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Simple Ways to Engage Prospects in Twitter

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by credit

Aside from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, the microblogging site Twitter is also one of the most effective social media platforms in capturing prospects and making sales. In the automotive industry, Twitter functions likewise in generating more dealership auto leads and sustaining interest among car shoppers.

In a recent study, Buddy Media found interesting results about Twitter and its function in engaging followers. It then suggested a few ways on how Twitter can better be used for more effective engagement. The following tips are based on its suggestions:

1. Tweet at the best time.

It is important for you dealers to know when is the best time to tweet. The study revealed that weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are the days with the highest rate of engagement. Moreover, tweets are also effective during busy hours that is, 8AM to 7PM, in any day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday.

Finding out the best time to provide content in social media, especially that is often done with the intention of attracting more dealership auto leads, is as much important as knowing the best time to make sales calls in telemarketing. You don’t want to just throw content out of the window not knowing where will it land. Make sure that each of your effort counts.

2. Do not overdo tweets.

The study found that more tweets do not necessarily result in more effective engagement. The data showed that a maximum of 4 tweets a day is enough to capture audience. Tweet more and you will most likely lose engagement. In addition, the principle “the shorter, the better” also applies in tweets. The study found that tweets that have less than 100 characters receive engagement 17% higher than longer tweets do.

3. Utilize available resources.

Social networking sites are very capable of capturing prospects for you. You just have to know well how they work and what are they capable of to achieve that end. Twitter has many features that can help you engage more followers. Some of these are hashtags, links, photos, and videos. Hashtags help your tweet, as well as your profile and brand, to spread in the Twitter-sphere. You can also include a link in your tweet. Just make sure, though, that the links work; otherwise, you will lose engagement, as Buddy Media found. Meanwhile, photos and videos always work in grabbing attention and capturing audience interests.

4. Tell them what to do next.

This simply talks about calls to action and this can be easily done by telling people to retweet. Retweets increase engagement rate especially when you tell you directly tell your followers to retweet. However, make sure that your content, or tweet, is worth sharing with others. This could be challenging and you may be needing more creative minds in your dealership. Nevertheless, in social media marketing, do not forget to compel your prospects and your customers to take action.

Could the Falling Prices of Gasoline Affect Lead Generation?

Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by credit

Have you not been generating enough automotive dealership leads lately? Ever wondered why? There are many reasons why a dealership does not meet the necessary number of automotive dealership leads they are supposed to generate. One of these reasons is simply being the dealership that does not have what car shoppers are currently looking for.

The recent reports on fuel gauge published by the American Automobile Association (AAA) show that the national average gasoline price per gallon continues to fall this year. Typically, gas prices influence the purchase decision of car buyers. A research associate in the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute said that a decrease in gasoline prices and a decrease in the unemployment rate would most of the time result in more purchases of larger vehicles. In simpler terms, people buy SUVs, pick up trucks, and the like when they don’t have to spend so much on fuel costs and this could happen if people have jobs.

However, gas prices are fluctuating and this has also an effect on car dealership sales. It appears that when gas prices increase, people tend to drive smaller cars instead. They would also buy car models that are fuel-efficient. Fortunately, auto manufacturers today have been in the business of making more fuel-efficient vehicles.

However, as a dealer, you should still know what car shoppers today are really looking for. You should understand the current trends in automobile demand and the changes in consumer behavior. If gas prices are falling, people would not care of a car’s fuel efficiency. However, if gas is expensive, they would certainly look for fuel-efficient vehicles. Meanwhile, if there is an increase in unemployment rate, people would not still be that inclined to purchase a car although gas prices are falling. Therefore, these examples of shifting trends and others can help you so much in generating automotive dealership leads more effectively.

With the current trends in gasoline prices, car buyers’ consumer behavior, fuel economy, and unemployment rate, employ strategies that will go with these trends so you would still have the automotive dealership leads that you need for the growth of your dealership. Read the graphs. Understand the changes and their effects on the public’s demand for dealership products. Make sure that you always have what car shoppers are looking for. You can also ask help from a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads to help you generate more leads more effectively.

How Dealership Auto Leads Help Both Dealers and Car Buyers

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by credit

Owning a car is one of the things that one really wants to achieve in life. However, it is not that easy to get behind the wheel of your own car. You need to work hard to save enough cash to buy one, which would take years. However, there is a way for people to be able to buy a car even if they don’t have enough cash yet—taking a car loan.

In a nutshell, car loans can help you buy that Tuner or SUV that you have always been dreaming of, for example, by letting you purchase it in installments rather than in one-time payment. This gives you the chance to drive your very own car without paying it in full. Car loans are really advantageous for car buyers like you. However, you have to meet the requirements such as a relatively high annual income, a good credit history, and the down payment to get approved for one. Unfortunately, some people fall short of fulfilling these requirements, and with the economy as it is, availing car loans makes it even more difficult for these people.

If buying a car and availing loans for a car are difficult, so is being a car dealer. With a fewer number of people having the capability and resources to purchase cars, many car dealers find it hard to meet their sales quota. This is where dealership auto leads come in handy.

