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How Not to Lose Leads in Live Chat

Posted on: August 16th, 2012 by credit

Live chat is one of the newest technologies that is widely used now by businesses in their websites and the automotive industry is one of its patron. Live chat is easy: A salesperson simply has to stay online to provide quick answers to incoming queries. A prospect sends his message and gets an answer immediately. However, not all dealerships experience the full benefits of live chat. Perhaps, they’re doing it all wrong resulting in poor internet lead management and lead conversion. Here is a quick guide in using live chat programs to effectively generate and convert car loan leads.

Never sell right away. Live chat is not designed to immediately turn a lead into a sale. It is not purposed to make selling that convenient for businesses. If you persuade the lead to take your offer in the early part of your conversation, there is a tendency that he or she will lose interest. Most shoppers do not like being sold to immediately. Instead, focus on providing them the information they need and in building rapport.

Ignoring questions is a huge mistake. Definitely. You are using live chat to respond to car loan leads quickly and ignoring their questions just doesn’t make sense. If you don’t understand the question, don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions to clarify what does the prospect mean. If you don’t know how to answer the question, tell the lead that you will get back to him shortly. With this intention, it is important then for your salespeople to be knowledgeable about your loan programs, car models, and other products and services.

Be conscious of your tone. Live chat is like telemarketing, except that you communicate with the prospect through chat. Nevertheless, you still need to be conscious of how you sound like with the words that you use. Make sure that you always sound friendly and willing to help.

Do not ask for contact information immediately. Although it is important that you never forget to ask for the lead’s contact information before you end the conversation, asking for it too early could have a negative impression on the prospect. Prospects won’t start chatting with you with small talk. Most, if not all, would ask their question right away. You need to attend to that first before getting to your other agenda.

Be persistent. It is totally wrong to think that the end of your conversation with the prospect is the end of the sales process. On the contrary, it is just the beginning. Since you already have the prospect’s contact information, send them promotional emails or call them up. Be persistent in following them up until they make a decision.

Blogging? Yes, It Generates Leads

Posted on: August 10th, 2012 by credit

In general, blogging is the modern way to write journals now. People, especially teens, write about and post on their blogs their thoughts, ideas, experiences, feelings, and other things. However, for businesses, blogging is a marketing or lead generation strategy and it has been increasingly valued by businesses.

Why Dealers Should Blog

Something to think about: If your competitors blog and they have been experiencing great results from that particular effort alone, wouldn’t you feel the pressure to keep pace? Broadly speaking, blogging has been thriving as a lead generation technique. Here are some convincing facts:

According to the 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Report by HubSpot, inbound marketing, which includes blogging, cost 61% lower than outbound marketing. Blogs is indicated as the least costly lead source. The report also said that businesses have been allocating more funds for inbound marketing (12 percentage points higher than the average budget allocated for outbound marketing) since last year. These mean that businesses are getting more inclined to inbound marketing, perceiving blogs as the most cost-effective lead source.

The report also showed that 60% of the businesses surveyed are posting on their blogs at least weekly. The results of the report imply that the more frequent you blog, the more customers you’ll acquire. In a separate study by the same group, businesses that are blogging at least 20 times a month have driven traffic 5 times more. Those who posted a total of over 200 articles on their blogs got more leads (about 3.5 times) more than those who only have lower than 20 blog posts.

The study also found that companies deem their blogs as crucial to their businesses. Company blogs are also more valued now, with 8 percentage points difference from the results of the same study three years ago.

How Dealers Should Blog

Given the facts above, be reminded that the success in blogging does not come overnight. You need to be patient and diligent in your campaign before you finally see the results. Remember also that the two main products a dealership offers are vehicles and auto financing. There has been a shift in car shoppers’ behavior: They are more dependent on auto loans now to purchase a car. Thus, it isn’t that hard to find auto loan leads now. However, attracting them and turning them into sales are more challenging.

In automotive blogging, provide only unique (not copies from other websites), fresh (new content as often as daily), and helpful content. You can write about news, tips, related reports or studies, vehicle reviews, and other helpful information to catch the interest of online car shoppers. Use strategic keywords in your articles. By using a keyword research tool, find out what related keywords are most searched by internet users. Use these keywords in your articles so they will drive traffic and attract more auto loan leads.

Why Investing in Car Loan Leads is Worth It

Posted on: June 4th, 2012 by credit

Not everyone can afford a car and with the current financial situation of most people across the globe, buying one is not that easy anymore. That is why, many have been into getting their car financed by taking out a loan. This is good news for car dealers and loan institutions. It means that there are more sales opportunities for them as people continue to seek financing for their own cars.

With this trend, car dealers should only have little to no hesitation when it comes to investing in car loan leads. Investing in generating, nurturing, and converting car loan leads is worth it, mainly because they give your dealership a boost in your sales and revenue. Another reason is lead generation techniques are now more advanced and aggressive which makes acquiring quality leads more possible. Here are some of the common and effective online lead generation techniques which you can use or lead providers like Approved Auto Leads use to generate leads.


Search engine optimization or SEO is an Internet marketing strategy that seeks to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results pages, increasing your website’s rank by driving more traffic to it. Various SEO techniques are used to meet this end. The most common ones are link building, anchoring texts, article writing, blogging, and directory listing. Some SEO techniques are free while some require payment. In order to have a successful SEO campaign for your dealership website, you need to give it your time and effort.

