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Car Dealership Leads: Toward A Successful Car Dealership

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by credit

Cars are not just wants to most people living in the US now. They have grown to be necessities, with more people being almost desperate to own one despite having a bad credit. With this kind of consumer behavior, car dealers are smelling sales, especially with the Internet helping both consumers and dealers shop conveniently and generate car dealership leads easily, respectively.

Car dealers have been in pursuit of boosting their sales by finding easy but effective ways to make it happen. Through the years, and with the advancement in technology, dealership marketing have become a more competitive field. The Internet has given dealers and other businesses the power to be aggressive and effective in their marketing campaigns. It allows easier and more successful lead generation. Before, car dealers would have to randomly call prospects, send mails, and launch costly commercial ads to promote their dealership and attract a less specific target market. With more innovative and efficient systems developed now in managing car dealership leads, car dealers have been enjoying better ROI.

Moreover, car dealership leads generated through the Internet also make it easier for dealers to approach a lead and customize their offers according to the lead’s needs and interests as provided in the forms they had filled out. Car dealers can also plan the right approach to more effectively convert a lead into a sale.

Car dealership leads can be generated in two general ways. Car dealers can either perform lead generation tasks on their own or hire the services of a lead provider. Generating leads independently may require more time and effort from car dealers. This is because lead generation tasks are no joke. Car dealers need to give them ample time and employ effective strategies in order to generate leads effectively. On the other hand, hiring a lead provider, like Approved Auto Leads, to generate leads is a lot more convenient. Lead providers can do dealership marketing, lead generation, and sometimes even lead management for dealers. They practically lift off that heavy workload of generating leads from dealers’ shoulders. Some even provide training for dealerships’ sales staff.

Just like with other businesses, leads are important for their sustainability. Finding leads and converting them into sales have been the major challenges of car dealers ever since. However, with the Internet now and car shoppers still interested to buy cars, the competition in the automotive industry is still lively and tight. Car dealers would just have to be competent and wise in utilizing the new techniques in generating leads and in handling them.

Why Investing in Car Loan Leads is Worth It

Posted on: June 4th, 2012 by credit

Not everyone can afford a car and with the current financial situation of most people across the globe, buying one is not that easy anymore. That is why, many have been into getting their car financed by taking out a loan. This is good news for car dealers and loan institutions. It means that there are more sales opportunities for them as people continue to seek financing for their own cars.

With this trend, car dealers should only have little to no hesitation when it comes to investing in car loan leads. Investing in generating, nurturing, and converting car loan leads is worth it, mainly because they give your dealership a boost in your sales and revenue. Another reason is lead generation techniques are now more advanced and aggressive which makes acquiring quality leads more possible. Here are some of the common and effective online lead generation techniques which you can use or lead providers like Approved Auto Leads use to generate leads.


Search engine optimization or SEO is an Internet marketing strategy that seeks to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results pages, increasing your website’s rank by driving more traffic to it. Various SEO techniques are used to meet this end. The most common ones are link building, anchoring texts, article writing, blogging, and directory listing. Some SEO techniques are free while some require payment. In order to have a successful SEO campaign for your dealership website, you need to give it your time and effort.

Social Media Marketing

The social media has been a popular and effective platform for an aggressive approach to marketing. Social media itself is an aggressive tool that spreads information quickly and reaches billions of people in just a short while. Unlike with SEO, social media marketing requires more interaction and engagement with your leads. It is through building a relationship with them, even in an online setting, will your prospects see you as a credible dealer. Thus, social media marketing also requires time for you to monitor and maintain interaction with your prospects.

Video Marketing

Video-sharing sites are also used to promote businesses. You just have to create an account in these sites and upload videos that promote your dealership. However, videos should not just contain pure promotion but it should also have some valuable content. People would certainly not want to watch a video that only talks about your dealership. Generate car loan leads by engaging people to your creative and informative videos, eventually causing them to consider your dealership as one of their options for car purchase and financing.

Can You Still Use Direct Mail to Generate Car Sales Leads?

Posted on: May 29th, 2012 by credit

Although direct mail marketing is considered one of the traditional lead generation techniques, it still proves to be effective in generating car sales leads in this Internet-dominated age of marketing. In fact, one of the industries it’s serving well is the automotive industry.

There are two main components of direct mail marketing that can make or break your campaign. These are the direct mail piece and the mailing list. In other words, the piece of paper that contains your offer and your target market are crucial in making your direct mail campaign successful.

Your direct mail piece can be easy to create. You can hire a direct mail company to do everything for you—from creating the pieces to sending them. You can also choose to design the pieces and write the content on your own. In any event, make sure that your pieces, which serve as your medium in spreading the word about your dealership, are attention-grabbing, interesting, relevant, and valuable.

