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Do Special Finance Auto Leads Really Help Today?

Posted on: April 13th, 2012 by credit

Special finance auto leads are information of people who are seeking auto financing but could not get a decent loan offer because of their bad credit. These benefit both dealers and people with bad credit. Dealers can increase their sales by converting special finance auto leads into sales while helping people with bad credit by giving them a chance to get behind the wheel and improve their credit.

However, the automotive industry experienced a crisis in 2008 that lasted until 2010 following the global economic recession. The crisis was caused by the increase in prices of fuel which discouraged people in buying vehicles that are not fuel-efficient. Since there were few fuel-efficient vehicles available in the market, the sales of automotive industry sharply declined. This has also affected sub prime lending to the point that special finance leads and the special finance departments of dealerships seemed to be of no use anymore. Nevertheless, the automotive industry has been progressively recovering from the downturn and is now becoming more competitive.

Special finance auto leads have been a great help for dealerships before the crisis and even today. Auto dealers may face risks in dealing with people with bad credit but they can indeed boost their revenues if they successfully turn them into sales. People with bad credit are still potential customers for auto dealers. In fact, they are more likely to turn into sales because, in general, they are more serious and more interested in buying a vehicle than those with good credit. Auto dealers can also meet their sales quota while increasing their sales with special finance leads. Moreover, auto dealers can save more money on buying special finance leads instead of spending so much on mainstream advertisements which deals with a less specific target market. With special finance leads, auto dealers are able to gear their marketing efforts toward only a more specific target.

Special finance auto leads indeed help dealerships today in making more sales. Auto dealers just have to be wise in generating and buying special finance leads. Gathering this type of leads was not an easy job for auto dealers before especially with the absence of computers and the Internet. Today, they can easily buy special finance leads from lead providers like Approved Auto Leads. When buying leads, auto dealers should choose the exclusive type to ensure higher closing rate. Auto dealers should also check the legitimacy of the lead generation company they will be working with. Lastly, they should also ensure that the leads are of good quality. Special finance leads need more thorough verification and screening than other types of leads.

How to Handle Special Finance Auto Leads

Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by credit


Special finance auto leads are information of people whose credit scores fell at the sub prime level.  These people could not get a decent auto loan offer from the traditional loan sources such as banks and credit unions because of their bad credit score.  Even if the situation of these leads are not pleasing, their existence is still beneficial to car dealers.

Car dealers would sometimes find it hard to meet their sales target.  One of the reasons for this is the indecisiveness and unwillingness to purchase of potential car buyers who have good credit scores.  Special finance auto leads, who have bad credit, are more willing and interested to buy a car than leads with good credit do.  They are also sometimes more serious about making a car purchase.

Special finance auto leads can be bought from lead generation companies and auto dealers and lenders who have rejected their application.  Car dealers can also use a variety of auto marketing strategies to generate special finance leads.  In managing these leads, they should have a separate department—for example, special finance department—who will handle such leads.  The staffs should be well-acquainted with the nature of sub prime borrowers or car buyers and their usual needs, concerns and demands.  Having an efficient and competent special finance department will indeed make special finance leads more effective in bringing more profit to the car dealership.

If car dealers would choose to buy special finance auto leads from lead providers like Approved Auto Leads, they should only buy from the best lead provider.  They should first check the track record of the company to somehow evaluate its credibility and reliability.  They should also find out how long has the lead provider been generating and selling special finance leads.  Car dealers should also know if the lead provider buys these leads from a third party, which is mostly the case.  If it does, they should make sure that it has a reliable and excellent screening and filtering system to ensure the quality of the leads they get.  Moreover, a good lead provider should first screen a special finance auto lead thoroughly before sending it to the car dealer.  The screening process should be more intensive than with regular auto leads.

The availability of special finance leads in the automotive industry does not only benefit car dealers but also the special finance leads themselves.  As car dealers benefit from them, people with sub prime credit also benefit from car dealers who are buying special finance leads.  They have now increased chances of getting an auto loan and buying a car as car dealers reach out to them in determination to turn them into sales.

Special Finance Leads – What Auto Dealerships Need to Succeed in Business

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by credit

At present, there are many auto dealerships that are finding it hard to succeed in business.  Because of the current state of economy, sales are lower compared to the past few years and there are less people coming in the showrooms of auto dealers.  While succeeding in business at this time is definitely challenging, it is not impossible.  Auto dealerships that manage to thrive despite the bad economy would attest that special finance leads make all the difference, and that these are what makes them profitable during the economic slump.

Special finance leads refer to potential customers or prospective car buyers who do not qualify for an auto loan.  More often than not, the reason why the individual is deemed ineligible for auto financing is his or her credit situation.  People with bad or damaged credit usually do not get approved for auto financing because they are considered too high a credit risk.  This kind of lead contains details about the individual who is unable to get a loan to purchase a vehicle, including the name, address and contact information.

Special finance leads make auto dealerships successful because these allow the dealers to make more money.  It does not matter if the dealership sells brand new or pre-owned vehicles; if the car business makes use of this specific kind of leads, there is bound to be profit.  It is a fact that many of the individuals who are interested to buy a vehicle do not have the money to make the purchase in cash; consequently, most of them are also credit-challenged, and this could be due to the weak economy.  With the number of people affected by the economic downturn, anyone can guess just how many potential car buyers out there are not qualified for traditional auto financing.

