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Qualities of a Poor Lead Generation System in Dealerships

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by credit

Although there are some problems and challenges a business like dealerships would normally face, there are obvious and ominous mistakes that dealers do which kill their business. These cause them to either stay in the doldrums or fail. See if you can identify with any of the following qualities of a poor car sales lead generation system enumerated below.


Dealers who are obsessed with filling their dealership websites and social media pages with very nice graphics and acquiring numerous likes and comments can be considered as vain. Such dealers are having too much fun designing their dealership websites and painstakingly choosing the best layout and theme for it. They would make sure that the graphics and other visual effects are highly impressive to the visitors. In social media setting, there are dealers who would pour their car sales lead generation efforts on getting as much attention as they can. Being this vain is obviously a huge mistake.

Strictly Traditional

Some dealers are not willing to diversify their car sales lead generation efforts and still opt to stick with the traditional methods or principles. This won’t get them more profit because they are already way behind the competition. Instead, they have to keep pace with the competition and with the dealers who have already revolutionized their lead generation systems. Start utilizing the available lead generation mediums and tools today. There’s more to direct mails and telemarketing. Learn how to use mobile, websites, and the social media to generate more car sales leads.

The Always-Too-Excited Sales Person

Being aggressive in sales is good as it puts you in an advantage in the competition. However, being too excited to make more sales, as in taking advantage of each and every opportunity, can be out-of-place especially with today’s technology. For example, many dealers have the wrong notion about social media. They think that it is a sales tool. The truth is, it is not. It is rather a place where you can build relationships with prospects and customers, establish good reputation, and foster customer loyalty. Increase in sales come as an effect of an excellent social media marketing efforts instead.

Empty Words

Content is vital in internet marketing strategies particularly in social media and SEO. Poor content would consist of irrelevant graphics and topics, wrong choice of keywords, pure promotion, and spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure that all types of content in your dealership websites, blogs, and social media pages are relevant to your prospects’ needs and interests. Learn how to use keyword research tools which can provide for you lists of most searched keywords that you can use for your articles to drive more traffic. Content must not also be purely promotional; your prospects need information. And lastly, and the most basic of all, make sure that your content is free from grammatical and spelling errors by proofreading it before getting it published.

Get Real Leads by Showing Real People

Posted on: September 3rd, 2012 by credit

With today’s trend in marketing dealerships, generating sales leads, and even closing sales, the internet has been playing a vital role. Aside from being rapid in sharing information, the internet also features anonymity, the state of being unknown. Dealers can always hide their real names behind an alias and some of them event tell their salespeople to do the same. They communicate with an automotive sales lead without a real name and a real face. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Keeping it this way may work fine in some dealerships. However, there are already many cases where showing online car shoppers the real people behind a dealership attracts more prospects and closes more sales. If you want to rev up your automotive sales lead acquisition and conversion, start showing your prospects real faces.

Engage in conversations. This is a basic in social media marketing. Social media is all about interaction and conversations. Check your social media channels regularly and post videos, photos, and any relevant and interesting content. Answer your followers’ or fans’ questions, reply to comments, or join in discussions. Stay active in your social media channels and keep them lively. Make sure that they are always interactive.

Post real photos. Your prospects would trust your dealership more if they see that there are real things happening in your dealership. Post photos of your events, staffs, and even of yourself. You can also share photos of happy car buyers or winners of your promos. Moreover, you and your sales people should also show your real faces on your social media channels by making your own photos your profile pictures. This way, your followers would know that they are interacting with real people.

Focus on building reputation and relationship than attracting more leads and making more sales. As has been pointed out earlier, keep in mind that social media is primarily for interaction. Therefore, concentrate on establishing your dealership’s brand as credible and reputable. Work also on building rapport with your prospects and existing customers. If you focus too much on sales, you would either lose more leads or fail in your automotive sales lead generation efforts through your social media channels.

Showing your audience online that your dealership is indeed made up of real people impacts how they look at your dealership. Believe it or not, it does so much for your reputation, gaining more trust from potential car buyers. It also helps foster customer loyalty by keeping your customers updated with the affairs in your dealership and developing a stronger relationship with them. Making your social media presence automated may indeed save you a lot of time and energy. However, ponder on the cons of this decision and weigh them against the benefits of going manual and real.

3 Important Lead Generation Techniques Every Car Dealer Should Use

Posted on: July 24th, 2012 by credit

If you have been keeping yourself abreast with the latest trends in the automotive industry, you should notice that trends, such as in car shoppers’ behavior, dealership marketing, car sales, and auto lending, have been shifting more frequently than before. These trends dictate how dealers like you should now generate car leads and convert them into sales. Based also on those trends, the following lead generation strategies now seem necessary for every car dealer to use.


Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the world wide web by driving traffic to it using various techniques. Creating a dealership website is the first step to start with SEO dealership marketing. Your dealership website serves as the counterpart of and is equally important as your on-site dealership. The reason why there is a need for dealerships to be online is competitors and potential customers are already online.

