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How to Effectively Use Live Chat to Win More Automotive Dealer Leads

Posted on: June 21st, 2012 by credit

Dealerships online have thought of a way to communicate with their prospects more easily, which also makes their dealership website more profitable. Employing an online program such as live chat has become popular among dealership websites today. It allows visitors to communicate with the dealership immediately if they have queries. In the same way, dealers can also turn them into sales right there and then. To maximize the advantages of live chat, keep the following tips.

Be available.

Make sure that there is always a sales rep on duty to respond quickly to visitors. The concept of live chat promotes immediacy and convenience. Thus, make sure that your use of live chat is serving that purpose well. Don’t keep your prospects waiting. If the sales rep is away from his desk, there has to be a responder that would inform the prospect that the representative is away and will be back shortly.

Be proactive.

Don’t forget to get the information of prospects who are contacting you. Do this early in your response. Get their full name, employer name, address, contact numbers, and other important information that you will be needing to keep in touch with them. It is also important to know their preferences on cars and understand what they need.

Be honest.

Never lie about your dealership just to win automotive dealership leads. Rather, answer all their questions honestly. Never ignore questions. If you are not sure how to answer one, just tell them that you’ll get back to it next time. Give them useful information instead of selling them cars and other products right away. However, you can still boast about your dealership’s strengths and track record.

Be persistent.

Although dealership live chat is conducive for you to instantly turn automotive dealership leads into sales on the spot, you cannot expect that it will always happen. Always be prepared then to persistently do follow-ups. After your first contact with a lead through your live chat program, follow through with other offers and promotional materials by sending them emails, direct mails, or by calling them sparingly. Remember also that you have to convince them to come over to your on-site dealership.

Be friendly.

Live chat can be likened as the modern telemarketing. However, you use written communication in live chat and not oral. Nevertheless, you still have to be friendly and watch the tone of your responses. Train your sales reps to communicate well with prospects. In addition, live chat is a very effective tool to establish rapport with your prospects. Make the conversation interactive and fun, but productive.

For Dealers, It’s Time to Unlearn the Bad Habits

Posted on: June 19th, 2012 by credit

The automotive industry is rebounding from the recession in 2008 and 2009. According to National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) data, the total dealership sales in 2011 increased by almost $4 million, with the increase in new vehicle sales making up more than half of it. This is certainly good news for car dealers. Moreover, recent studies show that gas prices are falling and automotive lending is loosening up, which make an environment for car dealers that is conducive for making more sales. However, if you don’t see your dealership generating much dealership leads despite the improvements in the industry, perhaps you haven’t done away with the dealership mistakes during the years of recession.

At the onset of the crisis in the automotive industry, dealers have been taking for granted operational and process gaps in their dealerships. There was lack of accountability between departments and systems. For instance, dealers had failed to supervise and monitor their sales team and lead generation and conversion processes, respectively.

Dealers were also into new marketing and lead generation strategies but had been using them wrongly and some, abusively. Each marketing strategy has its purpose and proper usage. Keep in mind that how you use these techniques affect the quality of leads that you’ll generate. For example, many car dealers then didn’t know how to use social media as a marketing tool for their dealership. Social media is more of a word-of-mouth marketing tool than for selling. Many dealers have been so aggressive online, being too focused on making their prospects online turn into sales.

There were also several dealers who have lagged behind in using new and effective lead generation and marketing strategies. While they work with the old tricks, more competitive dealerships have already been reaping their harvest from using the newer techniques, simply because they know where their customers are. Today, customers are online. That is why, you should keep up with the competition among other dealerships who are also online. However, know also that car shoppers access the internet and shop for cars online through their mobile devices. This tells you something about how you should provide your prospects information considering their lifestyle and needs.

As a dealer, it is not just enough that you know how to run a dealership. Read and study about the newest trends like what consumers are looking for nowadays, the fuel economy, what type of cars sell more these days and why, and the like. Make sure that you are updated so you know what you should do to generate more dealership leads in a now recovering automotive industry.

Could the Falling Prices of Gasoline Affect Lead Generation?

Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by credit

Have you not been generating enough automotive dealership leads lately? Ever wondered why? There are many reasons why a dealership does not meet the necessary number of automotive dealership leads they are supposed to generate. One of these reasons is simply being the dealership that does not have what car shoppers are currently looking for.

The recent reports on fuel gauge published by the American Automobile Association (AAA) show that the national average gasoline price per gallon continues to fall this year. Typically, gas prices influence the purchase decision of car buyers. A research associate in the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute said that a decrease in gasoline prices and a decrease in the unemployment rate would most of the time result in more purchases of larger vehicles. In simpler terms, people buy SUVs, pick up trucks, and the like when they don’t have to spend so much on fuel costs and this could happen if people have jobs.

However, gas prices are fluctuating and this has also an effect on car dealership sales. It appears that when gas prices increase, people tend to drive smaller cars instead. They would also buy car models that are fuel-efficient. Fortunately, auto manufacturers today have been in the business of making more fuel-efficient vehicles.

