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Landing Page for Dealers: How to Make It Work

Posted on: September 13th, 2012 by credit

Landing pages are essential in lead conversion process. If you are having problems converting your car sale leads into sales, then you might want to check up on your landing pages to see if they are really working. Here are some tips provided by experts on how to make your landing pages work:

Clear calls to action. A call to action is a must in a landing page. It tells the prospect what he or she should do. Calls to action must be clear and simple. Avoid crowding your page with calls to action because in this way, you will confuse your prospect. Tell them to do only one thing and make them focus on that. Be creative and wise in making your calls to action attractive and compelling. They must be located above the fold of the page.

Consistency in promises. It is a poor marketing practice to be inconsistent with what you say. Make sure that the promise you gave on the first page is also the same promise that will appear on the landing page.

Gather data. Depending on the type of product or service you are promoting, the form may not always be necessary in a landing page. However, for dealerships, it is important that you are able to collect information from visitors who wind up in your landing page. From here, you can work on these car sale leads and convert them into sales since you already have their contact details.

Do not be annoying and stay simple. Simplicity is a great principle in creating landing pages. Your landing page does not have to be grand in order to capture more car sale leads. Most of the time, too much content in a landing page shoos prospects away. If your landing page goes with a background music, make sure that it is not going to be disturbing. For example, if a car shopper is in his or her office and he or she landed on your page which automatically plays a loud music, he or she will be forced to shut the window down. Do not also overdo images. Images and videos do make a page more creative and visually appealing. However, be careful not to make your page overly ornate with large or irrelevant images. Lastly, never ever make your landing pages as popups. Popups totally turn prospects off.

Show your brand. Do not forget to put your brand in your landing page. Make sure it has your dealership’s logo. You can also make the color scheme of your landing page conform to that of your logo or the car makes you are selling. However, you cannot do any more branding than this. The landing page is just a place where your prospects drop-by and not a website where you have to make your prospects stay longer. Spare the marketing and sales speech for the more appropriate opportunities.

The Role of Social Media in Turning a Car Sales Lead Into a Loyal Customer

Posted on: June 20th, 2012 by credit

The deal went smooth. Your sales staff did well. The customer was happy and it was a good sale. But not many dealers would really care about their post-purchase relationship with their customers. What should happen after the sale?

Social media has gained popularity as a helpful and effective tool in generating leads, promoting dealerships, and establishing relationships with prospects. However, it can also work the same way in promoting customer loyalty. The results of a recent study done by online-based providers of automotive marketing solutions and car information showed that social media, especially Facebook, plays a major role in the car buying process.

There are two major factors that affect the after-purchase response of a customer. They are experience with the dealership and experience with the vehicle. If a customer is happy with the dealership’s service and with the vehicle that he bought, it is most likely that he will continue his relationship with the dealership—avail other services, purchase a new vehicle in the future, or recommend the dealership to others. However, there is also a great effect when customers are not satisfied with their car purchase experience.

In the study, a small percentage of the respondents said that they do post negative reactions and comments on Facebook when they are not satisfied with their car purchase. The fact that such car buyers exist implies that people talk about their car purchase experience in social networking sites—whether good or bad—which could affect your dealership positively or negatively.

What is this to you now? Just like what has been pointed out, people who happily bought a new car would turn to social media to share the good news—or the bad news. This very action of car buyers is an effortless word of mouth marketing on your part. According to the study, more than half post something about their new car on Facebook. Thus, if customers are happy, you get instant promotion for your dealership as your customers talk about you and their new car.

There could be other good things social media and customer loyalty could bring your dealership. But what’s the secret of gaining customer loyalty after a car sales lead turn into a happy sale? The study concluded that it is all about building trust during the purchase phase of the car buying process and immediately after that. Establish lasting relationships with your customers. Remember that if customers are satisfied with your dealership, they wouldn’t feel the need to consider other options. They’ll stick with you. Moreover, having loyal customers brings you repeat purchases. Therefore, it is never a waste to invest time, money, and effort in building a strong relationship with a car sales lead when you know it’ll eventually yield great results.

Making More Sales Through Your Virtual Showroom

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by credit

Dealers create dealership websites to reach millions of prospects who are too busy to personally visit dealerships and only have the time to shop online. Dealership websites are online counterparts of on-site dealerships. So, if there is a huge market online, dealers should all the more better their websites as much as they improve their on-site dealerships to attract more prospects and generate more leads.

One of the most important parts of your dealership website that could instantly turn visitors into car sale leads is the inventory page or your virtual showroom. It is one of the places in your website that a car shopper would need to really see. Your inventory page should contain all the car models available in your lot. Having an excellent online showroom in your website will surely draw you more car sale leads. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

Photos are essential in making your online inventory page effective in making more sales. It is boring and not enough to just tell your visitors how your car lot looks like, what car models are displayed, and why should they buy a certain car from your dealership. Photos are the ones who give life and meaning to your virtual showroom. You have to show them what you’ve got. Moreover, some prospects would go by the photo rather than the description of a vehicle when selecting a car model. Provide at least 3 interior and exterior shots of every car available in your car lot. Remember that photos do attract car sale leads.

Complement the photos with descriptions of each car model. Talk about the car’s features, specifications, warranties, and the like. You can also say something about the promos or perks that go with buying a particular car model. You can also provide links to car reviews or you can even provide your own. Include as much details as you deem important for car shoppers to know about a car model.