Social Media Marketing

The social media has been a popular and effective platform for an aggressive approach to marketing. Social media itself is an aggressive tool that spreads information quickly and reaches billions of people in just a short while. Unlike with SEO, social media marketing requires more interaction and engagement with your leads. It is through building a relationship with them, even in an online setting, will your prospects see you as a credible dealer. Thus, social media marketing also requires time for you to monitor and maintain interaction with your prospects.

Video Marketing

Video-sharing sites are also used to promote businesses. You just have to create an account in these sites and upload videos that promote your dealership. However, videos should not just contain pure promotion but it should also have some valuable content. People would certainly not want to watch a video that only talks about your dealership. Generate car loan leads by engaging people to your creative and informative videos, eventually causing them to consider your dealership as one of their options for car purchase and financing.

Car Loan Leads Are You Getting Enough?

Posted on: February 5th, 2012 by credit

Car loan leads are obviously the most integral part in the automotive industry, which environment is becoming increasingly competitive.  They are the heart of the competition for which car dealers are willing to lower their interest rates than never before.  However, finding and closing auto leads have become difficult over time, until most car dealers deem their old ways of finding leads as obsolete.

Traditional lead generation techniques like email marketing, referrals, telemarketing, TV and radio commercial ads, billboards, and the like are considered ineffective advertising methods now in the automotive industry.  Nevertheless, some of these techniques can still prove effective like telemarketing and referrals in this modern world.

Telemarketing, also called as cold calling, is one of the most effective lead generation techniques.  There are still quite a number of car dealerships employing this marketing strategy.  The other traditional marketing strategy that still generates a good number of car loan leads is referrals.  This method involves an existing customer of the car dealer recommending the car dealership’s programs and offers to his or her friends, relatives, family, and the like.  If the lead is turned into a sale, the existing customer gets a certain fee or a sort of incentive called commission translated from a percentage from the amount of the sale.  This is still effective today as there are many people now looking for extra sources of income.

With all these traditional techniques which still prove effective in the automotive industry today, the question is, are the car dealers getting enough?  As was mentioned earlier, the automotive industry has been experiencing a tight competition among its members.  This implies that car dealers would want to have more leads or prospective car buyers than others do to ensure more sales.  Achieving this by merely doing the tedious work required by the traditional lead generation techniques is quite impossible.  There is a lot of catching up that every car dealer needs to do, but most of their time are spent on finding leads than closing them.

This dilemma was remedied by innovations on lead generation techniques.  The Internet was utilized and it revolutionized the way businesses in the automotive industry advertise their products and services and make transactions–easier and faster than before.  With this revolution, car dealers are now able to acquire more leads in an easier way and at a shorter period of time.

Some of the effective Internet marketing strategies employed by many car dealers are the search engine optimization or SEO through its different techniques, social media marketing, article writing, video marketing, and many more.

Today, many car dealers went online and built their business websites.  These websites now have become their vehicle to attract and capture car loan leads.  They employ SEO techniques to make this happen.  SEO is a process of enhancing the exposure and page ranking of the website to attract more visitors.  The goal is to make the website appear among the top search results.  More visitors means more potential sales.  This is really viable since many people now have access to the Internet and would sometimes opt to turn to it to look for cars and car loans.

Approved Auto Leads is likewise in the same boat as these car dealers employing such new techniques.  It knows what are the current trends and demands in the automotive industry that is why, for more than ten years, it has trained itself to providing its partners with quality leads through the use of these modern lead generation techniques.

How to Generate More Car Loan Leads From the Internet

Posted on: January 6th, 2012 by credit

How many lead providers offer free help for you to generate your own leads


With the novel lead generation techniques thriving now in the Internet, car dealers like you should also go with the flow to reach the top of the competition.  If you have not yet explored the new ways by which other car dealers do automotive marketing, read through this article to find out what are the most effective Internet marketing strategies that generate more car loan leads.

The first technique is the search engine optimization or SEO.  This is the process whereby you make your business website rank higher in search engine results.  What can you get out of this?  When your business website appears at the first page of search engine results, it would more likely attract visitors. If you have a nice business website and you have been doing this technique successfully, there is a high possibility that your visitors can be converted into customers.  This technique is popular in other industries as well.

The second technique is article writing.  There are websites called article directories where you can deposit all the articles you wrote to gain more exposure.  When writing articles for marketing purposes, it is important to provide good and important information instead of pure promotion.  Otherwise, people would not read your articles, knowing that they would not get anything from it.

The third technique is video marketing.  From how it is called, it means creating good-looking videos and posting them on your business website or blog to attract more visitors.  Internet surfers like visuals and illustrations.  That is why creating videos for your products and offers could attract customers.

Lastly, social media marketing has reached greater heights from the time it was discovered.  Today, more and more businesses are penetrating social media platforms to promote their products and services.  In the same way, car dealers are gaining more car loan leads through the advantageous nature of social media.  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter spread information like wildfire.  This is one characteristic of these platforms that makes it a good marketing tool.

Approved Auto Leads are very familiar with these Internet marketing strategies and with many more.  We use these techniques to help our partners’ businesses generate more car loan leads.  Lead generation companies like us help car dealers like you in two-fold.  One is promoting your business to attract more leads by employing lead generation techniques.  The other one is providing you the leads that will certainly increase your revenue.

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