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Excellent Dealer Response: Key Element to Satisfy New Car Leads

Posted on: June 27th, 2012 by credit

One of the most important aspects in converting internet new car leads is your response to them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist anymore to figure out that your response must be quick. Here are some facts to give you more concrete reasons why you should take your internet-generated leads seriously.

Response Time

Customer satisfaction is a vital element in keeping your leads and having consistent growth in sales. One way to achieve that is to have excellent responses to each query.

Based on a J.D. Power study, customers love receiving responses within an hour or less. In a 10-point scale, an 8.6 satisfaction rating was given by car shoppers to such response time. So far, dealers have been doing a great job responding to online queries almost all the time. The study also noted that car shoppers most likely buy from dealerships who responded to their queries.

Sufficient Information

Aside from being quick, satisfy your leads by giving them the information they have requested. In the study, a small percentage of the respondents said that some dealerships do respond but only answer with limited information. Apparently, this kind of response pushes customer satisfaction rating down. The study noted that some dealers only give limited information because they prefer disclosing more information when the new car lead visits their dealership.

According to the study, the information that leads often request for are the car price and the availability, features and specifications of a car model. Among these, the car price is the most requested information. It is therefore important to respond to your leads by providing them with the information they have requested for to win their satisfaction.

Other Contributing Factors

The study also showed that internet leads must be contacted immediately. The sales process or the lead conversion process does not start when the new car lead has visited your dealership. It starts at your first contact with them. This is also where you have the opportunity to establish good relationships with your prospects. In addition, sending the same sales staff to help a customer until the end of the purchase boosts customer satisfaction rating.

Customer Satisfaction

Why is customer satisfaction a big deal? You could only produce loyal customers when they are satisfied with you, your service, and your dealership. Loyal customers would keep coming back to you for future vehicle purchase, your services, and even recommend you to their network of influence. Moreover, satisfied and loyal customers would not turn to other options, giving you guaranteed sales. Keep in mind that good dealership and vehicle experience will result in customer loyalty. Thus, take care of new car leads well and always strive to meet their expectations.

Turning Your New Car Leads Into Used Car Sales

Posted on: June 8th, 2012 by credit

A car shopper was looking at a brand new Toyota Camry but he ended up buying a pre-owned Honda Civic. This kind of consumer behavior in the automotive industry should no longer be surprising to car dealers. However, many are still unaware of this phenomenon, boxing their offers and sales opportunity in what their car leads were first interested in.

The truth is, new car leads do not necessarily buy new cars anymore, neither do used car leads buy used cars only. The study conducted by The Cobalt Group in 2007 showed that 41% of the 90% of the new car leads they have surveyed were initially interested in buying a new vehicle but were later sold used cars. Meanwhile, 36% were also interested in new cars but purchased them from brands different from the ones they had been initially looking at. These results tell car dealers that car shoppers are open to other options and could shift to a different interest later on.

However, the results also showed that 10% of the new car leads bought from the dealership to which they have sent their information. The remaining 90% went to other dealerships to buy their desired car. The study said that this percentage represents the lost opportunity that dealers often experience. This means that dealers could have gotten the leads and converted them into sales if only they had been quicker and more aggressive.

Considering the facts stated above, how then would you take advantage of the fact that consumers are open to other options? The sad truth is, many car dealers do not know how to take advantage of this great opportunity to make more sales out of their new car leads. Here are some techniques you should learn.

First, respond immediately. You have to keep in mind that you are in a competition and your competitors are swift. When you receive a query, get back to it at once. That interested car shopper might be stolen by your competitors if you are too slow to respond. When you respond, answer all the questions of the prospect honestly.

Second, do not give up on following up your leads. Keep your communication with them. Update your blogs and website with fresh content regularly. Promote special offers, discounts and new models in your car lot by sending them emails. Remember that leads close after an average of 90 days. Be patient and don’t stop pursuing them until they make a decision.

Lastly, lay out other options to your leads. Again, it is possible for a car shopper to shift to a totally different interest. Even if they are looking for a new car, try suggesting good quality used cars, for instance. You can also discuss the pros and cons to help them make a decision.

How SEO can help you get more New Car Leads

Posted on: January 24th, 2012 by credit

S.E.O. gets new car leads


Search engine optimization or SEO is the most basic process in Internet marketing. It is designed to improve the exposure and visibility of a website in the world wide web.  SEO techniques are focused on making the website appear on the first page of search engine results.  If a car dealership’s website appears as one of the top results, it would attract more visitors or in SEO’s technical term, drive more traffic.  The more massive the traffic, the more the website would sell.

For car dealers to attract more and more car leads, they have to be more competitive by going with this trend.  They can start by building their own website.  Here are some important guidelines in creating a car dealership website.  The website should contain the most important pages such as Contact Us, Resources, Company Info, FAQ, and the Inventory page.  The website should be as easy to navigate as possible.  Car dealers might lose a new car lead if he or she found it hard to navigate their way around the website.  The inventory page should also be interactive and organized as this is going to be the page where most visitors would want to see.  This page must contain all the available car models and other services of the car dealership and should be comprehensive as much as possible.

