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How to Find New Car Leads

Posted on: December 22nd, 2011 by credit

New car leads are not easy to find especially now that the automotive industry has become more competitive.  Although there have been new ways of generating leads that have arisen, car dealers should still not forget the old ways by which car dealers then generate their own leads.  Here are still some effective ways by which car dealers can find new leads.

Telemarketing is one of the most traditional way of finding car leads.  Car dealers here call up each lead from a list of selected names and phone numbers.  This could be tedious for car dealers but they have proven this method to be effective in reaching out to prospective customers.  In this manner, the dealer and the customer are able to talk about the offer clearly.   However, it is still advisable to finalize a deal personally and not over the phone.

Creative offers by car dealers are also effective in making new car leads take the offer.  This technique requires a lot of marketing skills.  The car dealer should come up with an offer that is attractive and something which can not be refused by the dealers or lenders.  This is done to convince the prospective client to take the offer.

Another effective lead generation technique is referral programs.  Through referrals, a car dealer can gain more clients through their existing clients who encourage people from their circle of influence to go for the company’s offer.  The existing clients here receive a certain percentage from the profit if they were able to pull a friend in to the deal.

This is one of the reasons why car dealers should not lose their contact with their existing clients.  Likewise, they should not also lose contact with their prospective customers.  The competition is tough as was mentioned earlier.  Car dealers then should protect their leads from being stolen away by competitors.  They should also never give up on a lead.   A car buyer may really need some time to plan his or her finances or to think about the offer.  While waiting for the lead’s decision, the car dealer can continue sending newsletters or other promotional materials to the lead to further convince him or her.

The newest lead generation technique is through the help of the lead generation companies which largely utilizes the Internet in generating new car leads.  They work by generating leads through their website and selling these to car dealers or lenders.  This is convenient for the dealerships because they do not have too much effort on their part in recruiting more leads.

The same is true with Approved Auto Leads which only provides its clients with quality new auto leads.   It has proven fast but reliable performance where car dealers do not have to worry about marketing solutions anymore.

Getting Quality Car Leads From the Right Auto Leads Provider

Posted on: December 21st, 2011 by credit

Target quality customers for your Store TODAY



Lead generation companies have been thriving in the automotive industry nowadays.  They are indeed a great help to car dealers and even to car buyers.  Generating car leads have never been easy until these companies emerged.  Not only do they find leads for their customers, but they also take care of the exposure of their customer’s website.  Car dealers have now less work and would just have to buy those leads from them.

However, there are factors for car dealers to consider in choosing the right auto leads provider and ensuring that they only get quality car leads.  Car dealers should consider the service cost of the company.  They should be aware of the free of cost offers because these usually have hidden charges and other additional charges later on.  If a car dealer is caught off guard, these things will come in surprisingly.

Next factor that a car dealer should consider is the conversion rate that the company promises. This should be weighed with how much they charge per lead.  A car dealer should assess if the price is worth the conversion rate.  Apparently, it is not wise to go for a cheaper price with a lower conversion rate.  Instead, it is better to take a more expensive offer for a higher conversion rate.  Car dealers should understand that converting leads into sales is what lead generation companies are all about.  Therefore, they should be more concerned with the conversion rate than with the price.

Lastly, car dealers should make certain that the lead company indeed yields quality car leads before signing a contract with them.  The points for evaluating the quality of a company’s end products are the verification system, exclusivity of leads, and marketing or lead generation strategies. Car dealers have the right to know how lead companies verify all information provided by applicants.  They should also know how they qualify an application–the methods they use and the system they run for this process.  This process is important because this greatly affects the quality of car leads that they will be forwarding to car dealers.

A lead’s exclusivity is likewise important.  Although car dealers have an option to choose either exclusive or non-exclusive leads, the former is more recommended.  There is less competition and higher conversion rate in this type of lead.  However, car dealers should make sure that they really enjoy the exclusivity of these leads.

Finally, the company’s strategies in generating leads determine what kind of leads will they be able to pull in.  Unprofessional and spammy way of exposing the company would only generate leads that were just deceived by such promotional schemes.  On the contrary, right and professional lead generation techniques produces leads that are really serious about purchasing cars.

Getting Quality Car Dealer Leads

Posted on: December 3rd, 2011 by credit

Quality is all that matters

Generating leads could sometimes be challenging especially now in the more competitive automotive niche.  Sometimes, the efforts done by the car dealerships would seem insufficient and inefficient.  This is one of the reasons why car dealers opt to utilize the services of a car lead company to generate more car dealer leads for them.

However, car dealers should only trust reliable lead companies as there are many which do not perform excellently.  A good lead company has at least an established track record.  Checking how long the company has been operational will give car dealers an idea of the how the company performs.  Although this may not apply all the time, it sometimes gives a hindsight of what the company has been like in the field.

A good lead company provides its clients with fresh and recent car dealer leads.  The company should only include the most recent applications submitted between 24 to 48 hours.  Leads that are outdated are no longer of use to the car dealers.  These people may no longer be interested in the applying for a loan or even purchasing a car.

A good lead company also evaluates all applications submitted to them and not just simply collect them.  The company should have an efficient system and comprehensive database in keeping all the car dealer leads.  If a company pre-approves leads, they are making the job of the car dealers easier.  They already do preliminary sifting of the applications so that only those which are qualified will be given to the clients.  Besides, there is no point for car dealers to gather leads which are not qualified in the first place.

In corollary, good lead companies should only provide quality leads.  Quality leads not only mean comprehensive and recent but also useful.  This means that these leads are people who are most likely to buy and not just mere applications.

Quality car dealer leads are important for car dealers.  Obviously, they increase the profit of a dealership since they provide a wide array of prospect customers through the lead companies.  Quality leads are important also because the comprehensive information and details provided by the applicants are helpful in the way car dealers would approach the client.  They are able to size up the lead’s wants and likes in a car and loan offer.  Quality leads also make the job of the car dealers easier.  They would not have to start from zero.  All they need to do is contact the lead and convince them a little bit.  Car dealers should remember that these leads are already seeking a good offer and are therefore ready to purchase.

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