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Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Auto Dealership Marketing

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by credit

Social media is now esteemed as one of the most powerful marketing tools in the Internet. Dealerships love it for its rapidness in sharing information and the interconnectedness of numerous networks. Social media has also proven its capability to boost dealership sales. Marketing auto dealerships through social media is indeed a trend in the industry that’s keeping the environment highly competitive, provided that it is done rightly. Look at the following dos and don’ts of marketing auto dealerships through social media.

Do provide relevant and engaging content.

Social media marketing is still, in a way, all about content—articles, photos, videos, and graphics. Content has to be relevant to the needs and interests of your prospects and customers. Things like car reviews, dealership promos, inventory updates, event announcements, news, photos of happy customers at the dealership, and high-quality video testimonials are excellent content. Content must also be engaging. Be creative and persuasive with whatever you post on your pages.

Do respond to your followers/fans.

Whether you like it or not, people online react to your posts. Generally speaking, people either like or hate what they see. Whatever the reaction is, your voice needs to be heard. Reply to comments, likes, tweets, etc. If you encounter a very unhappy customer or prospect, don’t deal with him angrily. You can opt not to react or if you have already responded to him, call off the conversation. In addition, make your responses personal and quick. It is obvious that late responses are less appreciated.

Don’t use social media for sales and sales alone.

It’s true that social media can boost your sales; however, it is rather the effect than the result of your social media marketing efforts. Believe it or not, online car shoppers know if they are just being sold to or genuinely helped. Of course, they appreciate the latter than the former. If you are using social media as sales generator, then you are doing it all wrong. Social media, from its name “social”, is basically used in businesses to build relationships rather than sell. Focus on sales and watch your prospects shy away from your dealership, or worse, from the brand that you carry.

Don’t ditch social media.

It was pointed out earlier that marketing auto dealerships through social media is a trend in the industry. It is therefore a big mistake to lag behind and not keep pace with your competitors. If you have not yet included social media in your dealership marketing strategies, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities for growth. Social media does not only help you reach out to prospects and customers but also make your dealership more visible and popular to your target market.

Dealership Reviews Can Gain You More Sales

Posted on: July 30th, 2012 by credit

Dealership reviews are basically your customers’ opinion about your dealership’s performance. Lately, they seem to play an important role in generating auto sales leads and making more sales for dealerships.

According to Digital Air Strike in their first study on Automotive Dealership Social Media and Online Reputation, nearly 70% of the 275 car buyers they surveyed, who purchased a car in the last 6 months, said that dealership reviews influenced their decision on which dealership to visit. 50% of the car shoppers said that the reviews affirmed their decision to visit a dealership and 18% either changed their initial choice of dealership because of reviews or the reviews were the only reason for visiting a dealership. The top review sites according to the study are Edmunds, Cars.com, Yelp, and Google Reviews in their respective order.

Moreover, 68% said that dealership reviews helped them in their vehicle purchase decision with nearly 30% who said they purchased from the dealership because of the positive reviews they had read about it.

Since car shoppers give importance to dealership reviews when they shop for cars, dealership reviews then can be considered as an important factor in a dealership’s sales generation strategies. If this is the only time you realize this or if you want to improve your campaign for dealership reviews, here are some pieces of advice.

1.) When you have a customer who just bought a car from your dealership or availed of your services for the first time, ask them for feedback. Have them sign a comments/suggestions form or complete a short survey or an evaluation sheet. Make sure to get feedback from your customers so you would also know which aspects of your dealership are performing well or needs improvement.

2.) Solicit reviews. Ask your existing customers to write a review for you by writing about their experience in your dealership or the car model they have purchased from you. If there are customers who are not satisfied with your products or services, address the problem immediately before you let them go and work to improve on that.

3.) Publish the reviews. You can ask your customers to drop their reviews in to popular review sites by providing them the links. Make sure that your dealership website also has a page dedicated for reviews. You can actually show some snippets of each review on the home page. Print them also on your brochures telling your auto sales leads why they should buy from you. You can also include some reviews on your advertising materials.

4.) Publish only genuine opinions. Never fake reviews just for the sake of attracting car shoppers. Keep in mind that being online is about building reputation. You can do that by simply not faking opinions about your dealership.

Shun Deceptive Auto Marketing Practices

Posted on: July 27th, 2012 by credit

Many consumers tend to generalize and believe that all dealers are the same—they are deceptive and too profit-oriented. However, this may not be true for each and every car dealership. It may be true that many dealerships practice deceptive auto marketing techniques, who could have been the main contributors in building an untrustworthy image for dealerships in general. If you want to maintain for your dealership a brand of credibility and trust, you can choose to take the other road and follow the auto marketing or advertising rules. Here are some dealer advertising practices that the New York State Attorney General considers as deceptive.

The Fine Print

The advertising guidelines said that any footnotes or asterisks, which both identify the presence of a fine print in a print ad, that “contradict, confuse, materially modify or unreasonably limit a principal message of the ad” are considered as deceptive.

Moreover, if the font size is too small for the text to be easily read, the ad is considered deceptive. The standard font size that is considered readable for print advertising is at least 10-point type.

False Price Advertising

Many car dealers do auto marketing by advertising a car price falsely, meaning that the advertised price is not the actual price that a buyer gets to pay. According to the guidelines, any price figure that does not represent the actual purchase price is deceptive. Moreover, an advertisement is also deemed the same way if the dealer failed to indicate the fees that are included or excluded in the car price advertised (Registration and title fees and taxes are not really included.), the number of models in stock that are sold at the price they are advertised, and if the car features or accessories in the ad are included in the car price or are optional.

