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Writing Effective Facebook Posts to Generate Leads

Posted on: September 7th, 2012 by credit

Facebook is one of the most effective social networking sites that dealerships use today to reach out to more potential car buyers and make effective their marketing and reputation management efforts. However, there are many dealers who use the social network site wrongly. For example, content is vital in social media marketing but wall posts of some dealerships in Facebook are problematic—not even effective in generating car dealership leads. If you are also experiencing the same dilemma, take a look at the following principles:


In any case of providing content, the audience is always considered. For example, an editor of a tabloid makes sure that his front page headline is really attention-grabbing as his tabloid competes with the numerous tabloids around it in a newspaper stand. The editor would play with words to catch the attention of his readers. This same principle can be applied to writing Facebook posts. What do your audience look for? What do they need to see in a dealership fan page? What topics or kinds of post interest them? Find these out and you’ll be able to capture audience.


The Internet features speed because users demand speed in acquiring information. This means that even if some people spend long hours being on Facebook, they don’t really have the patience to read long posts. They are more of scanning posts than intentionally reading them. Therefore, your wall posts on your Facebook page must be short. The shorter the post is, the more engagement it gets. Twitter, for instance, does a good job in keeping tweets 140-character-long only. The good thing about being brief is that your audience can quickly get you message without taking too much of their time.


Don’t limit your posts to words only. Remember that Facebook also allows posting of videos, photos, and links. Use these resources to make your dealership Facebook wall more effective. However, make sure to keep all content relevant and appealing. You can post short commercials, interviews, photos of new car models available in your car lot and sales events, and the like.

Call to Action

A typical Facebook post from an ordinary user would not have a call to action. However, since Facebook here is used for marketing purposes, a call to action is necessary. Calls to action tell your audience what to do next after reading your post. Drive them to your other social network pages or dealership website, tell to them to register for a webinar or sales event, or urge them to take advantage of a limited offer.


Facebook is a social networking site and this means that it is meant for interaction. Social media is not meant for businesses to sell but to primarily build relationships with prospects and existing customers. Keeping such perception about social media enables you to formulate strategies that can generate more car dealership leads.

Starting a Habit of Following Up Car Dealer Leads

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by credit

Studies show that many car dealers, and other businesses, fail to make the most of their leads because they don’t follow them up. One of the reasons is they are not just used to it. If they keep moving toward this direction, they will keep on losing sales which they could have acquired had they pursued their leads further. The following are some tips for effective lead follow-up and if you are one of the car dealers who are not taking follow-ups seriously, you can start developing the habit with these points:

Be Quick

Responding to your car dealer leads quickly is crucial in converting them into sales. Your response time is directly proportional to the likeliness of converting a lead into a sale. Moreover, studies show that consumers value getting answers to their queries fast. Getting back to your leads quickly is important because your competitors are also working fast. If you respond to your leads late, your competitors can snatch the interest of your leads out of your hand.

Provide Information Generously

The car buying process usually takes a long time. Normally, car buyers would not immediately purchase a car from a certain dealership. That is also why developing a habit of lead follow-up is important. Patiently wait for the lead’s decision and when he or she comes back to you to learn more about your offer and dealership, don’t hesitate to give honest and complete answers. Give them the information they are asking for. In order for this to make an impact to your follow-up efforts, train your sales people to have excellent product knowledge.

Utilize Every Medium Available

Giving your car dealer leads a call is not just the only way to follow them up. You can send them promotional messages, newsletters, greetings, and the like via email and direct mail. You can also invite them to join your social media community where they can learn more about your offers and company and interact with other car shoppers. This can also make them more interested about your dealership. If you have the budget, go extra mile and go mobile. Reach your prospects and customers through their mobile devices by sending them text messages and making your dealership website accessible right in their phones.

Motivate Your Sales People

Generating, following up, and converting car dealer leads are not easy tasks that can be done by you alone. You need a team and your sales people are the ones you can rely to to make these efforts effective and successful. Thus, motivate them to generate more leads and close more sales and to do these passionately and excellently by giving them incentives. This way, they will work hard, taking lead follow-up seriously, to make more sales for the dealership.

Car Dealership Leads: Toward A Successful Car Dealership

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by credit

Cars are not just wants to most people living in the US now. They have grown to be necessities, with more people being almost desperate to own one despite having a bad credit. With this kind of consumer behavior, car dealers are smelling sales, especially with the Internet helping both consumers and dealers shop conveniently and generate car dealership leads easily, respectively.

Car dealers have been in pursuit of boosting their sales by finding easy but effective ways to make it happen. Through the years, and with the advancement in technology, dealership marketing have become a more competitive field. The Internet has given dealers and other businesses the power to be aggressive and effective in their marketing campaigns. It allows easier and more successful lead generation. Before, car dealers would have to randomly call prospects, send mails, and launch costly commercial ads to promote their dealership and attract a less specific target market. With more innovative and efficient systems developed now in managing car dealership leads, car dealers have been enjoying better ROI.

Moreover, car dealership leads generated through the Internet also make it easier for dealers to approach a lead and customize their offers according to the lead’s needs and interests as provided in the forms they had filled out. Car dealers can also plan the right approach to more effectively convert a lead into a sale.

