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Mobile Marketing: Things Car Dealers Must Remember

Posted on: August 29th, 2012 by credit

As technology continues to advance, car dealers should never be left behind from the newest techniques being used in generating leads for car dealerships. In 2011, about 15% of more than 5 billion phone users in the U.S. are smartphone users. Moreover, a research group found that the mobile advertising and marketing sector expanded to more than 50% in 2011, making it the fastest-growing sector of the year. Indeed, mobile marketing is growing and is becoming more effective.

However, not all dealers are successful with their mobile marketing efforts. The reason is simple: They are not doing it right. There is something wrong with the way they use the power of the medium or it could also be their strategy that is defective. In any case, here are some important things that dealers must remember when doing mobile marketing for their dealerships:

Purpose. Mobile marketing has more than a couple of functions. Dealers can use it to make their service more accessible and convenient for their customers, allowing them to easily set appointments with them when they need repairs or tune-up. Dealers can also send their car shoppers bits of information like quick tips, links to the latest car reviews, and the like. And lastly, mobile marketing for dealerships is mainly for promotions, but dealers should be careful not to overdo it.

Mobile Website. Having a mobile website is a must. Dealership websites must be accessible in a car shopper’s mobile device so dealers can increase their chances of acquiring more sales. Dealers do not have to make their mobile sites grand. They can just keep it simple as long as it provides the information and details that a mobile car shopper needs to know. Dealers have to also ensure the compatibility of the mobile version of their dealership site.

QR Codes. Quick response codes function like bar codes except that they contain URLs. QR codes are deemed by many as the easiest way now for dealers to promote their mobile sites and attract more leads for car dealerships. Dealers can include QR codes in their posters, direct mails, tarps, and the like to allow anyone interested to check out their website. According to a recent study, QR codes scans expanded to 300% in 2011 compared with the previous year.

Ethics. Last, but definitely not the least, dealers must consider some factors in sending messages to car shoppers. One is how they use the language. They must be careful to use simple and decent words even if they are creative with their text message. Another is the time of the day the y send messages. Dealers should not send messages in odd hours and days unless necessary. Finally, car shoppers must given the option to request the dealership to stop sending messages to them.

Managing Leads for Car Dealerships

Posted on: May 6th, 2012 by credit

Lead generation is easier today with the help of lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads. Car dealers would simply have to place their orders, dictate how many leads for car dealerships they want to receive, and pay for them. They do not have to go through the tedious task of finding prospects and implementing marketing campaigns to attract them. However, if their goal is always to increase their revenue, car dealers should make sure that both lead generation and lead conversion systems are both functioning excellently. The former can be easy with the help of a lead generation company while the latter could be a bit more challenging as it also requires efficient lead management system.

There are three essential phases in lead management namely, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and lead distribution. Lead nurturing is the phase where a car dealer builds relationships with the leads who are not yet sales ready. Car dealers can use email, phone, direct mail, or the social media to reach out to them. The challenge here is for car dealers to make themselves seem that they are not just salesmen but also someone who can help prospects with their concerns. They should also be able to successfully build trust and credibility in this phase.

The second phase is lead scoring. Lead scoring is basically determining whether the leads for car dealerships are already sales ready or not yet by monitoring their interest level and online activities. Lead scoring involves using criteria comprising the demographic, behavioral, and lead source information of a lead. Demographic information include the details provided by the prospects in the application form they have filled out. Meanwhile, behavioral information include the activity of the lead such as email opens, website clicks or visits, keywords searched, downloads, and the like. This also sometimes include the lead source information such as ads clicked.

The third and last phase is lead distribution. This is where car dealers pass the leads for car dealerships on to their sales team. In this transition phase, car dealers should provide all the necessary details that their sales reps would need about the leads. This does not mean, though, that they would totally leave the work to them. Car dealers should still be monitoring sales follow-up and results. Furthermore, they should also update their lead scoring criteria as the leads’ behavior and response change over time. This also allows them to make some improvements in their lead management and lead conversion systems considering the shifting and growing demands of the leads.

How to Get Leads for Car Dealerships

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by credit

There are various lead generation techniques available now that car dealers can use to promote their dealerships.  Although Internet marketing strategies have already been more popular and more effective than traditional techniques, there are still other techniques which car dealers can use to generate more leads.  Some offline and traditional techniques still work effectively in generating leads for car dealerships.  Here are a quick run through of some of those techniques that still work, including some traditional ones, in generating leads for car dealerships.

Telemarketing or cold calling still work these days.  However, it is no longer used by car dealers to randomly contact leads and to promote the dealership’s offers and ask if they might be interested.  Today, telemarketing is used supplement new lead generation techniques.  Car dealers often make phone calls to follow up the lead.  When contacting a lead, making a phone call is still more preferred than sending an email because it is more direct and personal.

Referral programs are also still used by some car dealers today.  This is one of the most effective lead generation techniques then as it involves personal and real testimonials.  Car dealers do this by offering an incentive to their existing clients who will be able to make a sale by referring the dealership’s offers to their family, friends or relatives.  The incentive will be a percentage from the sale, also called as commission.