In addition, the term “low prices” or any similar terms that imply that the dealership has cheaper prices than the other dealers must only be used if the dealer has already surveyed his competitors in the area and proved that his prices are truly lower than them or the lowest in the area.

Ambiguous Car Financing Advertisements

A car financing advertisement is deceptive if it does not comply with the terms of disclosures indicated in the Truth in Lending Act. According to law, dealers and lenders must disclose the important details, such as the down payment, loan term or the number of months of payment, and the annual percentage rate or the APR, of the financing program.

Use of terms such as “we finance everyone” and any similar terms that imply that financing is available for everyone regardless of the credit rating are deceptive, unless the advertisement includes a statement of the important terms and conditions for such financing.

Is Your Lead Provider Using Any of These Effective Marketing Strategies?

Posted on: May 16th, 2012 by credit

One of the most important things you should know about when choosing a lead provider is the lead generation techniques they use to generate quality leads for you. Lead generation techniques basically involve marketing auto dealership; thus, your lead providers must be knowledgeable in using various auto dealership marketing strategies. Moreover, how they use these techniques affects the kind of leads that they generate. As a car dealer, you have to ensure that you will only be getting quality leads from them. You should also know at least some of the most effective marketing strategies in generating quality leads.

Some of the traditional lead generation techniques like direct mail marketing remain effective until today. Direct mail marketing involves printing postcards, letters, invitations, flyers, magazines, and newsletters in bulk and sending them out straight to the mailbox of your prospects. It is one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies that yields measurable results. Putting up car ads on billboards and creating TV commercials still capture the interest of leads today. However, they are not as effective as before especially that Internet marketing strategies have dominated the automotive marketing industry.

One of the most effective Internet marketing strategies is search engine optimization or SEO. It is a strategy geared toward improving the visibility of a website in search engine results pages to have more chances of being viewed by visitors and of gaining more prospects. It is used by many businesses today to capture the attention and interest of their prospects. SEO marketing involves blogging, web content writing, directory listing, link building, and the social media. Your lead provider should be knowledgeable in employing various SEO techniques to effectively generate quality leads for you.

Quite similar to SEO is PPC or pay-per-click marketing. The difference of PPC, though, is your lead provider has to pay to boost traffic to your website. In this strategy, the advertiser communicates with a website owner to put ads, usually text ads, on his or her website. The website owner will be paid by the advertiser for every click that his or her ads get. PPC marketing has been proven as one of the most effective strategies in driving traffic to a website and increasing its revenue.

In marketing auto dealership, it is important that marketing strategies are pulled off well and precisely because they can gain or lose leads. Therefore, do not forget to ask your lead provider about how they promote your dealership to generate leads for you. You can also shop around and compare lead providers before settling with one.

Marketing Auto Dealerships Lead Generation

Posted on: January 25th, 2012 by credit

Cross the Finish Line First With our LEADS!!!!


Lead generation is the process of attracting and capturing the interest of potential customers.  The techniques used in this process are usually applied as Internet marketing strategies.  Lead generation has become popular in the automotive industry especially when the Internet started to take its position in the niche.  Car dealers now perceive the new techniques as more effective than the conventional lead generation techniques.

Lead generation in marketing auto dealerships can be done by either the car dealers themselves or by a third party lead provider.  Both can employ Internet marketing strategies.  However, there are advantages and disadvantages of one over the other.

If car dealers would do the lead generation themselves, they have to learn the various techniques of Internet lead generation and how to properly and effectively execute them.  The most basic Internet marketing strategy is the search engine optimization or SEO which can be done using various techniques.  SEO is the process of enhancing the exposure of a website in the world wide web, making it appear among the top search results in search engines.  Its main goal is to make the website drive more traffic for increased profitability.  SEO techniques include website creation, article marketing, blog marketing, video marketing, link building, directory listing, forum marketing, keyword use, social media marketing, and many more.  Car dealers should study how these techniques work as well as the rules of the game.

Internet marketing efforts for marketing auto dealerships start with building an appealing and functional business website.  This should contain necessary information like the company profile, contact details, office location, details about the offers, inventory, frequently asked questions, and some helpful information for car buyers.  The website should be an instant converter of visitors to customers.  Car dealers should make sure that the website is simple, user friendly, and interactive.

Car dealers can then build links in other places to direct more traffic to the website.  They can have their website listed in different directories online.  They can also participate in forums and blogs where they can subtly promote their site by posting helpful comments.  However, this technique requires tact and diligence.  Car dealers should also research on the most searched keywords in search engines.  These are the keywords they should use in writing content for their website.

On the other hand, lead providers are generally great help for car dealers in marketing auto dealerships.  They minimize the work load of the car dealers especially in Internet marketing strategies and the lead generation itself.  Car dealers would just have to buy the leads from the lead provider.  In this way, they can focus more on closing deals than putting much effort on working  SEO techniques which require regular attention and maintenance.

Approved Auto Leads is likewise that helpful to car dealers.  It not only lessens the car dealer’s heavy load but it boosts up its revenue by making sure that it employs the most effective strategies to attract potential customers.  For more than ten years, Approved Auto Leads has only been generating quality leads–nothing more, nothing less.

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