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Evaluating Dealership Leads Provider

Posted on: March 20th, 2012 by credit

Lead providers like Approved Auto Leads help car dealers accomplish lead generation tasks—from finding to managing them.  However, not all lead providers can generate dealership leads that will help car dealers achieve an increase in revenue.  A good lead provider should be able to generate quality leads.  Quality leads are those that are really interested in the dealership’s offer or services, and have complete and verified contact information.  For car dealers to guarantee a good working relationship with a lead provider, they should thoroughly evaluate if the company is qualified.

When evaluating a lead provider, it is better if car dealers would call up their prospective providers, instead of just relying on reviews and online sources, to clarify and ask things.  Through the phone call, car dealers can ask the provider relevant and important questions to test the reliability of the company.  One of the things they should ask is the data validation process of the company.  This process is important as this is where the authenticity of the personal information provided, especially the contact information, will be tested.  Leads with inaccurate contact information are of no use to car dealers.  This is also where car dealers would know if the lead is qualified or not.  The company’s validation process ensures that they will only be selling their clients quality dealership leads.

Another point of evaluation is the lead generation techniques used by the lead provider.  Car dealers should work with lead providers that know what they are doing, especially the techniques they use to generate dealership leads.  They should also make sure that the lead provider rightly implements lead generation techniques to produce quality leads.  On the contrary, if a lead provider abusively employs SEO techniques, for example, by using deception or other tricks, they would just generate leads which were compelled or deceived into taking action.  Such leads are not considered as quality and have a very little chance of being converted into sales.

Car dealers should also make sure that the dealership leads sold to them are not sold to anyone else including non-competing third parties.  Why?  It is because leads might get disappointed with how their information were obtained by others who they did not contact.  The tendency is that they will blame the car dealer for divulging their information which the lead provider actually did.  Some lead providers sell the same information they sold to car dealers for added profit.  However, the implications of this transaction is bad.  Before finalizing partnership with a lead provider, car dealers should ensure the exclusivity of the leads they will be purchasing.

In conclusion, car dealers should only work with lead providers who generate quality leads.  Otherwise, seeking the services of such company would not help them at all.  Car dealers should then carefully select the best lead provider by following the aforementioned guidelines.

Dealership Leads – Changing the Way Auto Dealerships Sell Vehicles

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit


In the past, auto dealerships used traditional advertising to sell vehicles.  They posted advertisements in newspapers and other publications, and had commercials on radio and television.  Therefore, if people wanted to buy a vehicle, they would either browse print media, watch TV, listen to the radio, or do all three.  Nowadays, auto dealerships sell their vehicles differently.  They utilize dealership leads to find customers and make profit.

 Dealership leads have changed the way auto dealers sell vehicles and made the process of selling easier and more convenient—both for them and their customers.  Lead generation companies—those that provide the leads—find the people who are in search of a vehicle and financing.  They obtain crucial information about these people, such as name, address and contact details.  These information are then sold to auto dealerships.  The dealers then contact the individuals and offer them the vehicle they are interested in.  Auto dealerships need not find their potential customers because the lead generators do that for them.  All they have to do now is work on the selling part.  Meanwhile, prospective car buyers also benefit from being an auto lead: instead of finding the dealers that would get them what they want, they simply wait for the offers to arrive.       

With traditional advertising, auto dealerships had to promote their vehicles to all, including people who are not interested to purchase a vehicle.  The marketing approach is general: it aims to appeal to the buying public in hopes of finding a specific group of people.  With dealership leads, there is no need for auto dealers to reach out to everybody because they already have their target market.  They can focus only on individuals who seriously want to get a vehicle of their own and get financing to buy it.

Selling cars through leads is also cost-effective for auto dealers.  Traditional advertising is a big investment; placing those ads require a lot of money.  Years ago, this kind of advertising worked but at present, it is just an expensive endeavor that rarely results in sales.  Buying dealership leads is not only less expensive, but it also increases a dealership’s chances to make a sale.  Fresh and exclusive leads—those that have the highest chances of sales conversion—are not really cheap, but they are a worthy investment.

Auto dealerships looking to invest on leads can purchase the fresh and updated variety from Approved Auto Leads.  For more than a decade, this lead generator has helped countless auto dealers reach their monthly sales target with the leads it sells.  For those who are interested to get only leads that truly sell cars,  Approved Auto Leads is the best place to go.

Smart Selling is Possible with Automotive Dealership Leads

Posted on: January 12th, 2012 by credit

Target Customers for your store

Today’s car buyers are smart shoppers.  Gone are the days when people went to auto dealerships without any idea about the prices of cars or the rates of auto financing.  The change of consumer behavior can be attributed to access to one very helpful tool: the Internet.  Because of the Internet, buyers now can get all the information they need to make a wise decision when buying a car with just a few clicks on the computer.  In the comfort of their own homes, they can check out vehicle inventories, car prices as well as loan rates, just to name a few.  With the help of online loan calculators, car buyers can even determine how much they should pay for a vehicle, specifically in terms of the total loan cost and monthly payments.


If there are smart buyers, there are also smart sellers.  These days, auto dealers no longer simply advertise on TV and radio to attract customers to their showrooms.  Rather, they also make use of the Internet for a smarter way of finding potential customers and selling to them.  This way involves automotive dealership leads

Automotive dealership leads are information about prospective customers who are in search of vehicles and financing.  Information contained in leads include the following: name, address, contact number and vehicle preference.  A lead generation company does the hard work for the dealerships.  They employ a number of techniques to find the prospective car buyers and get their information.  They screen the loan applications and decide if each is to be approved or denied.  If the loan application matches the location and the requirements of a dealership, the lead will be sent to the said dealership.  Now that the dealer is directed to a particular prospective car buyer, the selling process can begin.


Automotive dealership leads

Smart selling is possible with automotive dealership leads because the leads allow for more efficient and more effective sales strategy.  Because leads only contain information about interested car buyers, dealers need not waste time pursuing people who may not even be planning to get a car.  Since the lead generators are in charge of finding the customers, auto dealers can focus on making the right offer and closing the deal. 

It is easy for any auto dealer to find automotive dealership leads on the Internet because most lead generators are online.  However, auto dealers are advised to choose a reputable online lead generation company that sells only exclusive leads so that they can have higher chances of sales conversion.  One such company is Approved Auto Leads.  For more than ten years, it has been a top provider of exclusive leads, helping auto dealers boost their sales.  If an auto dealer wants leads that would really sell cars, the company to purchase leads from is Approved Auto Leads.

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