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Basic Concepts in Internet Automotive Lead Generation

Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by credit

Leads internet generation is the process of acquiring sales leads through the use of various internet marketing strategies. Generating leads using the internet has grown in popularity and made the automotive industry more competitive, especially as it recovers from the recent recession. Here are some terms and concepts that are important to understand especially for new dealers who are just beginning to build their dealership’s presence online.


Blogs are essential in online dealership marketing. Your dealership website should include a blog page where your visitors could find helpful information. The content of your blog must be informative rather than promotional. This means that although keeping a blog is part of your internet marketing strategy, its main purpose should not be to promote. Providing fresh, quality, genuine, and useful content for your visitors will build an image of your dealership that is trustworthy and credible. A dealership blog also helps a lot in driving more traffic to your site.

Keyword Research

This is an important skill to learn when marketing your dealership and generating leads online. Keyword research is done by using an online tool or software to find out what keywords are commonly keyed in by users in search engines. Once you obtained a list of these keywords, use them in your content—photos, videos, and articles—in your dealership website or blogs. The keywords and the content always have to be relevant to your business. Also, observe the regulations set by search engines in using most searched keywords in your content.


SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving your dealership website’s visibility in search engine results pages, making it appear as one of the top results. The end result would be an increase in traffic as people see your website right away as one of their search results. Some of the techniques used are directory listing, link building, forum marketing, and anchor texts. SEO does not yield results overnight. Although you would have to invest time, money, and effort, you will eventually reap a rich harvest from your SEO campaign. This is one of the most important and basic leads internet generation techniques that you have to learn, and perhaps master, in order to firmly establish your online presence.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are where your visitors will be directed when they click on an ad or link. These are essential in winning your visitors and turning them into leads successfully. Landing pages do not have to be grand but they just need to be simple enough not to confuse your visitors and to effectively cause them to take action. Moreover, they have to be engaging so as not to lose your prospects who are already in the verge of turning into sales.

How to Capture More Auto Internet Leads

Posted on: May 31st, 2012 by credit

The Internet has been helping a lot of businesses generate more revenue. In the automotive industry, it has led dealers to turn online and even get social to promote their dealerships and acquire more sales. Auto internet leads have indeed been a competitive edge for car dealers. However, some are not maximizing the power of the Internet in generating leads and turning them into sales. Below are some tips on capturing more auto internet leads effectively.

While the Internet gives car dealers the competitive edge in the market, it also makes the competition tighter and tighter. To capture more internet leads and rise above the competition, you should learn from what your thriving competitors are doing. Know how and where they are getting their leads from. Observe their strategies and behavior. For example, if a dealer is acquiring more prospects in doing forum marketing, you might want to try it for your dealership as well.

Aside from observing your competitors’ moves, look at your prospects’ behavior, too. Behavior here refers to the attitude and response of your prospects toward your marketing efforts. What are the websites they usually go to? What pages in your website do they usually spend more time visiting? Do they enquire about your dealership by filling out your form? Do they respond to your emails, social media posts, or direct mails? Study and analyze your prospects’ attitudes and response and tailor your marketing efforts according to their behavior. In this way, you will be increasing your chances of capturing more auto internet leads.

Since you are capturing leads from the internet, make sure that your internet marketing strategies are appropriate and efficient. One of the most effective marketing strategies in the internet is SEO. The key to pulling off a successful SEO campaign is knowing and using the right keywords. Master this technique by doing more research about the most searched keywords related to your business and use them strategically, appropriately, and legally in your content. Maximize their usage by even renaming your photos with a relevant keyword. Do this and speed up your improvement in being more visible in search engine results pages.

Lastly, be valuable. Do not just generate leads for merely promoting your dealership. You would not capture more leads with this sole reason. To add value to your marketing efforts and dealership, provide your prospects some benefits like helpful information that could even address their concerns. By doing this, you are not only being valuable but you are also winning their trust and building your credibility. Remember that your content is directly communicates with your prospects so, make sure that they are effective.

Remember that auto internet leads need more aggressive approach. If you are able to do the aforementioned tips rightly, you could expect improvement and better results for your dealership.

Traffic is a Vital Element in Internet Lead Generation

Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by credit

The process of how internet leads are generated is actually simple: A visitor interested in buying a car searches the internet to find resources. He or she stumbles upon your dealership website, browses through it and likes what he or she sees. The visitor then fills out your contact form, communicating his or her queries to your dealership. At this point, the visitor becomes an internet auto lead. However, the process would not take place if the visitor did not click on your dealership website and if he or she did not see it in the first place. Traffic, then, is crucial in lead generation process. You may be successful in building a good dealership website but it will only be useless if there is no one to see it. You have to drive traffic to it for you to generate leads and make sales.

