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Online Marketing Techniques That Generate Dealer Leads

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by credit


In the past, car dealers created leads through standard marketing.  They made use of television, radio, print media and billboards to get the attention of prospective car buyers.  Some dealers still use traditional advertising to find customers, but this method of generating dealer leads is not as effective as it was before.  This is because the Internet proved to be a better tool in reaching consumers.  To generate more leads, car dealerships must then learn to utilize the Web to their advantage so they can attract more car buyers.

There are several online marketing techniques that can help car dealerships increase their generated dealer leads

.  If car dealers make use of one or all of these techniques, they will surely double or triple the number of leads that they are currently generating.  These techniques are email marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click marketing and social media marketing.

Email marketing is one tried and tested technique that countless businesses use to boost sales.  In this specific type of marketing, businesses send their potential customers newsletters and other information about their newest products and services.  This strategy is guaranteed to not only expand the business’s client base but also to establish customer loyalty.  Car dealers that would use email marketing to generate more leads will find that this technique really is effective in encouraging prospective car buyers to ask questions and even register their information.

Another tried and tested marketing technique that would benefit car dealers hoping to get more dealer leads is search engine optimization.  Better known as SEO, this technique makes use of specific keywords to direct consumers to the website of a business.  Car dealers which would utilize SEO will make their websites rank high in search engine results and get the attention of more people.  The more people drawn to the site, the more leads there will be.  Meanwhile, pay per click marketing is similar to SEO in the sense that it involves targeted keywords. Also called as PPC, this marketing method can be applied immediately, enabling the dealer to attract leads almost immediately.

As for social media marketing, its effectiveness relies mostly on the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  The aforementioned social platforms are used by countless people all over the world, making them the ideal tool to use when it comes to generating new leads.  Car dealerships can use one or both sites to connect with potential buyers and inform them of their latest products and services.

Car dealerships determined to increase the number of their leads can also opt to buy from online lead generation companies.  These companies can take over the responsibility of generating the leads so the car dealers need not do it.  Companies such as Approved Auto Leads generate quality and qualified leads and offer them to car dealerships.  All car dealers must choose a reputable and legitimate lead generation firm if they want to get not only more leads, but the best quality leads out there.


Successfully Generating More Dealer Leads With Lead Generation Companies

Posted on: January 12th, 2012 by credit

Want more leads ?

Lead generation companies are those which provide lead generation services to businesses, like car dealerships.  Approved Auto Leads is an example.  It is one of the most novel way of generating leads nowadays.  Lead generation companies employ lead generation techniques skillfully.  One of the biggest advantages that car dealerships can get from lead generation companies is the continuous supply of prospective customers or dealer leads, while they do less work.


Telemarketing services are what lead companies largely offer their clients.  They have advanced technology for more advanced call center systems.  Their staffs are trained and are skillful for this type of work.  They know how to qualify applicants and how to verify their information.  Because of this enhanced telemarketing system, lead generation companies are able to reach out to a huge number of dealer leads–something that most car dealerships are limited to do.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects in businesses that could make or break it.  The staffs of lead companies are skilled at customer interaction or service.  They can respond to their queries, take and follow up orders, and the like.  Car dealers would not be able to do all of these tasks with just a small number of employees in their offices.  They would really need to hire more hands to work these toilsome tasks out.

Car dealers could also increase the productivity of their sales team if they would use the services of a lead generation company.  With the help of the services provided by the lead company, the sales representatives of the car dealers would not have to spend too much of their time in finding prospective customers.  They can now just focus on turning the leads into sales as the staffs from the lead company can do the first half of the leg work for them.


Automotve leads

There is also a greater chance of obtaining more quality or hot leads with a lead company than with the dealership’s internal staffs.  As was mentioned already, the people in a lead generation company were trained for the work they are doing.  Thus, they know how to identify hot dealer leads from the poor leads.  In this way, car dealers are able to spare themselves from the trouble of picking out the hot leads from the bad leads.  It is also cost effective as most of these companies would only ask for payments on a pay per lead basis.  Approved Auto Leads only ask its customers to pay for the number of leads given to them.  These are always hot leads that have high conversion rates.


Indeed, lead generation companies have revolutionized the way car dealerships and other businesses find and reach out to their prospective customers.  These companies have also helped businesses in increasing their sales and revenue.  Approved Auto Leads have always been working towards that direction since from the beginning.