Auto dealerships which do not offer special financing naturally alienates a considerable number of borrowers who are determined to buy a vehicle.  On the other hand, auto dealerships that offer special financing has the advantage of getting more customers because credit is no longer a problem.  Indeed, having such leads enable the auto dealer to accommodate more customers, which would then result in more sales.  Of course, before more sales can be had, the auto dealership must first create a special finance program that would lead more customers to them.  First, the dealership has to find lenders that specialize in special financing, those which are willing to lend money to people with less than perfect credit.  Second, the dealership has to find a source of special finance leads, that which can direct the dealer to the right customers.

There are many special finance lead providers online that auto dealerships may consider as their lead source, but not all of them can contribute to the success of the business.  The lead provider that can best help the dealer be successful is that which sells real and high quality exclusive leads.  One such provider is Approved Auto Leads.  This lead company generates only genuine and exclusive special finance auto leads, and choosing them as a lead provider would be a good move for any auto dealer.

Why Special Finance Auto Leads Can Be An Asset For Auto Dealers

Posted on: January 6th, 2012 by credit




Why Special Finance Leads?

Auto dealers are in the business to make money.  It is their objective to sell automobiles to consumers to be able to generate revenue.  However, many dealers are finding it difficult to accomplish such goal at present.  The automotive industry has suffered many losses because of the recession, and this includes losing many customers.

Naturally, auto dealers would do what is necessary to make sales despite the current economic situation.  They would exploit all opportunities to attract and find prospective car buyers and utilize all methods at their disposal to be more profitable.  In the past, auto dealers relied on traditional marketing strategies such as television and radio advertising to draw customers to their respective lots.  Now, these strategies are no longer effective, and dealers opt for something that is guaranteed to bring them money.

One thing that can guarantee profit for auto dealers are special finance auto leads.  This kind of auto lead contains important details about prospective car buyers who do not qualify for regular auto financing due to bad credit.  Access to such information would be advantageous for car dealers  because it brings them one step closer to making a sale.  They would be able to contact the potential customer and give him or her an offer.

Special finance auto leads are an asset for auto dealers for two reasons.  First, these can help them make sales.  Second, these can boost their popularity, which would result in more profit.

These days, many car dealers barely achieve their monthly sales quota.  With only a few people coming in the shops, it is really a challenge for any car seller to reach the sales target.  By obtaining special finance car leads, it is possible for dealers to boost revenue.  In some cases, they may even exceed the quota.  Getting such leads makes a dealership more profitable because the information directs the seller to the target market.

Some auto dealers may be hesitant to buy special finance leads because this means they would be selling vehicles to car buyers with bad credit.  After all, the credit standing already serves as an indication of the individual’s ability or inability to repay.  However, financing subprime borrowers can do wonders for a dealer’s reputation.  Auto dealers that provide special finances get more customers,     and a bigger client base certainly brings more recognition to the dealer.  If a car dealer is popular and has many customers, it can enjoy an improvement in its profit margin.

Auto dealers that want to be more profitable would benefit from the services of a lead generation company such as Approved Auto Leads.  This lead generation company has been in business for over ten years, and has been the preferred firm of many car dealers.  Approved Auto Leads is a company that offers only real time and exclusive special finance auto leads, and these are what every auto dealer needs to make sale.  Indeed, it would be a good idea for any car dealer to have this company as their source of leads.

Things Car Dealers Should Know About Special Finance Leads

Posted on: December 22nd, 2011 by credit

What Dealers need to know about Leads

Special finance leads are car loan applicants that have bad credit.  Lead generation companies deliver such leads to their clients in a comprehensive list or database.  People with bad credit are mainly those who are victims of massive lay offs and bankruptcies due to the economic recession.

They are also a good market for car dealers as they will always be expecting a call from a sales person anytime soon since the day they applied.  These people badly need a car and are just taking chances despite their bad credit.  Hence, there is a high conversion rate in this type of leads.  However, car dealers should still be careful in purchasing special finance leads.

If a lead provider asks for start up fees, car dealers should be careful.  They should not get into any deal where a lead provider asks for any form of initial payment.  Avoid providers also that urge to take a long term contract.  It is risky to be bonded in a long term contract just to find out in the end that they just gained more profit.  The pricing per lead and the corresponding conversion rate should also be considered.

Car dealers should make sure that the leads they will be purchasing are pre-approved.  This means that just like in any other types of leads, the special finance leads ordered went through a verification and approval system.  This is where the lead provider assesses whether a particular lead is qualified or not according to the dealer’s criteria.  How would car dealers know if a lead provider really does this?  Before signing a contract with a lead provider, they should investigate on this aspect first by asking questions about the details of the process.

Car dealers should also ensure that they would only get quality leads.  Again, before finalizing a deal with a lead provider, car dealers should also ask about the marketing strategies that the lead provider employs.  Marketing strategies or lead generation techniques determine what kind of leads are they attracting to the offer.  Bad leads are usually victims of misleading strategies.  Good leads are those who are really serious in purchasing a car.  People with bad credit are one of those serious ones who badly want to buy a car.

In ensuring the quality of leads, the exclusivity of the lead should also be evaluated.  Car dealers should make sure that the leads were not just resold to them.  They should be new and recent.  If the leads are sold to anyone else already, it cannot be used anymore and it is therefore useless.

Approved Auto Leads make sure that its clients enjoy the exclusivity of their leads, moving quite freely in a less competitive ambiance.  It also does not provide its client with bad leads just to meet the number of leads per order.  Approved Auto Leads ensures top quality even with special finance leads.

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