However, as a dealer, you should still know what car shoppers today are really looking for. You should understand the current trends in automobile demand and the changes in consumer behavior. If gas prices are falling, people would not care of a car’s fuel efficiency. However, if gas is expensive, they would certainly look for fuel-efficient vehicles. Meanwhile, if there is an increase in unemployment rate, people would not still be that inclined to purchase a car although gas prices are falling. Therefore, these examples of shifting trends and others can help you so much in generating automotive dealership leads more effectively.

With the current trends in gasoline prices, car buyers’ consumer behavior, fuel economy, and unemployment rate, employ strategies that will go with these trends so you would still have the automotive dealership leads that you need for the growth of your dealership. Read the graphs. Understand the changes and their effects on the public’s demand for dealership products. Make sure that you always have what car shoppers are looking for. You can also ask help from a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads to help you generate more leads more effectively.

Car Dealership Leads: Toward A Successful Car Dealership

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by credit

Cars are not just wants to most people living in the US now. They have grown to be necessities, with more people being almost desperate to own one despite having a bad credit. With this kind of consumer behavior, car dealers are smelling sales, especially with the Internet helping both consumers and dealers shop conveniently and generate car dealership leads easily, respectively.

Car dealers have been in pursuit of boosting their sales by finding easy but effective ways to make it happen. Through the years, and with the advancement in technology, dealership marketing have become a more competitive field. The Internet has given dealers and other businesses the power to be aggressive and effective in their marketing campaigns. It allows easier and more successful lead generation. Before, car dealers would have to randomly call prospects, send mails, and launch costly commercial ads to promote their dealership and attract a less specific target market. With more innovative and efficient systems developed now in managing car dealership leads, car dealers have been enjoying better ROI.

Moreover, car dealership leads generated through the Internet also make it easier for dealers to approach a lead and customize their offers according to the lead’s needs and interests as provided in the forms they had filled out. Car dealers can also plan the right approach to more effectively convert a lead into a sale.

Car dealership leads can be generated in two general ways. Car dealers can either perform lead generation tasks on their own or hire the services of a lead provider. Generating leads independently may require more time and effort from car dealers. This is because lead generation tasks are no joke. Car dealers need to give them ample time and employ effective strategies in order to generate leads effectively. On the other hand, hiring a lead provider, like Approved Auto Leads, to generate leads is a lot more convenient. Lead providers can do dealership marketing, lead generation, and sometimes even lead management for dealers. They practically lift off that heavy workload of generating leads from dealers’ shoulders. Some even provide training for dealerships’ sales staff.

Just like with other businesses, leads are important for their sustainability. Finding leads and converting them into sales have been the major challenges of car dealers ever since. However, with the Internet now and car shoppers still interested to buy cars, the competition in the automotive industry is still lively and tight. Car dealers would just have to be competent and wise in utilizing the new techniques in generating leads and in handling them.

How Dealership Auto Leads Help Both Dealers and Car Buyers

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by credit

Owning a car is one of the things that one really wants to achieve in life. However, it is not that easy to get behind the wheel of your own car. You need to work hard to save enough cash to buy one, which would take years. However, there is a way for people to be able to buy a car even if they don’t have enough cash yet—taking a car loan.

In a nutshell, car loans can help you buy that Tuner or SUV that you have always been dreaming of, for example, by letting you purchase it in installments rather than in one-time payment. This gives you the chance to drive your very own car without paying it in full. Car loans are really advantageous for car buyers like you. However, you have to meet the requirements such as a relatively high annual income, a good credit history, and the down payment to get approved for one. Unfortunately, some people fall short of fulfilling these requirements, and with the economy as it is, availing car loans makes it even more difficult for these people.

If buying a car and availing loans for a car are difficult, so is being a car dealer. With a fewer number of people having the capability and resources to purchase cars, many car dealers find it hard to meet their sales quota. This is where dealership auto leads come in handy.

Dealership auto leads contain a list of prospective customers interested in buying a car or availing a car loan. From there, car dealers can offer these people special finances to help them buy cars, which in turn help dealers meet their quota.

Dealership auto leads are honey-pots for buyers who want to buy a car through loans but can’t fulfill their requirements because it can help them in many ways. If they are successful in catching a car dealer’s attention, they can talk with them about ways that can mutually benefit the both of them. For example, the car dealer could say, “I will acquire a car loan in my name for you so you can pay at a lower price, but you need to pay at 10% interest”. This makes it easier for buyers and beneficial for dealers in the long run. Moreover, car buyers can also refer the dealership to their friends or relatives, which would mean higher income for the dealer.

Dealership auto leads are very helpful to both car buyers and dealers. A single transaction from these two parties can actually boost the current status of the car industry and of the economy. It can also make owning a car an easier dream to fulfill.

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