Dealership auto leads contain a list of prospective customers interested in buying a car or availing a car loan. From there, car dealers can offer these people special finances to help them buy cars, which in turn help dealers meet their quota.

Dealership auto leads are honey-pots for buyers who want to buy a car through loans but can’t fulfill their requirements because it can help them in many ways. If they are successful in catching a car dealer’s attention, they can talk with them about ways that can mutually benefit the both of them. For example, the car dealer could say, “I will acquire a car loan in my name for you so you can pay at a lower price, but you need to pay at 10% interest”. This makes it easier for buyers and beneficial for dealers in the long run. Moreover, car buyers can also refer the dealership to their friends or relatives, which would mean higher income for the dealer.

Dealership auto leads are very helpful to both car buyers and dealers. A single transaction from these two parties can actually boost the current status of the car industry and of the economy. It can also make owning a car an easier dream to fulfill.

Generating Dealership Auto Leads

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by credit


Dealership auto leads have often been considered as the life blood of auto dealers.  These leads have been regarded as such because they generate profit for the dealerships.  Even during tough economic times, these leads enable the dealers to reach—if not exceed—their monthly sales target, as well as maintain or improve their profit margins.  Any auto dealership that obtains high quality leads are sure to be successful in business and remain profitable despite the economic slump.

An auto dealer has more than one way to generate dealership leads.  Because there are many ways to generate such leads, auto dealers also have many ways of increasing their profits.  Most auto dealerships use standard marketing to create new leads.  This kind of marketing involves the posting or placing of advertisements in broadcast and print media: television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other publications.  Auto dealers can also advertise online by having text or banner advertisements in their affiliate sites.

While standard marketing has been proven to be effective in raising the profile of the brand and creating consumer awareness in the past, it has ceased to be effective in bringing customers to auto dealer showrooms.  Moreover, this method of lead generation can be quite costly for the auto dealer.  Thankfully, there are other lead generation methods that truly generate dealership leads but without the expense.

Auto dealerships looking to attract more customers can use referrals to make new leads.  All dealers have to do is speak with current or past customers and ask if there are other people who may be in need of their services.  Referrals can be very effective because the auto dealer can get a recommendation from an individual that a potential customer already knows and trusts.  Of course, for an auto dealer to be recommended to a prospect, it must have serviced the customer well.  No person would recommend an auto dealer to a friend or family member if that dealer does not offer excellent products and services.

Auto dealerships can also save a lot of money by not generating their own leads.  They can simply rent or purchase from Internet-based companies which generate the leads.  Lead generators based online can generate leads in a multitude of ways, then lease or sell them to the auto dealerships.  Buying or renting leads from online generators still involve the use of financial resources from the auto dealer, but doing so requires less money than standard marketing.  Moreover, the use of Internet auto leads is more effective in reaching potential customers and creating sales compared to broadcast or print advertising.

Approved Auto Leads is one of the lead generating companies that offers dealership leads to interested auto dealers.   The company’s client auto dealers only receive real time and exclusive leads, which help them have a greater probability of sales conversion.  This online company, which has been a top lead provider for more than a decade, can therefore guarantee a high return on investment to auto dealers with the leads they sell.

The Internet – The Best Source For Dealership Auto Leads

Posted on: January 11th, 2012 by credit

 It is a fact that the automotive industry is a competitive one.  Car dealers know they have to do what they can to rise above the competition, or else they would not make a profit.  One way auto dealers are able to succeed in business is by obtaining dealership auto leads.  These leads direct auto dealerships to their desired market, making them one step closer to closing a deal and making a sale. 

A car dealer that is yet to purchase dealership auto leads would be wondering about the best source  from which to get these leads.  Fortunately, the best source is one click away—the Internet.  For years, countless businesses have taken advantage of the Web to promote their goods and services.  The Internet can easily connect the sellers to the buyers mainly because of the number of users that it has.  With millions of people worldwide accessing the Web daily, businesses get the opportunity to find their target market and pursue them.  Those in the auto business also exploit the business opportunities available online, and this includes auto lead generation. 

The Internet is considered as the best source of dealership auto leads because most of the lead generation companies are found online.  These companies basically serve as the connection between the car dealerships and their potential customers.  A lead generation company uses a number of specific techniques to find prospective car buyers on the Web and get their information.  It may use its own website to locate customers for its car dealership clients.  However, there are some cases wherein car buyers themselves offer their information to lead generators to be able to save time and effort when shopping for a car.

There are many lead generation firms found online and the task of choosing one can be an overwhelming experience for any car dealership.  A dealership that aims to find a good lead generator should consider a number of factors to narrow down the choices, such as the number of years in business as well as customer feedback.  It would a good idea to choose an established company that has been around for a long time, and one that enjoys the continuous patronage of a large client base.  This is because these indicate just how good the quality of the services are.

Approved Auto Leads is an online lead generation company that has been around for more than a decade.  It has a loyal clientele of car dealerships, which keeps coming back for the company’s high quality leads.  Because the dealership auto leads offered by the company are real time and exclusive, its car dealership clients  have higher chances to make profits.  Therefore, any car dealership looking for a lead generator online would definitely benefit from choosing Approved Auto Leads.

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