Quality Car Dealer Leads Come with a Price

Posted on: December 31st, 2011 by credit


Car dealers succeed in business despite the economic crisis, and this is because of car dealer leads.  These leads are consumers who are in search of a vehicle as well as financing for the vehicle.  The names, addresses, contact details and other key information of these consumers come in the form of an auto lead, and these information are what lead generation firms collect and supply to the car dealers.  These auto leads help car dealers thrive in the difficult times because these make them one step closer to potential car buyers determined to make a purchase and close a deal with them.

Naturally, car dealers would want to have as many car leads as possible.  It is easy to assume that the more leads there are, the higher the sales will be.  Nonetheless, not all leads become sales for the car dealers.  Only real time and quality car dealer leads can guarantee an increase in profit for car dealerships.  To get real time and quality auto leads, however, car dealers must be willing to spend money.

On the Internet, there are countless lead generation companies that supply car dealer leads to all interested car sellers.  Some of them promise to give the car dealers a long list of leads for a small amount of money.  It must be said that while getting many auto leads for cheap sounds like a bargain, in reality it is a waste of money.  Car dealers should go for quality instead of quantity, and quality always comes with a price.  It would be useless to have a thousand car leads when none of them can convert into actual sales.  A car dealer would have just wasted money on leads that did not result in sales.  On the contrary, if a car dealer chooses to invest in quality auto leads, there are higher chances of increased profit.  Any car dealer would be better off with just 250 leads instead of a thousand, especially if all 250 leads convert into sales.

Approved Auto Leads is one online lead generation firm that does not supply cheap car dealer leads.  What Approved Auto Leads supplies are the real time and quality leads that are sure to maximize profit for any car dealer.  The leads provided by this company are not cheap because unlike those provided by others, these guarantee results.  Car dealers in possession of leads from Approved Auto Leads get access to the information of individuals who are really set to buy a vehicle.  Thus, car dealers can enjoy return on investment.    

Indeed, car dealers that want a boost in sales must invest on quality car leads, and they can find these at Approved Auto Leads.

How to Generate More Auto Dealer Leads

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by credit


Car dealers now are becoming more and more competitive as they discover new ways of reaching out to prospective car buyers.  However, they cannot try all lead generation techniques just to find out which technique generates more leads.  Here are some effective lead generation techniques that car dealers can employ to effectively generate auto leads.

There may be car dealers who still employ telemarketing–a conventional and proven effective marketing strategy–in generating auto dealer leads.  Telemarketing, also called cold calling, is simply done by calling up each prospective buyer in a list to promote the product or service.  The advantage of this technique is the salesperson is able to easily and clearly explain the product or service.  Unfortunately, prospective car buyers would often ignore such calls and would refuse to interact with the salesperson.  This is because the calls are unsolicited and not all contacts are interested in buying a car.

Another effective lead generation technique is making referrals.  Car dealers that use this technique create a referral program where their customers can get a certain percentage from the car dealer’s sales, which is also called a commission, if the sale came from an auto dealer lead that they referred to the car dealer.  This is effective and also advantageous for car dealers as they would not have to exert too much effort in generating auto dealer leads.

However, the automotive industry has deemed these conventional lead generation techniques as obsolete and ineffective.  There are new ways now to generate more leads which have become popular among car dealers and lenders.

One of the new lead generation techniques that is popular among car dealers is search engine optimization or SEO.  This enhances the exposure and ranking of the car dealer’s website in the Internet.  This can be done by utilizing different Internet marketing strategies like blog marketing, social media marketing and the like.  The Internet is indeed an effective tool to widely spread any information.  This is why lead generation techniques with the use of the Internet is effective and has become popular.

Another contemporary lead generation technique which requires less effort from the car dealers is the use of the services of a lead generation company.  These companies find leads for their clients and they also take care of promoting their client’s services and products on the Internet.  Car dealers would just have to buy auto dealer leads from these lead generation companies.

Approved Auto Leads has been a credible lead generation company for over ten years already.  Ever since it was established, it has already dedicated itself to help its partners increase their revenues.  In fact, there have been a lot of satisfied customers for the past ten years.  Approved Auto Leads promises to provide their clients with quality auto dealer leads–those that would surely turn into sales.

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