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Traffic is a Vital Element in Internet Lead Generation

Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by credit

The process of how internet leads are generated is actually simple: A visitor interested in buying a car searches the internet to find resources. He or she stumbles upon your dealership website, browses through it and likes what he or she sees. The visitor then fills out your contact form, communicating his or her queries to your dealership. At this point, the visitor becomes an internet auto lead. However, the process would not take place if the visitor did not click on your dealership website and if he or she did not see it in the first place. Traffic, then, is crucial in lead generation process. You may be successful in building a good dealership website but it will only be useless if there is no one to see it. You have to drive traffic to it for you to generate leads and make sales.

There are two kinds of traffic: organic and paid. Organic traffic simply means unpaid listing, contrary to the other kind of traffic. Organic traffic is driven if your dealership website has relevant and useful content and ranks high in search engine results pages. This is obviously a low-cost method of driving traffic to your site. However, it is not that easy because it will take time and much effort before your website gets noticed or prominent in search engine results pages.

Paid traffic, on the other hand, means that you have to pay in order to gain more traffic. Some examples of paying for traffic are purchasing keywords from Google AdWords, recruiting affiliates, placing ads through PPC or pay-per-click marketing, and the like. These methods are useful in bringing more traffic to your site. However, you would have to monitor the results regularly and employing these methods would cost you more.

You can drive both kinds of traffic to your site to effectively generate internet leads. However, you can also buy them instead from lead providers like Approved Auto Leads. Driving traffic on your own could be difficult and expensive. It would also take long before you can actually see the results. Buying leads from a lead provider will help you gain more traffic without you exerting more effort. Lead providers are also knowledgeable in using various lead generation techniques. They can also filter or pre-qualify the leads for you.

Given these points, understand that you will successfully generate internet leads for your dealership if you can effectively drive traffic to your website. Remember that without traffic, nothing will happen. Whether you pay or work for traffic or hire the services of a lead provider, keep in mind that traffic is essential for internet lead generation to progress.

Internet Auto Leads and the Importance of a Quick Response

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by credit

Internet auto leads are basically web-generated leads who have visited your dealership website, got interested in what they saw, and filled out a form, expecting a response from you. You have to understand many things about internet auto leads in order to better your response system so that you can more effectively convert them into sales.

The Internet is all about speed in sharing and acquiring information. People are living in a fast-paced world now and in one way or the other, the Internet caused, triggered, or contributed to it. Therefore, you must keep pace and that is why, it is necessary for you to respond to internet leads quickly. Aside from that, internet auto leads themselves also want things fast and instant. The very act of them searching for dealerships or auto loans online means that they do not have that much time and want results fast. Therefore, keep up with their demand by getting back to them the soonest time possible. What if you do not respond quickly? You have to realize that it is possible that your leads have other options to which they can jump easily anytime. Moreover, their attention is fragmented as there are many options available in the Internet. Lastly, your competitors also want to get to leads as fast as you want to. They can easily cut in to make your lead their sale. You definitely would not want this to happen.

How then can you achieve having a quick response to your internet leads? One way is employing an auto responder software that can immediately send out responses to your leads’ queries. However, responses are computer-generated and your leads could tell that they are not communicating with real people. It is still better to be at your desk to respond to them and make it personal. You can also train your sales team to be aggressive. Again, the Internet is all about speed and it is not just you who needs to keep up. Your front liners, who are your sales representatives, should also do. You can also use the latest program used in business websites today to address the concerns and queries of your prospects right there and then at your website. It is called live chat where you just have to have someone stay online for several hours to communicate with the visitors in your website.

Keep in mind that a quick response is not just important but also necessary in successfully converting internet auto leads into sales. Having speed also pushes you to get to your leads first, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

Easy Guide to Converting Automotive Internet Leads

Posted on: April 11th, 2012 by credit

Achieving an increase in sales has been a struggle for car dealers for many years, especially during the time when the Internet has not yet been discovered, even with the help of a third-party like the lead providers today. Car dealers have to really work their way in making sales. Today, lead generation companies can efficiently work hand in hand with car dealers with the help of the Internet. However, even if they do their job well, their efforts would not make much impact on a dealership’s success if the car dealer ineffectively converts leads into sales. Automotive Internet leads require a slightly different approach from other types of leads in order to convert them into sales. Here are the guidelines.

The Internet is fast-paced. People get information from and make transactions with it quickly. In the same way, car dealers should also respond to automotive Internet leads quickly if they want to convert them into sales. There is an importance in speed because of the tight competition online. Competitors can easily steal potential customers away especially that the audience’s attention in the online setting is highly fragmented. They can easily jump to the other option if the response is taking too long. People who turn to online sources want information in a snap and car dealers have to keep up with this demand in order to close leads. Moreover, voice mails and messages by auto responders should be avoided when responding to the leads’ queries. Car dealers should make the response personal as much as possible.

They should also strive to be the kind of car dealer that automotive Internet leads are looking for. Aside from making sales, car dealers should also be concerned about meeting the needs of their potential customers. They should provide helpful tips and advice to them. They should also answer the questions honestly and genuinely. Car dealers should also have good communication skills. These include choosing the right words in making an offer, expressing genuine concern, and asking the right questions to understand a lead’s demands and preferences.

If despite all the efforts of responding quickly to and communication well with automotive Internet leads, they have not made their decision yet, car dealers should diligently follow them up. They should remember that not all leads can make a decision fast. They may have too many choices and they are taking the time comparing one from another. In following up leads, car dealers should have a plan which includes time allotment for each task, a viable schedule, and strategies. Approved Auto Leads is a lead generation company that can surely help car dealers create strategies to meet their goals. It has been in the business of boosting dealership sales for years already. The goal of follow up is to keep the prospects interested. Car dealers should also strive to have a lead come over to their office to further talk about and eventually finalize the deal.

