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What are Quality Car Sales Leads and How They Bring More Sales

Posted on: January 22nd, 2012 by credit

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Do lead generation companies really boost the sales of a car dealership?  Approved Auto Leads guarantees its customers increased revenues with the help of their efforts.  However, there are several factors why this would not happen sometimes in other lead companies.  One of the most triggering factors is the quality of leads a lead company provides.

When car dealers look for car sales lead providers, they should first do some research on the company’s background and track record.  By doing this, a car dealer would know how long has the company been in the business.  A company that has been in the industry for quite a number of years already could possibly be more reliable and credible than any other else.  Although this may not be true all the time, such companies still managed to somehow stay in the business.  When car dealers are considering to purchase auto leads, they should look at the most reputable car sales lead provider to somehow ensure the quality of leads they will be provided with.

Car dealers can further check on the quality of leads by  asking about the various lead generation techniques they employ.  Lead generation techniques online are more prevalent and effective now.  However, if these are abused, it would lead to penalization and bad leads generation.  Many lead companies use these techniques to lure interested car buyers into submitting their information and application.  These leads are bad for they are not really interested in the offer but were just deceived by the ads and other online advertising strategies.  In other terms, lead generation techniques affect the quality of leads that will be generated.

Quality leads have also some distinct characteristics which car dealers can easily determine.  First characteristic is being fresh and recent.  Leads are supposed to be delivered to car dealers as quickly as possible.  The longer it gets for car dealers to get back to them, the more possible it is to lose them as sales.  It could happen when other dealers got to them faster or when they lost their interest in the offer.  They should look for car dealers who has a fast delivery time which is not more than 5 minutes.  In another context, lead companies may also send leads that are already outdated.  Car leaders can not make use of these anymore. 

Quality leads must have undergone through verification and screening process.  These are to test the authenticity and validity of the information given by the prospective customer.  The screening process also determines if the application is qualified or not.  The pre-approved leads are then distributed to the car dealers.  This is the same system that Approved Auto Leads employ to ensure the quality of leads they give to their customers.

Lastly, car dealers should take note of the conversion rate.  In most cases, cheaper leads have lower conversion rate, while the dealer has to pay more for leads that have higher conversion rate.  It is best that car dealers go for the leads with high conversion rate even if they are expensive.  It is a good investment since these leads are more likely to convert into sales than cheaper leads would.

Car dealers should not take car sales lead for granted.  It is always an opportunity to make a sale.  That is why a quick response and the right lead source are two important things that will surely turn a car sales lead into a sale.

How SEO Helps Generate More Quality Car Sale Leads

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by credit



Automotive lead providers are more competitive now than before as people discovered the contribution that the Internet can give to increase the sales of car dealerships.  Before, finding car sale leads is not as convenient as it is today.  Car dealers back then would really have to do a lot of leg work before finally obtaining quality leads that will surely turn into sales.  With the Internet as useful a aid in automotive marketing industry, car dealers can already ensure beforehand that they would get quality leads.  This can be done by using Internet marketing strategies.

One of the most basic strategies that a car dealer has to learn is search engine optimization or SEO.  This can be done in several ways to achieve one thing–make the website appear as one of the top results in search engines and drive more traffic.  In other terms, car dealers has to make their websites attract visitors so that they can turn these visitors into customers.  This can be achieved by making the website appear at the first page of results of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and the like.

One SEO technique is using keyword-rich content in your website.  You should first research about the most searched keywords related to the nature of your business that is, cars.  Use these keywords in writing content for your website.  If an Internet surfer enters the keyword you used, your website would be included in the list of results.  You can also use images and videos and other creative resources in your website.  Most people want to see more than just text when visiting a website.  You could drive more traffic by doing this.

People interested in purchasing a car would want to read reviews about their prospective car model. Take your time to provide genuine reviews about the car models in your inventory. This way, your website is not just a car sale leads generator but a helpful resource for car buyers.

To gain more exposure over the Internet, you can get your website listed in various directories online.  What are directories?  These are websites that list all websites according to categories.  Some people would go to these sites to find resources for their particular needs.  You might just capture a quality car sale lead from these directories.

A more advanced and aggressive SEO technique is penetrating the social media.  Social networking sites share information rapidly.  That is why car dealers should take advantage of  this.  There are billions of people here–most could be car sale leads!  There are different techniques in venturing into this kind of technique.  Car dealers should build a community here without making any violations or SEO abuses.  Most social networking sites are stricter now about spamming and other related activities.

Car dealers like you do not actually have to go through all these leg work.  Lead generation companies like us do the same thing aside from sending you car sale leads.  Approved Auto Leads has apt knowledge and skills in executing Internet marketing strategies to generate more quality auto leads.  Approved Auto Leads has proven to be providing only quality leads to its customers for the past ten years.

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