Here are some effective SEO techniques car dealers can employ to direct traffic to their websites: link building, forum marketing, video marketing and social media marketing which will be discussed further later on. The quality of the content of the website is also important.  It should be engaging to a new car lead.  If the car dealer is keeping a blog for his or her business, he or she should blog about useful ideas, tips and other information that a new car lead might find interesting to read about.  The content for the blog should be regularly updated.  Visitors who would visit a car dealership blog for a second time would want to find new content.  Thus, car dealers should never fail to put up fresh and genuine content regularly.  Moreover, it is not good to fake this by putting substandard content on the blog or website.  Car dealers would not be able to keep prospective customers in this way. 

To optimize the blogs of car dealers, they can employ keyword search and use, an SEO technique.  This is done by doing a research on the most searched keywords relevant to the business.  These keywords should be used within the articles without sacrificing the quality of the content.

Car dealers should also consider penetrating social media like Facebok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like.  These are effective platforms to reach a wide range of prospective car buyers and they spread information quickly.  This also gains car dealerships more exposure as there are many people who are on these sites.  Car dealers would just have to learn more about SEO techniques which are specifically designed for social media marketing.

Lead generation techniques are not easy tasks for car dealers to carry out along with closing deals.  The effect of SEO techniques does not also happen overnight.  It requires car dealers’ continuous effort.  Approved Auto Leads offers assistance in lead generation techniques which car dealers can avail along with the lead generation itself.

Things to Remember When Closing A Deal

Posted on: January 16th, 2012 by credit


New Car leads


Lead generation companies can indeed provide quality new car sales leads–people who are really serious about purchasing a car– to its clients.  However, this would not fully happen if car dealers would not be able to do their part well.  Increasing the car dealer’s revenues is not just the lead generation company’s task.  In fact, it requires largely from the dealer’s part.  What then should car dealers do upon receiving the leads from a lead generation company?

Car dealers should call up their prospects immediately.  These leads are hot leads since they took the initiative to apply for the car dealer’s program.  Since they showed interest on the offer, they are most likely going to make a purchase.  Therefore, car dealers should take advantage of this by responding to their queries as fast as they could.  They can utilize auto-responders which can quickly send an email or text message to the lead to acknowledge the receipt of the application.

In making the call, car dealers should keep in mind that this is the part where they should be displaying a good impression.  They should train their sales representatives in this aspect as it can make or break a sale.  It is better to start with a warm and smart greeting.  The sales representative or car dealer do not have to make long speeches before getting to his or her point.  The truth is, the prospects do not want to hear anything else more than the offer.  So, car dealers should be sensitive to this and should start laying out the agenda right away. 

However, car dealers should not close deals over the phone.  The call only serves as a preliminary to the actual conversation.  The purpose of the call is to get to know the prospective customer first, especially his or her preferences in a vehicle.  In this way, the car dealer can prepare how to negotiate and win the deal when he or she meets with the prospective customer.

If the prospect would not give in to the offer right there and then, car dealers should not worry about it.  Although they are hot new car sales leads, they might have other concerns that hinder them from making a decision immediately.  Instead of worrying about this scenario, car dealers can ask about the prospect’s concerns.  Perhaps, adjustments that suit his or her needs can be made in the offer in order to close the deal.

Approved Auto Leads does not want its partners to lose income whenever new car sales leads do not turn into a sale.  That is why, we make sure  the lead provided are people who are really serious about buying a car.  It is now just for the car dealers to be diligent in pursuing the leads.

Things to Consider When Buying New Car Leads

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit


Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Loans have been thriving in the automotive marketing industry.  Their services are really helpful in generating more new car leads for car dealerships and in increasing their sales.  However, not all lead companies provide excellent service.  Some might not even be legitimate.  Not only do the company itself may have problems but also the leads that they sell.  Car dealers should be aware of this.  Thus, they should be wise in purchasing new car leads for their dealership.


One of the most important things to consider in buying car leads is the pricing.  When looking at the prices, car dealers should compare it against the conversion rate.  Conversion rate means the lead’s likeliness to be converted into a sale.  Leads which are priced cheaply looks good.  However, if they are sold at a low conversion rate, they are not worth purchasing at all.  The car dealer is just spending too much on useless leads.  It would be better if the leads are priced expensively but has a high conversion rate.

Next thing that car dealers should look at is the quality of the leads.  Most lead generation companies provide free leads so that their potential customers can test the quality of their leads and service prior to purchase.  Car dealers should take advantage of this to ensure the quality of the leads they are about to buy.  However, this may not be a reliable yardstick all the time.  Car dealers would have to double check the quality of leads by enquiring about the company’s lead generation techniques and systems.  Lead generation techniques are essential in being able to obtain quality leads.  These are marketing strategies and these have to be executed well and correctly.  Quality leads should have also undergone screening and filtering processes.  These are some of the important systems a car dealer should know about.  By evaluating all these, a car dealer can somehow be more sure that the lead company generates quality new car leads.

Other things that car dealers should consider when buying auto leads are the type of subscription, quantity of leads, and delivery schedule.  Car dealers should not forget to shop around and compare prices from different lead generation companies.  Approved Auto Leads can assure its clients that it only provides quality leads at the most competitive price.  Approved Auto Leads have been in the business of helping car dealers like you increase their revenues and it has been like that for years.

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