100% ready to make a purchase today!   Automotive leads provide the dealership with all of the information needed to make contact with the customers in their market. Valuable information like Name, address, Job time, Monthly income etc. are just a few things provided to you.

These new advance pre-screening of automotive leads produce a higher quality and are only offered on a market by market basis. Meaning that we only offer leads to one dealer in each market, rest assured that the quality of the lead you are investing in will always remain exclusive. The best part of the automotive leads is that they will provide your team with a list of customers in your market that are ready to make a purchase right now today.

The question is not do you want to secure your market? The question is how many do you want?

SubPrime Leads are the way to Future sales

Posted on: November 29th, 2011 by credit

The automotive industry has taken and enormous hit over the past 24- 36 months. That being said lending has all but dried up for most dealers. With the market all but gone for the typically dealer that relies on TV, Radio, or billboard advertising. The attention quickly turned to what areas of advertising work best in this market. Internet automotive leads have allowed many dealerships the ability to enter into the sub prime market with little to no risk. However it must be said that not all Internet leads are for bad credit customers. We offer all types of car leads. They leads range from New car leads  all the way to sub prime leads.

Dealers today no longer have to take the “spay and pray” approach in marketing the dealership.  Tv advertising is going to get your message across to the masses and in fact when they are in the market for a car they might consider you.  Radio advertising is going to attract those customers in the car rushing to lunch or soccer pratice. Billboards only work in high traffic area, the amazing fact is all of these advertising mediums are for broad marketing, with the internet leads you are directing your advertising dollars to more of a ” sniper” approach. It is a fact that 85% of all car buyers will access they internet to do research before they make their final decision. What you are getting when you purchase internet leads is contacting that customer before they start to visit dealerships  you become the point of information for them versus the person in whom they hide informaition from. If in fact you provide these customers with accurate and honest information you can have a customer for life.





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