Lead generation companies help car dealers generate more leads in a faster and easier way.  An example of a lead generation company, also called as lead providers, is Approved Auto Leads.  Lead providers are experts in executing marketing efforts to generate leads for car dealerships.  They test the authenticity and eligibility of lead they collect before delivering it to the car dealers.

Car dealers can also employ search engine optimization or SEO strategy in their websites.  This is the process of making a website appear at the first page of the search engine results to gain more exposure and attract more visitors.  When a car dealer’s website drive more traffic, it is more likely to make sales out of the visitors directed to it.  There are several SEO techniques that a car dealer can employ to drive more traffic to their website.  The dealership website also serves as conversion machine of visitors to leads and eventually to sales.

Not all traditional and offline lead generation techniques are ineffective.  Car dealers should still explore other marketing efforts other than Internet marketing strategies.  When both offline and online lead generation techniques are mastered by a car dealer, there is no question to how much leads he or she can generate.

Choosing the Right Source of Leads for Car Dealerships

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by credit

It is no secret that car dealerships depend on auto leads to help them in business.  The most successful car dealerships are those that utilize leads.  The success is mainly due to the fact that the leads direct dealers to customers that are really in search of a car and car financing.  With auto leads, there is no need for dealers to waste their time and efforts on individuals who would not bring them revenue; they merely pursue those who are already interested to make a purchase, give them an offer and close the deal.

Any car dealer would say that auto leads can be easily found on the Internet.  Those who are looking to rent or buy leads can simply go online and find numerous sources of leads to choose from.  The wide selection of auto leads would seem to be a boon for car dealers, but in reality, what it presents is a challenge.  A car dealer must check out all available options in terms of auto lead providers and select the best one.  Car dealers must know that not all auto lead providers online would help the business thrive.  It is up to them to choose the right source of leads for car dealerships among the lot.

To find the best provider of leads for car dealerships, car dealers should avoid auto lead generators that offer poor quality leads.  Leads which are used, stuffed, and recycled are of poor quality.  Leads whose origins are unknown are also of poor quality.  Many auto lead providers do not really generate their own leads: some simply buy the leads from another source (often an advertising network) then re-sell them to car dealers.  They sell the leads without knowing where it came from or how it was obtained.  Meanwhile, there are auto lead generators that pass on customers who are not really planning to buy a car or may not have even applied for a car loan.  The style of these lead generators is that they convince people to provide their information by offering them the chance to win prizes or by giving them discounts.  When the car dealer does contact the lead, it will soon be known that the lead will not result in a sale.

It must be noted that there is no way for a car dealer to immediately know if the leads to be sold to them are of poor quality.  This is because those online firms that offer to generate leads for car dealerships will always claim to sell good quality leads and will not disclose their shady practices, if they have any.  However, car dealers can save themselves from the misfortune of purchasing poor quality leads by doing a background check on the chosen auto lead provider prior to the purchase.  It is best to choose an auto lead generator which has been in the industry for many years, and one which receives favorable or positive feedback from clients.  One such auto lead provider is Approved Auto Leads.  The company has been in the business for more than a decade, and its client car dealers can attest to the quality of leads that it has been selling for years.  Indeed, Approved Auto Leads can be  considered as the right source of leads for car dealerships.

Leads for Car Dealerships – How to Get Them Online

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit

Lead also means prospective or potential customer.  In the automotive industry, getting leads for car dealerships has become a tight competition already.  This is because of the large contribution of the Internet to the development of lead generation.  Here are some ways by how car dealers can get leads for their businesses.

First lead generation technique is email marketing.  This technique is not new anymore to car dealers.  It has proven to generate leads that close.  Car dealers here would send messages containing promotional content to their prospective car buyers or leads.  Although there is a high uncertainty that these would get ignored, car dealers who have used this technique still get many responses.  This is much easier than telemarketing where a car dealer would have to call up each lead one by one.

Next lead generation technique is article writing.  In Internet marketing, the most important strategy is search engine optimization or SEO.  This is the process where a website’s exposure in the search engine results is enhanced.  Bringing this strategy over to article writing, the car dealer must search for the most searched keyword/s  related to the products and services sold.  These keyword must be used in the articles so that when published online, there is a chance that Internet surfers would stumble upon the article.  The readers are considered potential car buyers.  These articles could be placed in the car dealer’s own business website or in article directories.

A car dealer can also put up a blog.  The purpose of this is just the same as article writing.  However, the blog should always have fresh and useful content.  People would love to keep on coming back to the site if they are getting something useful from it.  It also pays if the blog looks nice and does not give the visitors a hard time to navigate around.

Car dealers should also penetrate social media.  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can further enhance the exposure of the car dealership by spreading information rapidly.  These platforms are really effective in generating leads for car dealerships.

Lastly, lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads are like 2 in 1 machines that are really helpful for car dealers.  This is because lead companies both provide leads for car dealerships and employ lead generation techniques to make this possible.  With their services, there is no doubt car dealers are able to boost up their sales and revenues.  Approved Auto Leads has been committed to this purpose ever since it established itself in the industry.

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