There are some things to consider in order to do that. One is the form. Mail pieces can come as postcards, letters, flyers, invitations, and the like. Remember that the form of your direct mail piece affects the response rate of your prospects. Another thing to consider is your offer. Is your offer competitive enough for your prospects to take notice of? Is it worth their time and attention? Make sure that your offer is compelling enough to convert your prospects into car sales leads. Don’t waste your money on printing direct mailers that carry dull offers. Your mail pieces should not also be just ads. Make it valuable. Include some helpful information. Add also a personal touch to catch your prospect’s attention.

The other component of direct mail marketing, the mailing list, is also as important as your direct mail piece. You can buy a mailing list or keep your own, but in any way, make sure that you are targeting the right people. To have an effective and highly targeted direct mail marketing campaign, narrow down your list of prospects so that you will only mail interested and capable potential car buyers. Create customer profiles and make sure that your offer is relevant to their needs, interests, and lifestyle. Otherwise, they would just junk your mail.

Getting your prospects read your mail is not enough for your campaign to be declared as successful. Follow-up is also an important aspect of direct mail marketing. Send them emails or make some phone calls. Direct mail marketing is a long-term campaign that doesn’t immediately yield impressive results after one mailing. In order to effectively generate car sales leads through direct mail marketing, keep the things discussed above in mind.

How to Use Facebook to Generate Car Leads

Posted on: May 16th, 2012 by credit

Your prospects are not in their homes anymore watching your TV commercial or listening to your radio ad. They are now in the online community where many car dealers have already gone to as well. If you haven’t realized this trend yet of promoting your dealership online, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of opportunities of generating car leads and making more sales.

One of the best places in the world wide web for you to promote your dealership is social networking sites like Facebook. Facebook is a relatively new marketing tool. Nevertheless, it has been proven to be an effective tool in reaching millions of prospects and generating leads. Here are some tips on how you can effectively use Facebook to generate car leads for your dealership.

Getting into Facebook to establish the online presence of your dealership is not like building your dealership website. In Facebook, it’s all about interaction and conversation. The key is to get in touch with real prospects who have real opinions and interests. Therefore, always have the time to answer their comments and wall posts—even the negative ones. Just keep them engaged in conversations and get them to participate in your online community always. It is by this that you will be able to build a relationship, as well as trust, with your prospects.

Photos do a spectacular job in making your Facebook fan page interesting and fun and add to its interactivity. Post relevant photos like of your recent sales events, happy customers who just bought a car from your dealership, new car models available at your lot, and your happy staffs. Photos also add color and liveliness to your page.

Put also some value on your Facebook page. Do not just post boring updates on your wall. Share also links of useful information such as news, helpful blog posts, and car reviews. Give your prospects something that they can get out of liking your page. Again, establishing your presence in social networking sites like Facebook should be more of interaction than advertisement.

Lastly, do not be afraid to be a bit experimental on your marketing techniques. As has been noted, Facebook is a new marketing tool and so is other social media platforms. Businesses who are using it still need to discover these platforms more and come up with a standard effective social media marketing plan. Therefore, you have all the chance to be creative and innovative in capturing the interest of your prospects and in turning them into car leads.

Basic SEO Tips for Generating Auto Leads

Posted on: May 8th, 2012 by credit

Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads use Internet marketing strategies such as search engine optimization or SEO to generate quality leads for their clients. SEO is a strategy that improves the visibility of a website in the world wide web my making it appear as one of the top results in search engine results pages. It is not easy to carry out SEO techniques especially on a regular basis. That is why having a lead generation company to help you out on this part is a great relief. However, you can actually generate auto leads on your own using even simple SEO.

First, you have to create a good dealership website. In doing so, remember three things: appearance, content, and your brand. Your website should seem appealing to attract visitors. Consider the color scheme, style, theme, fonts, and layout that you are going to use. Make sure also that your visitors would not have a hard time navigating through your website. However, a good-looking website is not enough to turn your prospects into sales. The content, which adds value to your site, have to be compelling in order to achieve that. You should provide your visitors with helpful information and resources, exhibiting credibility and reliability at the same time.

Next is you have to spread the word about your dealership website and work through increasing its visibility in search engine results pages. The key element in making this possible is keywords and this is where SEO techniques will come in. Research on the most searched keywords relevant to your business and use them in your content in your blogs and website. When writing content, do not just write for the sake of SEO but write informatively and think about what your prospects might be needing to know or learn about. Some ideas of useful content are news, tips, research, and reviews.

You can then try other SEO techniques to boost your presence online. You can have your website listed on web directories, for example, for free. Some people turn to web directories to easily find the websites they are looking for. Websites here are listed according to categories. As a reminder, when registering to get your website listed, make sure that you choose the most appropriate category for your dealership website to ensure listing success. There are also some web directories that only require paid listings. Other SEO techniques which you can also learn and use are link building, anchor texts, and forum marketing.

In brief, you can generate quality auto leads on your own by just employing basic SEO techniques. You can learn more about the other techniques and begin formulating strategies as you go through the process. However, if the tasks are too overwhelming, you can always ask help from a lead generation company.


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