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The Last Things You Want to Do with Your Internet Auto Leads

Posted on: August 30th, 2012 by credit

The last thing you want to happen with your internet auto leads is losing them. The painful truth to that is it is possible and it could already be happening in your dealership right now even if you have been converting enough leads. How could you let go of some leads and not know about it? In what ways do you lose internet auto leads? The following points answer these questions and these are the last things you want to do with your leads.

Delay Responses

The need to respond quickly follows the logic that the internet is a fast-paced world and therefore, the demands of its users have to be fulfilled in a quick manner as well. If you don’t get to your leads fast, your competitors will. Studies about automotive internet lead generation still show that there are leads which were never responded to. Moreover, some dealers take several minutes and even hours before they respond to their leads. With this response time, these dealers would not really see their internet auto leads turn into sales.

Give Up on Leads

Leads that has not responded yet with a yes or no to your offer are not yet dead leads. You need to follow them up and keep them interested in your offer. There are several reasons why a lead would not have a definite response immediately. While a lead is still in its decision-making process, take that opportunity to send emails, direct mails, text messages, and the like as follow-up efforts. Following up leads needs patience and diligence on your part. If you remain to be that way until the end, the results will be rewarding.

Be Unavailable Online

As has been pointed out, internet auto leads want quick responses and there’s no quicker response given via live chat. Live chat is among the newest technology now used by businesses in their websites to connect to their leads more conveniently. As long as you always have a sales person online, you’ll get more leads and even more sales than when you were not using live chat. Live chat allows you to attend to your prospects’ queries in real time. However, keep in mind that live chat isn’t supposed to be primarily used to sell but to establish rapport with your prospects.

Hide Important Details

Some dealers are not aware of the adverse effects of some of their strategies on car shoppers. For instance, some dealers hide the car prices in their dealership websites to compel car shoppers to call them up for the price. While this strategy works for them in some way, they should also be aware that many car shoppers get suspicious of a dealership when the prices are hidden. When your leads ask for important details such as car price, specs, reviews, and financing options, make sure that you provide them with honest and accurate answers.

Why Thou Art Not Blessed With Internet Auto Leads From Social Media

Posted on: August 28th, 2012 by credit

Social media is one of the most powerful lead generation platforms today. With this fact, you may be expecting that it has to give you, then, more internet auto leads. But you are not getting enough and you might be wondering what’s wrong. Perhaps, you are doing social media marketing the wrong way. Here is a list of social media mistakes and see if you can relate with any of them.

Selling Than Interacting

In case you haven’t realized it yet, social media is for interaction—whether in the hands of a dealer or a typical teenager. Social media is not primarily designed to be a marketplace. Therefore, use it according to its first purpose that is, to interact with people online. Many businesses fail in their social media marketing efforts because they’ve got the wrong focus: selling. In fact, some people get turned off when they realize that a business entity in a social networking site is just trying to acquire as much customers as it can. Internet auto leads would not come flowing in to your dealership with this approach. Make interaction the priority and engage with prospects and customers online.

Getting Too Much Attention

Do not be so vain wanting to get many hits, likes, followers, and comments. Many businesses pour out much of their marketing efforts and tricks just to get noticed online. This is not why you have chosen to be social. Focus on your target market and nurture relationships with potential customers and foster loyalty among your existing customers. You don’t need much marketing gimmicks to do this, as much as you don’t need too get all the attention in the social media sphere.

Little Content

This is an obvious mistake. Do not be misled that social media does not need content. It does. The best way to build relationships online is to be a helping hand to the car buying public. Give them helpful resources and information that might answer their needs. Post quick tips, news, or links to your blogs. Make sure that the topics you write about are always relevant to your prospects’ interests and needs.

Being a Copycat

Perhaps, this is something that you need to wake up from. Don’t just copy what you notice is working well in your competitor’s social media campaign. The truth is, what works best for them may not work the same with you. Find out, with your own experiments, what works best for you. Just copying from someone else’s strategy would not be a great effort that could result in great results.

What Your Dealer Chat Must Have

Posted on: August 2nd, 2012 by credit

A dealer chat is an internet lead generation method that has proven itself to yield promising results for dealerships. You just need your sales people to stay online and be always ready to answer queries from online car shoppers. To maximize the potential of this effective lead generation technique, consider the following must-haves to more fruitfully generate automobile leads.

Online Salespeople

As has been mentioned, your sales people must always be online. There must always be someone logged on to answer the queries that will be coming in. Otherwise, the lead would feel like entering an empty dealership. The problem with this is that when automobile leads have no one to talk to, they would proceed checking out their other options. That is why, it is important that you have as many sales people as possible to stay online for incoming queries from your potential customers. Your sales staffs can also use a mobile version of the dealer chat software so they can receive and reply to incoming queries in their smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Real People

Prospects feel better about a dealership when they know that they are talking to the real dealer or sales people online and not just to some computer-operated responder. How would you show your prospects that they are talking to real people? Ask your sales staff to use their real photo and name when they talk chat with online car shoppers. Moreover, this also makes it easier for your sales staff to build rapport with prospects. It will also help prospects identify the salesperson they are talking with online when they visit the dealership.