Car dealership leads can be generated in two general ways. Car dealers can either perform lead generation tasks on their own or hire the services of a lead provider. Generating leads independently may require more time and effort from car dealers. This is because lead generation tasks are no joke. Car dealers need to give them ample time and employ effective strategies in order to generate leads effectively. On the other hand, hiring a lead provider, like Approved Auto Leads, to generate leads is a lot more convenient. Lead providers can do dealership marketing, lead generation, and sometimes even lead management for dealers. They practically lift off that heavy workload of generating leads from dealers’ shoulders. Some even provide training for dealerships’ sales staff.

Just like with other businesses, leads are important for their sustainability. Finding leads and converting them into sales have been the major challenges of car dealers ever since. However, with the Internet now and car shoppers still interested to buy cars, the competition in the automotive industry is still lively and tight. Car dealers would just have to be competent and wise in utilizing the new techniques in generating leads and in handling them.

How Do Car Dealers Acquire Car Dealership Leads?

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by credit


Old methods of lead generation for car dealerships include mass-mediated techniques such as radio and television commercial ads, billboards, and jingles.  These techniques are no longer used by car dealers today as the online-based lead generation techniques have become more popular and have also been proven more effective.  Although finding leads have become quite less of a challenge for car dealers because of the new and easier ways of generating car dealership leads, car dealers still have to employ these techniques skillfully and effectively.

Attractive offers such as affiliate programs and incentives can attract more prospects.  Through affiliate programs, car dealers open their doors to people who want to partner with them.  The program invites anyone to earn extra income with the dealership by selling and promoting the dealership’s offers.  The affiliate does not have to be an existing client of the car dealer but should be capable and skillful in marketing the dealership.  The concept is almost the same with referral programs except the person in this program must be an existing client and would only recommend the dealership to his or her circle of influence.  Both programs are commission-based, which makes it attractive to car dealership leads.  Giving gifts or freebies as incentives could also convince prospects to take action in exchange for the item.

Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads help car dealers acquire car dealership leads.  They practically take the entire lead generation tasks of car dealers including marketing efforts, lead sale, lead management and sometimes call center services.  Search engine optimization or SEO is also an effective means to acquire car dealership leads.  This is an Internet marketing strategy that aims to drive more traffic to the dealership website by improving its exposure in the search engine results.  SEO tasks may be tedious and time-consuming but they definitely generate leads for the dealership.  Lastly, car dealers can find leads in an aggressive and competitive environment such as the social media.  With social media, car dealers can reach out to billions of potential customers in a very short span of time.  SEO techniques are also applied in this platform.  Social networking sites like Facebook have strict policies on marketing practices but if car dealers would execute marketing strategies properly, they can successfully generate auto leads from these sites.

Other lead generation techniques that car dealers use to acquire a good number of leads are cold calling and email marketing.  These are now important to car dealers when pursuing leads.  All marketing strategies should be executed appropriately so car dealers can successfully generate leads with them.

Buying Right Car Dealership Leads

Posted on: February 18th, 2012 by credit


The emergence of lead providers in the automotive industry has indeed made a positive impact on car dealerships and on the industry itself.  Lead companies like Approved Auto Leads have transformed the way car dealers do their jobs in their offices.  It has made lead generation easier and faster for them now.  However, this does not entirely mean that car dealers would always get the best out of these lead companies.  Car dealers would still have to be careful and wise when availing of their services.  One of the most important service lead companies provide is selling car dealership leads.  Car dealers should be critical with the leads they are purchasing.  Here are some important factors to consider.

The most obvious thing to consider is the price of the leads.  Just like taking auto loans, car dealers should also shop around for the best lead prices.  Which is wiser for car dealers to take: A lead sold cheaply but has low conversion rate or a lead that is more expensive but has higher conversion rate?  It is wise for car buyers to take the latter.  The purpose of car dealers taking services from a lead provider is to increase their sales.  Even if car dealers would have to spend more on leads with high conversion rate, it is a good investment for these leads are almost sure to turn into sales.  Moreover, exclusive leads are the ideal type of leads for car dealers to purchase.  However, they would cost more than non-exclusive deals.

Exclusivity of leads is also an important factor in buying car dealership leads.  Car dealers should make sure that the leads given to them are not sold to the competitors. Otherwise, it would just result in a very tight competition, defeating the purpose of getting help from lead providers.  This would also make cutting costs for advertisements useless.

Buying the right kind of car dealership leads would also mean picking the quality leads.  Car dealers can check for this by asking the lead provider about their screening process and lead generation techniques.  All leads that the lead provider obtains should undergo a screening process to verify if all information provided are authentic and if they are qualified.  This avoids sending car dealers bad leads.  Lead generation techniques also affect the quality of leads.  If these are not properly and appropriately executed, they would just produce bad leads who are not really serious about buying a car or who were just forced to submit an application.

Lastly, car dealers should consider how fast would the leads be delivered to them.  Leads should be delivered as soon as possible.  Otherwise, the interest of the leads in the dealership’s offer suffers.  There are many advantages for car dealers of having the leads at the soonest possible time.  Car dealers can close more car dealership leads in a day because they can work on it earlier.  They can also impress the prospect by responding quickly.

Car dealers should still put on their guard when dealing with lead providers.  They should make sure that the lead provider is efficient to serve its purpose of helping car dealers by working hand in hand with them.

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