One of the important skills in SEO marketing is keyword research. Through the help of a software or online tools, you can find out what keywords relevant to your website are most searched. These are the keywords that you should use in your content so that search engines will detect your content as relevant to the search.

Speaking of content, you also drive traffic to your website through blogs or by providing online car shoppers with helpful content. Some helpful information are car reviews, tips and advice, and news. They create for your dealership an image of trust and credibility.

Social Media

Social media has become a popular lead generation platform as it spreads information rapidly while reaching millions of recipients. However, social media experts have spoken warnings for dealers not to use social media too much to sell their products but to interact with prospects instead. Social networking sites were basically created for interaction and dealers can take advantage of that to reach prospects and foster customer loyalty.

You can generate car leads through social media marketing efforts by regularly posting updates on your page or account. You can start building relationships by simply replying to comments and messages. Share also interesting photos, like photos of happy car buyers in your dealership, and videos.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is gaining popularity now as it seems to be the easiest way to reach potential car buyers because people always carry with them their mobile phones wherever they go. Mobile marketing can be in a form of SMS or text messaging, mobile websites, applications, multimedia messaging or MMS, and quick response or QR codes. Text messaging is cheaper than direct mail marketing. Also, in a recent study, more than 30% prefer offers communicated through text messages. Although this type of marketing is yet to be further studies and developed, surveys have already shown that car shoppers are not just online but also on mobile.

Communicating with Car Sales Leads Through Dealer Live Chat

Posted on: July 19th, 2012 by credit

Dealer live chat is one of the newest lead generation tool in dealership websites. It offers several benefits for dealers: One is finding out what your leads’ preferences and interests are. Another is being able to provide quick, instant response to leads which car shoppers love. A recent study showed that customers are well-satisfied with a dealership that responds within 24 hours. Being able to respond quickly also avoids losing potential customers. Lastly, live chat is an opportunity for you to invite leads over to your office. Here are some reminders on how you can generate car sales leads effectively through live chat.

1. Keep in mind what a live chat is and what it is not. Live chat is not a promotion or advertising tool. The chat window is not also the place to convince a prospect to buy from your dealership. Use live chat instead to establish rapport with your prospects and to build trust and credibility for the dealership. Also, although live chat resembles some aspects of telemarketing, you should not use it as a commercial tool.

2. Do not forget to ask for the leads’ contact details and other important information. Keep in mind, though, that you should not ask for their information right away before answering their question. Address their concerns and respond to their queries first before getting their information.

3. Excellent communication skills are important in communicating with and winning car sales leads. Do not ask more than one question at the same time. It will confuse the lead. You should also watch the language, tone, and fonts that you are using. Make sure that you sound friendly and willing to help. In addition, be prepared for some negotiation.

4. Make your live chat button obvious. Make sure that the color of the background, or the design, or the other contents of the web page do not eat up the button. Make it slightly big—just enough to be noticed—and use a color that contrasts the background color. Moreover, it is important that you always have an agent on standby so there will always be someone to respond anytime a query comes in.

The success of employing live chat in your dealership website depends on how well you use it, especially in collaboration with your other lead generation efforts. Train also your sales agents on how to communicate well with prospects. You can ask BDC training assistance from lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads to equip your staff and make them more competent.

Making More Sales Through Your Virtual Showroom

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by credit

Dealers create dealership websites to reach millions of prospects who are too busy to personally visit dealerships and only have the time to shop online. Dealership websites are online counterparts of on-site dealerships. So, if there is a huge market online, dealers should all the more better their websites as much as they improve their on-site dealerships to attract more prospects and generate more leads.

One of the most important parts of your dealership website that could instantly turn visitors into car sale leads is the inventory page or your virtual showroom. It is one of the places in your website that a car shopper would need to really see. Your inventory page should contain all the car models available in your lot. Having an excellent online showroom in your website will surely draw you more car sale leads. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

Photos are essential in making your online inventory page effective in making more sales. It is boring and not enough to just tell your visitors how your car lot looks like, what car models are displayed, and why should they buy a certain car from your dealership. Photos are the ones who give life and meaning to your virtual showroom. You have to show them what you’ve got. Moreover, some prospects would go by the photo rather than the description of a vehicle when selecting a car model. Provide at least 3 interior and exterior shots of every car available in your car lot. Remember that photos do attract car sale leads.

Complement the photos with descriptions of each car model. Talk about the car’s features, specifications, warranties, and the like. You can also say something about the promos or perks that go with buying a particular car model. You can also provide links to car reviews or you can even provide your own. Include as much details as you deem important for car shoppers to know about a car model.

Another essential part of your inventory page, which should not be really omitted, are the prices of your cars. Remember that car shoppers turn to various dealership websites as they do some research. Without the car prices, you are not helping them in making a decision. Moreover, it creates a notion that the cars might be too expensive. Do not be afraid to indicate the prices of your cars. However, make sure that your prices are competitive, although they do not necessarily have to be impressively cheap.

Your dealership website is just as important as its on-site counterpart. Therefore, make sure that your virtual showroom is well-created and well-maintained so that it just keeps on serving its function well of converting visitors into car sale leads, and then into sales.


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