Sales Challenges with Auto Internet Leads

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by credit


Closing deals and boosting the sales seem to be the most challenging aspects of a car dealership business now.  The task of finding leads can be left with lead companies like Approved Auto Leads.  Turning leads into sales include convincing them to take the offer, promoting, responding to queries, and the like.  These are the tasks that car dealers have to learn to do skillfully to win the sales challenges of closing auto internet leads.

Communication skills are important in turning auto internet leads into sales.  Car dealers should be able to have the right choices of words both in oral and written communication.  Being skillful in this aspect will prevent misinterpretation and confusion between car dealers and their leads.  Car dealers should also understand leads to be able to communicate with them well.  Most auto leads would not want  to hear or read an all promotion sales talk from a car dealer.  There is one recommended attitude that car dealers should put on when communicating with the leads.  Instead of having a pure sales approach, they could show themselves to be someone who is willing to help interested car buyers find a solution to their needs, problems or concerns.

Responding to the leads’ queries is also a challenging task.  Car dealers should understand that auto internet leads are all expectant of a response from any car dealerships they have applied to.  Moreover, potential car buyers did not only submitted their information to one car dealership.  They often diversify their options applying in other sources.  Thus,  it is important for car dealers to respond to the queries as fast as they can.  This is what makes it challenging.  Before any dealerships ring the lead’s phone, a car dealer should have already done it first.  There are several ways by how car dealers can respond to them quickly.  In emails, they can use auto-responders which automatically sends a message to the sender of a query.  They can also rev up their sales team in answering calls fast.  Furthermore, it is also ideal that car dealers use the same medium  with which the lead contacted them to respond to their query.  This is the surest way of getting to them.  Moreover, car dealers should keep in mind that they do not have to try to sell immediately at their first contact with the prospects.  Instead, they should make it a goal to get their preferences first and know what kind of car buyers they are.  This helps them prepare for the negotiation and keeping them by not turning them off with an upfront sales approach.

Another challenge is doing follow up effectively.  Car dealers would not lose prospective customers  if they know how to do follow up effectively.  They can follow up auto internet leads by giving them a phone call or by sending them email messages.  Car dealers can make a phone call if the lead has not been responding to their emails anymore.  A phone call is for them to know the lead’s concerns and not to urge them to take their offer.  The purpose should be to find out what bothers them and give alternatives or solutions.  Meanwhile, car dealers can do follow up via email by sending the prospects informative and promotional newsletters, announcements on special offers, new car models, discounts or events, and the like.  In this way, car dealers are able to keep the lead interested by reminding them of their dealership’s offers and deals.

It is also a challenge for car dealers to have the lead come over at their office.  Most of the time, leads would not agree because if inconvenience and unavailability.  However, it is better that car dealers communicate with the prospects personally.  This also benefits car buyers if they meet with the dealer personally.  This ensures security and authenticity of the identities of two parties.

Automotive Internet Leads That Boost Sales

Posted on: January 22nd, 2012 by credit

Automotive internet leads

Wthout the Internet back then, car dealers get their prospective car buyers from different conventional advertising methods like commercial ads, billboards, jingles, and such.  Today, car dealers can easily obtain auto leads from the Internet.  They can get them from the new automotive marketing efforts available now using the Internet  Moreover, they can make this even easier by purchasing Internetleads  from a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads which also execute Internet marketing strategies for them.  However, this advantage does not necessarily give the assurance that car dealers will have a boost in their sales.  It still depends on the car dealers’ efforts of managing the leads they have in hand.

Car dealers should have a sense of urgency to respond to each lead.  They should understand that Internet leads are looking for a quick and instant solution.  Some of them may just be probing the various prices and services of car dealerships.  Some, perhaps, are really looking for the best offer to purchase a car.  Car dealers should not lose these leads as they are all potential sales.  The best way to respond to these leads is to get back to them in the same way they sent their query.  For example, if they dropped their query via email, it is ideal that car dealers also respond via email.  This is the surest way that the prospects will entertain the message or response.

Communication is also a craft that car dealers and even their sales representatives should master.  It is important that they communicate well with the prospects.  Whether car dealers got the query via email or phone call, they should comprehend the message carefully.  They should be able to determine where the leads are coming from and what do they really need.  Also, internet auto leads  like concerned car dealers.  This means that car dealers should always be genuinely concerned about the concerns of the leads.  They can show this by giving suggestions and trying to provide solutions.  Prospective customers most likely remember car dealers who try to help solve a problem than those who are just after making a sale.  Therefore, when car dealers communicate with car dealers, they should not just sell.  They should sell by giving a solution and not just a promo.  Furthermore, car dealers should not also forget to tell their customers what sets them apart from the competitors.  There is a need for this because internet auto leads usually have many options.  They do not just send in their application to one company.  This implies that there are many other car dealers who could more successfully turn these leads into sales.

Another principle that car dealers should remember is not to give up on the leads unless they have already bought or declined.  Until these two decisions are made, car dealers should keep them alive.  They can do this by sending them comprehensive emails about their company and their offers, creative and well-written content for promos and special offers, and the like.  These will all remind the car leads of what they initially saw in a car dealership that they once considered a prospect.

If you need some assistance on lead generation techniques and other Internet marketing strategies to improve your closing rate, Approved Auto Leads is more than willing to extend a helping hand.

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