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The Internet’s Role in Generating New Car Sales Leads

Posted on: June 29th, 2012 by credit


Car dealers should realize that as the automotive industry recovers, the market for new vehicles remains lively. A recent study done by J.D. Power showed that 77% of new car buyers use the Internet to help them in the car shopping process. The Internet has been a great contributing factor in making the competition in the industry livelier and tighter. Thus, car dealers need to be more aggressive in catching new car sales leads.

Based on the study, some of the factors that affect the generation of new car leads in the Internet are the age of the car shopper and customer loyalty. The study found that the likeliness of a car shopper to use the Internet to shop for cars decreases as the age increases. Car shoppers who are in their 30s and 40s are most likely to use the Internet to shop for cars while those who are aged above 70 years are unlikely to use the Internet to shop for cars. In terms of submitting an online request or turning into new car sales leads, the same age groups who are most likely to use the Internet for car shopping are also the ones who are most likely to submit an online request. Interestingly, car shoppers aged more than 70 years, together with those who are under 30 years old, are the groups who are unlikely to submit an online request.

The study also compared the likeliness of existing or loyal dealership customers to turn into new car sales leads with that of new customers. It would be easy to assume that those who have an existing relationship with a dealership would not be interested anymore to look at other options. However, the results showed that there is a considerable number of loyal customers who are still using the Internet for car shopping, although they are still less likely to submit an online request.

Car dealers should consider these trends well in automotive consumer behavior. To keep pace, they should use all available and possible online marketing strategies to generate more new car sales leads. Moreover, the study implies that car dealers need to take care of their existing customers as customer loyalty plays an important role in keeping a dealership alive. According to the study, the common reasons why new car buyers purchase from a certain dealership are their prior experience with it, recommended by friends, and the information they got from the Internet, which appears to be the most influential reason outside dealership experience.

New Car Sales Leads – Capturing Leads with Engaging Content

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by credit


Several car dealers now are doing away with radio and television ads, billboards, jingles, and other traditional marketing styles to promote their dealership.  Most have already learned the dynamics of Internet and the different marketing strategies they can employ involving it. As these new techniques proved to be effective in attracting prospective car buyers, automotive dealership marketing has been thriving ever since.  Here are some tips for car dealers in engaging new car sales leads through content.

The truth is, many people are not fond of reading long texts either in print or online.  This is perhaps due to this fast-paced world and the demand for urgency and instantaneity.  This implies that car dealers should maintain their contents in their websites to be short but substantial and interesting.

Before anything else, car dealers should be able to put up an appealing business website.  The website should be pleasing to the eyes, easy to navigate, and functional.  Some important contents that should be present are the contact details, company location, inventory, company profile, offers and promos, and some helpful articles.  Car dealers should keep in mind the things that a prospective car buyer would want to see in a car dealership’s website.  The website should also be as interactive as possible, especially the inventory page.

Car dealers should never forget to provide content about their expertise or the features of their offers that separate them from other car dealerships.  Most visitors would want to find out what is something special about a car dealership by looking at what they have to offer and guarantee their customers.  If they find these offers to be promising, they would consider the dealership as a prospect.

Aside from the website, car dealers can also put up a blog.  The blog can either be incorporated in the business website or put up separately.  It should contain helpful information which new car sales leads might be looking for.  This is where most of the content issues would come in.  A blog should naturally have fresh and new content all the time.  Obviously, it is an added workload for car dealers to always provide new content for the blog.  However, blogs are really helpful in driving traffic to the car dealer’s business website.  Moreover, the content should be informative, useful, genuine and consistent.

In another context, when car dealers answer queries via email, they should provide answers truthfully.  This is better than trying to please the prospect customer with flowery words and claims that are not true.  In the end, the car dealer might just lose the car sales lead.  Moreover, car dealers should also be careful when sending promotional materials to the leads.  Car dealers can send emails about special offers, promos, discounts, car models and the like.  They should just make sure that the contents sound believable and realistic.  It is better if these are written in a personal and sincere way than just in general promotional tone.  They should be sent in a certain manner as not to bombard leads.

How about Approved Auto Leads?  Approved Auto Leads understands the position of interested car buyers.  That is why, it has mastered on lead generation techniques including providing quality content that engages new car sales leads.  Car dealers can rely on Approved Auto Leads when it comes to that.

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