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Picking the Best Partner in Automotive Advertising

Posted on: July 26th, 2012 by credit

Admit it. You cannot do everything that needs to be done to run your dealership successfully: lead generation, lead management, and automotive dealership marketing. Moreover, you cannot also be the expert in all three aspects. Automotive dealership marketing comprises of various strategies and techniques that need to be carried out across various platforms. This really sounds like laborious. Thus, you would always be needing help from marketing companies or advertising agencies to execute your marketing plans.

However, you should realize that hiring one is going to be a crucial decision. The company that you will be working with will be your partner in pursuing success for your dealership. Moreover, marketing is where all lead generation and management efforts start. Therefore, you need to make a careful and wise selection of your marketing partner. Here are some tips in finding a good one.

Expertise. One of the major factors that could make or break your decision in settling for an ad agency is the expertise. Since you are a dealership, the company must be well-versed in consumer advertising. You should also ask them about what medium are they expert in. If they are still traditional, you can consider looking for more unconventional marketing companies. However, it would be great to choose a company that knows how to work well with both traditional and new marketing strategies.

Experience. Although this does not entirely speak for a company’s performance, it is still better to work with a company with enough experience in automotive dealership marketing, using the medium that you prefer, and working in the kind of marketing style that you want. You can ask around for recommendations or ask for references from the company to learn more about their track record.

Measures. Ask the company how do they carry out their marketing plans for their clients and measure the results for them. Do they have the right meters? Also, ask them about their rates and always try to negotiate for a lower charge. If a company really charges too high for you, do not compromise your budget and look for a more affordable one.

Before you even begin calling up ad agencies, make sure that you are clear about your target market, the message you want to put across, your budget, and objectives. In the process of selecting a company, call up at least 3 companies and compare their prices. As has been pointed out, do not resort in compromising your budget for a marketing service that is beyond your means.

Did You Just Get Social? Better Do It Right

Posted on: July 4th, 2012 by credit

Social media is trending now in auto dealer marketing. More and more dealers are turning to social networks to build their online presence and to promote their brand. However, social media experts have slightly different views on social networking sites as marketing tools.

Some say that dealers should use the social media not as a medium to sell but only to instigate word of mouth among their followers and their networks. Some also say that the focal point of being “social” in the context of auto dealer marketing is engagement. However, many car dealers do not realize these and in the eyes of some experts, they are seeing social media the wrong way. Here are some points expressed by some social media experts.

Social media is all about relationships, interaction, and engagement. Working to meet that standard is not easy. According to a social media expert, you cannot hire services to build relationships, interact with and engage prospects for you. You have to figure it out and do it yourself. You also have to know what factors impact your relationship with your prospects online.

One: People would not care about your dealership or even the brand that you carry if they don’t know who they’re interacting with. As a social media expert puts it, you are in social media and it was called “social” for a purpose: interaction. Connection may be weak, or may not even be established, if you don’t show a face on your page. Some car makers and dealers are showing the face of their social media persons on their pages. Doing the same stirs interest and initiates engagement.

Second: Some could go on thinking that content is not really that important, but whether they like it or not, content impacts engagement. Say, you have been publishing dull, irrelevant, and boring content. Do you think people will still be interested in what’s going on in your page? However, if you provide helpful information like important announcements and interesting photos and videos, you could even attract more prospects. Try and see it for yourself.

Social media is not originally for selling, although you can also do that. However, as a social media expert explained, you cannot mix up selling with being social. The two complement each other but you’ve got to have separate strategies for each. Social media is different from other forms of auto dealer marketing. You have to learn the right approach, which is different from the traditional marketing methods, to maximize its potential.

As a final note, don’t focus on the quantity of likes, fans, followers, comments, viewers, and the like. Although these numbers are important for monitoring and measures, your social media marketing efforts do not revolve around these. For the last time, it’s about interaction, relationship, and engagement.

Internet Automotive Dealership Marketing and Lead Generation Companies

Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by credit

Automotive dealership marketing is no longer limited to offline advertising and marketing strategies in the forms of radio and TV commercial ads, jingles, postcards, billboards, trade shows, and the like.  It is more diversified now with the internet as the main platform and tool to make auto dealer marketing more effective and competitive.  The discussion here would be about automotive dealership marketing in the context of the internet and how lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads can make it more effective.

Building a good dealership website is the first step for car dealers to start their online campaign for their car dealership.  The website does not have to be complicated and impressive.  As long as it is user-friendly, interactive, informative, and substantial, it would keep on attracting visitors.  Car dealers should make an easy navigation for their website.  When people visit the site, they should not find it hard to find their way to the information they need.  It is better if car dealers would keep the website simple when it comes to navigation.  They should also put as much pictures, videos, graphics and effects as appropriate to make the site interactive.  A website with a good appearance attracts and impresses visitors.  More importantly and above all, car dealers should make sure that their website is informative and substantial.  The dealership website should contain helpful information which visitors could use as resources to help them find solutions and answers to their concerns and questions, respectively.  The website should also contain the company’s profile and contact information, portfolio of inventory, description of offers and other promos, and even car reviews.

The next step would be to promote this site in the world wide web by using search engine optimization or SEO techniques or any other internet automotive dealership marketing strategies that could make the website attract more potential customers.  There are some simple SEO techniques that a car dealer can do for free as a start.  He or she could list his or her dealership website in the different directories online.  These web directories contain all kinds of websites which are arranged and organized according to categories.  People sometimes utilize web directories to easily find what they are looking for.  There are also directories that are exclusively for auto dealerships only or anything related to that.  Car dealers can also start promoting the site by answering questions in Q&A websites.  This is an opportunity for them to show their expertise and share their knowledge to those who are seeking guidance and advice on car purchase.  Through this, they can also build up themselves as credible car dealerships which car buyers can trust.  They can also penetrate the social media which is a powerful platform to promote the dealership website.

Car dealers can also utilize the capability and expertise of lead generation companies in carrying out these automotive dealership marketing efforts.  Approved Auto Leads does not only take care of increasing the car dealer’s sale but it also is an expert in executing marketing strategies to generate quality leads for the dealership.  Lead generation companies are helpful aids to car dealers especially if this aspect of the business is already eating up their time for closing deals, which is likewise important.

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