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Assessing Subprime Lead Generation for Better Subprime Sales

Posted on: September 17th, 2012 by credit

According to the latest report released by Experian Automotive, loans to borrowers with damaged credit in the second quarter this year increased by 14 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Perhaps, this shows that more lenders or dealers have realized that subprime lending is very lucrative; plus, there is a considerable size of market.

Currently, the demand for sub prime auto leads generated by online lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads have increased as more car shoppers with bad credit continue to inquire about the amount they can borrow. Sub prime auto leads are obtained when a car shopper starts researching online about how much he can borrow for a car purchase and, in request for that information, provides his contact details and other information which allows dealers to contact and follow up on them.

With this in mind, are you sure you are pulling off your subprime lead generation system? Are you still keeping up with the competition? Take a good look at some of the lead gen aspects discussed below:

Landing Page

The landing page is important for turning your consumers into sub prime auto leads; or, in other words, it plays a major role of converting a visitor into an interested and potential customer. A very important element of a landing page is a call-to-action. The call-to-action is a phrase or statement that expresses action for your visitors to do. It must be clear, telling prospects to do only one thing. It also has to be prominent in your page. Calls to action must be compelling, conveying some sort of sense of urgency.

Lead Generation Company

Many dealers today are turning to lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads that employ online lead generation techniques to acquire more leads. If you are working with one right now, make sure you are working with the best partner. See if you are getting real and quality leads. If you are just planning to work with one, make sure that the company is legitimately operating and has considerable experience in generating subprime leads. Working with the right lead provider makes your lead generation system more effective.

Response Time

Regardless of where the leads are coming from, responding to their queries quickly is crucial. You are in a fast-paced competition and it is getting more and more aggressive. Your competitors will get to your leads first if you are too slow. Make sure you have an effective system of responding to and following up on your leads. Don’t let them get snatched away by your competitors who are more aggressive than you. You wouldn’t see significant improve in your sales if you don’t keep pace with the competition.

Getting the Sub Prime Auto Leads

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit



Sub prime auto leads are information of car loan applicants with bad credit.  The existence of such leads gives hope to people with bad credit.  They would usually submit an application to all possible loan sources to purchase a car.  With the business of selling and buying leads, car buyers with bad credit can have a new hope of being reached out to by sub prime lenders.  Moreover, most of them are seriously wanting to buy a car.

Car dealers then should keep an eye on such potential car buyers.  It is true that there is risk in investing on this type of leads as there is a possibility of experiencing loss.  However, car dealers should also keep in mind that these leads have a quite higher conversion rate than regular leads have.  Subscribing for subprime auto leads online is a good place to obtain this types of leads.  People with bad credit would most of the time find it more convenient to drop their applications and information online.  Besides, lead generation companies are also based online.  If a car dealer is planning to purchase sub prime car leads, he or she should consider online sources.

In purchasing sub prime auto leads, car dealers should do some research first about lead companies selling special finance leads.  A thorough research  should be done to ensure the legitimacy of the company.  A car dealer can ask the company about its lead generation, verification and approval systems.  These are three important systems which largely affects the quality of leads they generate.  The way lead generation techniques are executed affects the kind of potential car buyers they will be able to attract.  Likewise, verification and approval systems should be capable of filtering out bad leads.

Car dealers should also check the quality of the leads by requesting for free subprime auto leads.  Quality leads are characterized by freshness and high conversion rate.  If a lead has been existent for more than 2 days, it can already be considered outdated.  Such leads can never be used anymore.  Although leads with high conversion rates are costlier, it is a good investment.  Car dealers should also ensure the exclusivity of the leads.

Sub prime car leads are also offered here in Approved Auto Leads.  Car dealers can be assured that the people in these leads still have the ability to make a car purchase.  As a general rule in Approved Auto Leads, we only sell leads that also sell cars.

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