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Leads for Car Dealerships – How to Get Them Online

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit

Lead also means prospective or potential customer.  In the automotive industry, getting leads for car dealerships has become a tight competition already.  This is because of the large contribution of the Internet to the development of lead generation.  Here are some ways by how car dealers can get leads for their businesses.

First lead generation technique is email marketing.  This technique is not new anymore to car dealers.  It has proven to generate leads that close.  Car dealers here would send messages containing promotional content to their prospective car buyers or leads.  Although there is a high uncertainty that these would get ignored, car dealers who have used this technique still get many responses.  This is much easier than telemarketing where a car dealer would have to call up each lead one by one.

Next lead generation technique is article writing.  In Internet marketing, the most important strategy is search engine optimization or SEO.  This is the process where a website’s exposure in the search engine results is enhanced.  Bringing this strategy over to article writing, the car dealer must search for the most searched keyword/s  related to the products and services sold.  These keyword must be used in the articles so that when published online, there is a chance that Internet surfers would stumble upon the article.  The readers are considered potential car buyers.  These articles could be placed in the car dealer’s own business website or in article directories.

A car dealer can also put up a blog.  The purpose of this is just the same as article writing.  However, the blog should always have fresh and useful content.  People would love to keep on coming back to the site if they are getting something useful from it.  It also pays if the blog looks nice and does not give the visitors a hard time to navigate around.

Car dealers should also penetrate social media.  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can further enhance the exposure of the car dealership by spreading information rapidly.  These platforms are really effective in generating leads for car dealerships.

Lastly, lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads are like 2 in 1 machines that are really helpful for car dealers.  This is because lead companies both provide leads for car dealerships and employ lead generation techniques to make this possible.  With their services, there is no doubt car dealers are able to boost up their sales and revenues.  Approved Auto Leads has been committed to this purpose ever since it established itself in the industry.

Understanding Special Finance Leads

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by credit

The global economic crisis has definitely taken its toll in the lives of people.  This can be most especially seen with the growing percentage of them having a bad credit and needing special financing.  This could be perhaps the result of massive lay offs, closing down of businesses and drastic losses of a company.  These people have not been able to build a good credit standing since then.  In effect, purchasing other necessities like house and lot, cars, appliances and the like have become almost like a struggle.


A car has already been one of man’s necessities.  However, a bad credit on the record effectively hinders one to purchase a car.  Nevertheless, the good news for these people is the availability of offers from the different financial institutes for bad credit standing.  It is easier to get bad credit auto loans because the borrower just has to convince the lender that he or she is still capable of fulfilling financial obligations by presenting relevant documents, including the credit report.


Bad credit auto loans and others of the same kind are also termed as special financing.  For people needing a car, it is easier to find a good offer now because of the tight competition.  On the other hand, for car dealers, it could be considered that it is their season now to look for special finance leads.


Special finance leads are prospect customers for bad credit loans presented in a comprehensive list.  It includes all their information and other relevant details.  These can be bought by car dealers from a lead company.  Lead companies work this by having their own system in approving and discarding applications.  A good lead company approves applications that are qualified in their client’s criteria and they do this beforehand so that they give their clients quality leads.


This is beneficial for companies selling insurances, loans and the like.  They do not have to exert too much effort in finding special finance leads themselves or in advertising their products and services to the point of overdoing it.  These companies would just have to approach lead companies and buy the list from them and then contact each one included in the list.


This also has some benefits to borrowers.  It is also less effort for them to search for a good bad credit loan offer.  Their sources are not just limited to banks and credit unions.  Car dealers and loan companies contact them directly to offer their deal.  However, borrowers should always be reminded that they should be wise in choosing the best deal.

Finding Quality Automotive Leads

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by credit


There is a growing trend in the automotive marketing industry.  Most car dealers now no longer believe in the effectiveness of traditional advertising such as television commercials, print ads and billboards to draw the attention of as many prospect customers as they need.  They want customers that will surely agree with their products and services. The Internet has become a vital tool in revolutionizing the way car dealers attract their automotive leads.  Internet marketing is how car dealers do it today.  Because of this, the competition in the automotive industry has just gotten tighter.  Here are some ways by which car dealers do it today.


One of the most common marketing technique in the Internet is search engine optimization or SEO.  The goal in SEO strategy is to make one’s website appear in the front page of search engines, making it high ranking.  Consequently, the website of that business will have more exposure and attract more visitors.  SEO strategy is done by targeting the right keyword.  In the context of finding automotive leads, the keyword that will be used in the content of the website should be something that prospect customers would search for in the search engine.  Aside from the official website, a business can also put up a blog where fresh and new information related to the nature of the business are found.  Businesses can also write original articles and submit them to article directories.  By writing genuine articles using the right keywords, the SEO strategy will be a success.


Another technique used to attract automotive leads through the Internet is email marketing.  From the term itself, it means sending leads with promotional newsletters and other forms of content.  The goal of this strategy is to incite enquiries, applications, registrations, and the like.  However, this should not be overdone.  It requires skill to promote through emails without sounding like spam.  Otherwise, email marketing would just lose leads.


With social media thriving in marketing nowadays, it has become a very effective strategy to promote products and services and to recruit automotive leads.  Social networks, like the most prominent now which are Facebook and Twitter, are havens where marketing can be viral.  Car dealers can put up a fan page in Facebook showcasing their offers and services.  Through users liking the page, the information about the business can spread like wildfire. However, there are proper ways of doing this, just like with the other Internet marketing strategies.


Video marketing is also quite new but also effective.  There are many free software online that could be downloaded and used to generate videos about the business and be posted in video sharing sites.  They should be informational more than promotional.  Otherwise, these sites would detect the videos as spam and would never allow any more postings.

 Internet marketing has become more convenient and effective–in a way that it can be viral–way of attracting leads.  Car dealers would just have to learn these new techniques as well as the rules of the game.

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