There are two kinds of traffic: organic and paid. Organic traffic simply means unpaid listing, contrary to the other kind of traffic. Organic traffic is driven if your dealership website has relevant and useful content and ranks high in search engine results pages. This is obviously a low-cost method of driving traffic to your site. However, it is not that easy because it will take time and much effort before your website gets noticed or prominent in search engine results pages.

Paid traffic, on the other hand, means that you have to pay in order to gain more traffic. Some examples of paying for traffic are purchasing keywords from Google AdWords, recruiting affiliates, placing ads through PPC or pay-per-click marketing, and the like. These methods are useful in bringing more traffic to your site. However, you would have to monitor the results regularly and employing these methods would cost you more.

You can drive both kinds of traffic to your site to effectively generate internet leads. However, you can also buy them instead from lead providers like Approved Auto Leads. Driving traffic on your own could be difficult and expensive. It would also take long before you can actually see the results. Buying leads from a lead provider will help you gain more traffic without you exerting more effort. Lead providers are also knowledgeable in using various lead generation techniques. They can also filter or pre-qualify the leads for you.

Given these points, understand that you will successfully generate internet leads for your dealership if you can effectively drive traffic to your website. Remember that without traffic, nothing will happen. Whether you pay or work for traffic or hire the services of a lead provider, keep in mind that traffic is essential for internet lead generation to progress.

Internet Auto Leads and the Importance of a Quick Response

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by credit

Internet auto leads are basically web-generated leads who have visited your dealership website, got interested in what they saw, and filled out a form, expecting a response from you. You have to understand many things about internet auto leads in order to better your response system so that you can more effectively convert them into sales.

The Internet is all about speed in sharing and acquiring information. People are living in a fast-paced world now and in one way or the other, the Internet caused, triggered, or contributed to it. Therefore, you must keep pace and that is why, it is necessary for you to respond to internet leads quickly. Aside from that, internet auto leads themselves also want things fast and instant. The very act of them searching for dealerships or auto loans online means that they do not have that much time and want results fast. Therefore, keep up with their demand by getting back to them the soonest time possible. What if you do not respond quickly? You have to realize that it is possible that your leads have other options to which they can jump easily anytime. Moreover, their attention is fragmented as there are many options available in the Internet. Lastly, your competitors also want to get to leads as fast as you want to. They can easily cut in to make your lead their sale. You definitely would not want this to happen.

How then can you achieve having a quick response to your internet leads? One way is employing an auto responder software that can immediately send out responses to your leads’ queries. However, responses are computer-generated and your leads could tell that they are not communicating with real people. It is still better to be at your desk to respond to them and make it personal. You can also train your sales team to be aggressive. Again, the Internet is all about speed and it is not just you who needs to keep up. Your front liners, who are your sales representatives, should also do. You can also use the latest program used in business websites today to address the concerns and queries of your prospects right there and then at your website. It is called live chat where you just have to have someone stay online for several hours to communicate with the visitors in your website.

Keep in mind that a quick response is not just important but also necessary in successfully converting internet auto leads into sales. Having speed also pushes you to get to your leads first, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

Successfully Making Sales Out of Internet Auto Leads

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by credit

You have already received the internet auto leads you have ordered from the lead generation company. The company has assured you that they have delivered quality leads. The question is: how will you turn this leads into sales now?

Internet auto leads need a more aggressive approach. Remember that everything in the internet is fast-paced. The leads have easily browsed through and sent their information in to various options online. They are now expecting an immediate response for their queries. You should be able to keep up with this demand to turn them into sales. On the contrary, if you are too slow, your competitors will surely get to them first or the lead will turn to other options instead. Even if you have ordered exclusive leads, keep in mind that there is still competition as leads often have other options besides you. Give a quick response by using auto responders or training your sales reps to be aggressive and proactive.

Internet auto leads, just like any other types of leads, also like to receive personal responses than automated. It is ideal that you make the leads feel that they are talking to a real person and not just to a computer. Making your responses personal impacts how your prospects will relate to and trust you. How about auto responders and other customer relationship management or CRM tools? These are still helpful, though. However, you should make the responses yourself as much as possible. Do away with auto responders if you are available to entertain queries.

Your communication skills also affect the lead conversion process. How you communicate with internet auto leads can make or break the sale. When talking to prospects, make sure that you understand their needs. People like talking to sales reps and dealers who show genuine concern in helping them meet their needs more than those who only want to make a sale. Do this by answering their questions honestly and providing alternatives and other helpful information. You will gain the trust of your prospects if you build a relationship with them this way. It is also important to get their preferences by asking the right questions to modify your offers, if possible, to suit their demands and get them patronize your dealership.

In summary, quick and personal response and effective communication with leads seem trivial, but they are fundamental in the lead conversion process. Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads can indeed guarantee and truly provide dealerships with quality leads. However, for their efforts to have a significant impact on a dealership’s success, dealers should do their part in effectively converting the leads into sales through excellent lead management and employing effective sales techniques.


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