Skilled Salespeople

Train your sales team on how to communicate well with prospects. Dealer chat is like telemarketing, except that the challenge is how you can sound friendly and kind. That’s easy to do over the phone but it is a challenge on typewritten words. In addition, each sales person must be knowledgeable about your products and services. They should be able to answer common questions that a car shopper would ask about a certain car model or service. Also, make sure that your salespeople maintain a lively atmosphere online and even in your dealership.

Excellent Service Provider

It is ideal for small dealerships that only have few people to outsource a BDC department to handle internet leads. Some lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads provide BDC services for dealerships as well as call center trainings. However, make sure that you only hire a legitimate, professional and experienced provider.

Making Calls to Action That Make Automotive Internet Leads

Posted on: July 13th, 2012 by credit

An online business dictionary defines a call to action as “words that urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take an immediate action.” In other words, it answers the question, “so what?” asked by prospects after seeing your ads and compels them to act on what they saw. Some examples are “Sign up now!”, “Get the price”, and “Get approved today!” Calls to action are fundamental in advertising and must therefore be compelling and effective to move your prospects to take action. Here are some tips on how you can make your calls to action generate more automotive internet leads for you.


The buttons for your calls to action must be placed above the fold of a web page. Online shoppers look at a web page in F pattern. This means that they look at what’s above, on the left, and at the middle left of the web page more than the other areas. These places, therefore, are strategic locations for calls to action. (Notice that ads are usually placed at the top part of a web page.) Do not also crowd your call to action with several contents. Give it some white space so it will still get noticed.


Calls to action are meant to be noticed and one good way to do this is by making them BIG. They must grab the attention of your visitors, much like a headline in a tabloid would. However, be careful not to overdo it overwhelming the other elements of your web page. A good web designer definitely knows how to do this well. You can also use contrasting colors to make the button more attractive. Moreover, there should only be one call to action per page so as not to confuse your visitors. You should tell them to do only one thing.


This refers to the message of the call to action itself and the preceding message telling your visitors why they should click on the button. The message must create a sense of urgency but not like how a car sales rep would pressure a car buyer. Your offer must be interesting and compelling enough to make the visitor turn into an auto lead. As a dealership, you would want your visitors to fill out a form, providing their information, and be your automotive internet leads. If this is your goal, make sure that your message tells them that it is worth doing so.

As a final note, you cannot achieve great results right away by merely following the tips mentioned above. You would need to take some time experimenting on which language, location, design, offer, and the like, would work best for your calls to action in effectively generating automotive internet leads.

Rejection and Purchase Reasons of Auto Internet Leads

Posted on: July 5th, 2012 by credit

When converting auto internet leads into sales, a lead may either purchase from your dealership or reject your offer and walk away. J.D. Power and Associates cited in a recent report reasons why consumers purchase and reject.

Thirty-seven percent of automotive internet users or AIUs said that they did not buy from a dealership they shopped because they realized that the car was not right for them or for their needs. The report explained that the result is somewhat ironic with the notion that online shopping should help car shoppers “eliminate models from the consideration set” so that they will be more focused when they visit the dealership. There are two possible reasons for the said result: One is that car shoppers were perhaps not confident to eliminate models with only the online information they have as the basis. Another one is car shoppers might still have collected inadequate information that they need “to make a completely informed decision on which vehicle to purchase.”

Other top reasons for rejection are too expensive car price set by the dealer, unavailability in stock of the exact model that the car buyer wants, too expensive make and model, and the buyer simply was not ready to buy yet.

On the other hand, the primary reason of auto internet leads for purchasing a vehicle from the dealer they shopped is they were treated well. In addition, more than half of AIUs who submitted online request said that they purchased from a dealership because of the low price offered them.

These findings in current consumer behavior trend could be helpful in making your sales tactics and lead generation techniques more effective. It is important for every dealer to understand trends such as this to improve their marketing and sales systems. For example, knowing that 66% of auto internet leads consider the total price paid more than the monthly payment will help you in negotiating with your prospects more effectively.

Therefore, J.D. Power and Associates offer the following tips to dealers:

1. Respond immediately with personal email messages and keep in mind that you are not the only dealership being shopped.

2. Don’t think that once an online car shopper contacted you, you have already won him. Although you should be eager to convert him into a sale, keep in mind that he can change his mind and look at other options anytime.

3. Set an appointment with the shopper. The same salesperson communicating with the shopper online must also be the one to meet the shopper in person.

4. If the shopper has already agreed with the price, make sure that the vehicle is ready when they come over.

5. Be proactive. Ask the shopper to send you via email the necessary documents for sales and F&I processes before he visits your dealership.

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