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All About Dealership Trigger Leads

Posted on: March 22nd, 2012 by credit

Aside from the other types of auto leads, car dealers can also take advantage of dealership trigger leads.  Credit bureaus, and not lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads, sell this type of leads to car dealers.  What is a dealership trigger lead?  When a borrower pulls out his or her credit from a credit bureau to run a credit check before purchasing a car, he or she becomes a trigger lead.  The credit bureaus could sell his or her information to car dealers.

Car dealers buy dealership trigger leads because these leads are guaranteed hot leads.  These are people who are not just deciding yet on whether or not to buy a car, but they are about to buy a car already.  Car dealers then would work on penetrating the leads’ preferences and get their attention trying to get them from the car dealers whom the leads applied to.  Trigger leads are also guaranteed fresh and recent as credit bureaus would only sell information of credit inquiries from the past 24 hours.  However, this kind of play may be considered by some as unethical.  Nonetheless, it shows how competitive the automotive industry is today.

Car dealers are only limited to telemarketing or cold calling when reaching out to dealership trigger leads.  Most of the time, the email address is not provided and it may take a while before they turn the lead into a sale.  However, there is a high chance of getting rejected with cold calling.  Because car buyers do not know the car dealer calling, they would not take the time to listen and entertain the offer.

Dealerhip trigger leads would not know if they have become trigger leads or not.  Most of them may not also be aware that this can happen to them.  A car dealer, who they have not contacted, would give them a phone call and try to sell them the offer that they have.  The lead would be shocked with the fact that other dealerships know their personal information which they have only given to the car dealership or lender they have applied to.

One possible thing that could happen after this scenario could be this:  The lead calls up the car dealership where he or she is interested in getting a car loan from and ask how other dealers were able to get his or her contact information despite their security and privacy policies.  This is after the car dealer who buys trigger leads cunningly told the lead that he or she is an affiliate of the car dealer the lead has contacted.

What car dealers could do is educate their prospective car buyers about this possibility.  They should explain that since the borrower has run a credit check, his or her credit information might be sold to other dealerships as well.  They should also make them understand that it is never their fault if other dealerships got their information.  Car dealers should do this so as not lose their potential customer.


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