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Be in the Know: Current New Car Buying Trends

Posted on: July 18th, 2012 by credit

It is important for dealers to understand how car shoppers think and behave when they buy a new car. Understanding current consumer behavior trends in the automotive industry is one important element in causing your dealership to prosper. Through studies and research findings, you would know how you could more effectively capture new car leads despite frequent shifts in car shoppers’ behavior. Consider the following findings from a few researches.

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) asked their visitors through a poll about their thoughts on different aspects of buying a new car. Here’s what they found:

  • Nearly 60% of Americans do not like haggling the price when buying a new car.
  • 67% of the respondents said that they are more likely to test drive a vehicle if they will not be required to do it with a salesperson. They prefer doing the test drive alone.
  • Car manufacturers usually come all-out in their end-of year clearance promotions. However, KBB’s poll results showed that majority (60%) said that end-of-year clearance promotions do not affect their car buying decision.
  • The poll results showed that most (42%) of the respondents will never buy a car online. This is despite what other recent surveys showed that most car buyers now turn to the Internet, and even access it through their phones, to shop for cars.
  • Most of the respondents defined vehicle quality as a vehicle with a long life span that is able to withstand “wear and tear.”
  • Despite the new technology set up in new vehicles now, majority (29%) said that they do not need any hi-tech features in the new car they are going to buy.

Meanwhile, Ad-ology also found interesting and significant facts from their 2012 Auto Shoppers Forecast. The study found that 36% of U.S. Consumers plan to buy a new car in the next 12 months. Comparing that to last year’s result, it shows a 64% increment. Moreover, the study also found factors that affect or influence the car purchase process.

  • Websites of auto makers and dealers appeared to be as influential as the dealer’s sales people in a car shopper’s car buying decision.
  • The dealership’s service department ranked 4th most important factor that car shoppers consider in choosing a dealership. At the top of dealership’s service department are willingness to negotiate, dealership reputation, and selection of vehicle available.
  • Automotive advertising was found to be more influential than the prospective buyer’s friends or parents.
  • More than half of the respondents said that television advertising caused them to take action than newspaper and Internet banner ads which ranked only 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

These findings, and others as you do more research, can greatly help you in creating more efficient strategies in generating and converting more new car leads into sales.

How to Find New Car Leads

Posted on: December 22nd, 2011 by credit

New car leads are not easy to find especially now that the automotive industry has become more competitive.  Although there have been new ways of generating leads that have arisen, car dealers should still not forget the old ways by which car dealers then generate their own leads.  Here are still some effective ways by which car dealers can find new leads.

Telemarketing is one of the most traditional way of finding car leads.  Car dealers here call up each lead from a list of selected names and phone numbers.  This could be tedious for car dealers but they have proven this method to be effective in reaching out to prospective customers.  In this manner, the dealer and the customer are able to talk about the offer clearly.   However, it is still advisable to finalize a deal personally and not over the phone.

Creative offers by car dealers are also effective in making new car leads take the offer.  This technique requires a lot of marketing skills.  The car dealer should come up with an offer that is attractive and something which can not be refused by the dealers or lenders.  This is done to convince the prospective client to take the offer.

Another effective lead generation technique is referral programs.  Through referrals, a car dealer can gain more clients through their existing clients who encourage people from their circle of influence to go for the company’s offer.  The existing clients here receive a certain percentage from the profit if they were able to pull a friend in to the deal.

This is one of the reasons why car dealers should not lose their contact with their existing clients.  Likewise, they should not also lose contact with their prospective customers.  The competition is tough as was mentioned earlier.  Car dealers then should protect their leads from being stolen away by competitors.  They should also never give up on a lead.   A car buyer may really need some time to plan his or her finances or to think about the offer.  While waiting for the lead’s decision, the car dealer can continue sending newsletters or other promotional materials to the lead to further convince him or her.

The newest lead generation technique is through the help of the lead generation companies which largely utilizes the Internet in generating new car leads.  They work by generating leads through their website and selling these to car dealers or lenders.  This is convenient for the dealerships because they do not have too much effort on their part in recruiting more leads.

The same is true with Approved Auto Leads which only provides its clients with quality new auto leads.   It has proven fast but reliable performance where car dealers do not have to worry about marketing solutions anymore.

What to Do With New Car Leads

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by credit

 Car dealers are now more competitive and creative in attracting car leads.  They have utilized Internet marketing strategies like search engine optimization or SEO, email marketing, video sharing, blogging and the like to be able to generate more leads.  Although effective and fast, these strategies can still show slow progress in having people sign up to their program.  Another competitive way by which they speed up the process of getting new car leads is by purchasing a list of prospect customers from lead companies.  


Lead companies provide car dealers with new car leads.  Car leads are lists where all the relevant information of a customer or borrower applying for a car loan or some sort are presented.  These are either directly submitted by the customer to the lead company or acquired in some other way.  Lead companies would examine each one through their own system and determine which application qualifies for the criteria of their clients.  Their clients, usually car dealers, will just have to buy these prepared lists and proceed with their business.


There are some important things that car dealers should remember and do so as not to waste any precious opportunity to turn leads into sales.


Upon the receipt of new car leads, dealers should contact each person listed there immediately.  It is important to be professional and kind when talking to the prospect customers.  The dealer and the buyer may talk about some preliminary things on the deal over the phone.  However, it should be remembered that it is always better to meet with the client face to face.  Otherwise, it could be dangerous.  Some dealers would just stop with having the complete negotiation over the phone.  While some clients find this convenient and easy, it is still ideal that the negotiation be finalized personally.  This is also to ensure and meet what kind of client the dealer dealing with.


Car dealers should also make sure that they get the car leads themselves.  There are many cases where other dealers are able to get the car leads of another dealer from the same lead company.  There are many reasons why this happen and dealers have to be careful.  To avoid this from happening, dealers should be in constant contact with the lead.


Lastly, do not let go of the new car leads.  It should be remembered that these people are applying for a car loan and wanting to purchase a car.  No matter what happens and how much time it takes, they will purchase a car because they need to do so.  Dealers just have to be patient in convincing the customers and in waiting for their decision.  The most important thing is dealers would not give up on their leads.


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