Another essential part of your inventory page, which should not be really omitted, are the prices of your cars. Remember that car shoppers turn to various dealership websites as they do some research. Without the car prices, you are not helping them in making a decision. Moreover, it creates a notion that the cars might be too expensive. Do not be afraid to indicate the prices of your cars. However, make sure that your prices are competitive, although they do not necessarily have to be impressively cheap.

Your dealership website is just as important as its on-site counterpart. Therefore, make sure that your virtual showroom is well-created and well-maintained so that it just keeps on serving its function well of converting visitors into car sale leads, and then into sales.


Can You Still Use Direct Mail to Generate Car Sales Leads?

Posted on: May 29th, 2012 by credit

Although direct mail marketing is considered one of the traditional lead generation techniques, it still proves to be effective in generating car sales leads in this Internet-dominated age of marketing. In fact, one of the industries it’s serving well is the automotive industry.

There are two main components of direct mail marketing that can make or break your campaign. These are the direct mail piece and the mailing list. In other words, the piece of paper that contains your offer and your target market are crucial in making your direct mail campaign successful.

Your direct mail piece can be easy to create. You can hire a direct mail company to do everything for you—from creating the pieces to sending them. You can also choose to design the pieces and write the content on your own. In any event, make sure that your pieces, which serve as your medium in spreading the word about your dealership, are attention-grabbing, interesting, relevant, and valuable.

There are some things to consider in order to do that. One is the form. Mail pieces can come as postcards, letters, flyers, invitations, and the like. Remember that the form of your direct mail piece affects the response rate of your prospects. Another thing to consider is your offer. Is your offer competitive enough for your prospects to take notice of? Is it worth their time and attention? Make sure that your offer is compelling enough to convert your prospects into car sales leads. Don’t waste your money on printing direct mailers that carry dull offers. Your mail pieces should not also be just ads. Make it valuable. Include some helpful information. Add also a personal touch to catch your prospect’s attention.

The other component of direct mail marketing, the mailing list, is also as important as your direct mail piece. You can buy a mailing list or keep your own, but in any way, make sure that you are targeting the right people. To have an effective and highly targeted direct mail marketing campaign, narrow down your list of prospects so that you will only mail interested and capable potential car buyers. Create customer profiles and make sure that your offer is relevant to their needs, interests, and lifestyle. Otherwise, they would just junk your mail.

Getting your prospects read your mail is not enough for your campaign to be declared as successful. Follow-up is also an important aspect of direct mail marketing. Send them emails or make some phone calls. Direct mail marketing is a long-term campaign that doesn’t immediately yield impressive results after one mailing. In order to effectively generate car sales leads through direct mail marketing, keep the things discussed above in mind.

How will I Know if I’m Buying Quality Car Sale Leads?

Posted on: February 6th, 2012 by credit

In order to get enough car sales leads and meet the daily quota of sales, car dealers have to work their best–from finding leads to pursuing them–and wipe their brows without meeting their sales quota.  However, car dealers, especially their sales representatives, often spend most of their time in finding leads than in closing them. In this way, the revenue growths of car dealerships are slow.

Thanks to lead generation companies, like Approved Auto Leads, which do almost half of the car dealerships’ job.  These companies take care of finding leads for the car dealers.  This also includes marketing strategies and promoting the business website, along with their products and services.  Car dealerships would just have to purchase the leads generated for them.  However, if a lead company is not generating quality leads or leads that would sell, it would not help the car dealer at all.  To ensure that a lead company sells quality leads, the following are the points by which car dealers make their evaluation.

Not all lead generation companies screen the leads they collect.  Car dealers should go for the ones who do screening.  If a lead company has a pre-screening process, the car dealer may somehow be assured that the leads it would sell are good quality.  Car dealers can call up their prospective lead company and ask about their verification and screening processes.  If a lead is pre-screened or pre-approved, this means that it is recent, contains authentic information, and most likely to close.

Car dealers should know if the lead company purchases car sales leads from a third party or a lead generation company also.  Although this is legitimate, car dealers should still enquire about the lead company’s criteria and system in choosing the leads they would purchase.  It is more likely that the quality of the leads provided to car dealers are lessened if the lead company purchases from a third party rather than generating their own.

One thing that also affects the quality of leads sold by lead generation companies is the conversion rate.  If car dealers want to purchase quality car sales leads, they should buy those with high conversion rates.  However, these often come at a more expensive price.  Regardless, these leads would increase the car dealers sale.  This is better than buying several cheap leads with a low conversion rate.  It would turn out that there are more leads who would turn down the offer.

Car dealers should also consider how fast the delivery time is.  The sooner the leads will be delivered, the better.  This is because there will be more time for car dealers or car sales representatives to entertain the queries and close more leads.  The lead generation company should have quick delivery system so as not to spoil the interest of the leads in buying a car.  Car sales leads cannot afford to be delayed.  It lessens the quality of the leads.

Lastly, a lead generation company would be able to generate quality leads if they are experts in lead generation techniques–traditional and non traditional.  These are the very techniques that the company use to advertise the car dealer’s business.  By effectively and correctly performing these techniques, a lead generation company can guarantee their customers that they only provide quality leads.  This is also what Approved Auto Leads takes pride on.  Car dealers can ask the company about the lead generation techniques they employ.

Indeed, lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads have helped car dealerships in meeting their sale quotas without juggling closing deals and finding leads with the limited time they have.

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