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How Do Car Dealers Acquire Car Dealership Leads?

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by credit


Old methods of lead generation for car dealerships include mass-mediated techniques such as radio and television commercial ads, billboards, and jingles.  These techniques are no longer used by car dealers today as the online-based lead generation techniques have become more popular and have also been proven more effective.  Although finding leads have become quite less of a challenge for car dealers because of the new and easier ways of generating car dealership leads, car dealers still have to employ these techniques skillfully and effectively.

Attractive offers such as affiliate programs and incentives can attract more prospects.  Through affiliate programs, car dealers open their doors to people who want to partner with them.  The program invites anyone to earn extra income with the dealership by selling and promoting the dealership’s offers.  The affiliate does not have to be an existing client of the car dealer but should be capable and skillful in marketing the dealership.  The concept is almost the same with referral programs except the person in this program must be an existing client and would only recommend the dealership to his or her circle of influence.  Both programs are commission-based, which makes it attractive to car dealership leads.  Giving gifts or freebies as incentives could also convince prospects to take action in exchange for the item.

Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads help car dealers acquire car dealership leads.  They practically take the entire lead generation tasks of car dealers including marketing efforts, lead sale, lead management and sometimes call center services.  Search engine optimization or SEO is also an effective means to acquire car dealership leads.  This is an Internet marketing strategy that aims to drive more traffic to the dealership website by improving its exposure in the search engine results.  SEO tasks may be tedious and time-consuming but they definitely generate leads for the dealership.  Lastly, car dealers can find leads in an aggressive and competitive environment such as the social media.  With social media, car dealers can reach out to billions of potential customers in a very short span of time.  SEO techniques are also applied in this platform.  Social networking sites like Facebook have strict policies on marketing practices but if car dealers would execute marketing strategies properly, they can successfully generate auto leads from these sites.

Other lead generation techniques that car dealers use to acquire a good number of leads are cold calling and email marketing.  These are now important to car dealers when pursuing leads.  All marketing strategies should be executed appropriately so car dealers can successfully generate leads with them.

Buying Right Car Dealership Leads

Posted on: February 18th, 2012 by credit


The emergence of lead providers in the automotive industry has indeed made a positive impact on car dealerships and on the industry itself.  Lead companies like Approved Auto Leads have transformed the way car dealers do their jobs in their offices.  It has made lead generation easier and faster for them now.  However, this does not entirely mean that car dealers would always get the best out of these lead companies.  Car dealers would still have to be careful and wise when availing of their services.  One of the most important service lead companies provide is selling car dealership leads.  Car dealers should be critical with the leads they are purchasing.  Here are some important factors to consider.

The most obvious thing to consider is the price of the leads.  Just like taking auto loans, car dealers should also shop around for the best lead prices.  Which is wiser for car dealers to take: A lead sold cheaply but has low conversion rate or a lead that is more expensive but has higher conversion rate?  It is wise for car buyers to take the latter.  The purpose of car dealers taking services from a lead provider is to increase their sales.  Even if car dealers would have to spend more on leads with high conversion rate, it is a good investment for these leads are almost sure to turn into sales.  Moreover, exclusive leads are the ideal type of leads for car dealers to purchase.  However, they would cost more than non-exclusive deals.

Exclusivity of leads is also an important factor in buying car dealership leads.  Car dealers should make sure that the leads given to them are not sold to the competitors. Otherwise, it would just result in a very tight competition, defeating the purpose of getting help from lead providers.  This would also make cutting costs for advertisements useless.

Buying the right kind of car dealership leads would also mean picking the quality leads.  Car dealers can check for this by asking the lead provider about their screening process and lead generation techniques.  All leads that the lead provider obtains should undergo a screening process to verify if all information provided are authentic and if they are qualified.  This avoids sending car dealers bad leads.  Lead generation techniques also affect the quality of leads.  If these are not properly and appropriately executed, they would just produce bad leads who are not really serious about buying a car or who were just forced to submit an application.

Lastly, car dealers should consider how fast would the leads be delivered to them.  Leads should be delivered as soon as possible.  Otherwise, the interest of the leads in the dealership’s offer suffers.  There are many advantages for car dealers of having the leads at the soonest possible time.  Car dealers can close more car dealership leads in a day because they can work on it earlier.  They can also impress the prospect by responding quickly.

Car dealers should still put on their guard when dealing with lead providers.  They should make sure that the lead provider is efficient to serve its purpose of helping car dealers by working hand in hand with them.

Car Dealership Leads Selecting Hot Leads

Posted on: February 3rd, 2012 by credit

With a more advanced technology surrounding us nowadays, the competition in the automotive industry, and in other industries as well, have become tighter than before.  Car dealers now have new ways of generating car dealership leads.  They even deem traditional advertising methods, such as TV and radio commercial ads, billboards, and the like, as obsolete and ineffective already.  With new and faster ways of generating leads, car dealers would always want to be at the top of the competition.  This is what Approved Auto Leads,  aim’s to help its customers with.

Lead generation companies make the car dealers’ jobs easier by selling them leads.  They take care of the marketing strategies to attract leads and they are the ones who forward these interested car buyers to the dealerships.  They have played a large part in helping car dealerships grow.  Approved Auto Leads can cite many cases of car dealerships which revenues really grew because they sought help from a good lead company.

However, not all lead generation companies really help car dealerships in increasing their sales.  Some would just provide as many leads as they can although it would not really sell.  It is therefore still important for car dealers to be wise and critical in choosing the right leads provider and in buying the right kind of car dealership leads.

When buying car leads, the price is, of course, one of the most important determining factors.  In car leads, not all cheap leads are good buys.  Price should be evaluated with the conversion rate.  This is the rate at which a lead will be converted into a sale.  If the lead is cheap but the conversion rate is low, it is not really a good decision to make a purchase at such pricing.  It would turn out that the car dealer would have to purchase several leads and a few from it would only convert.  This is still an expensive purchase.  Meanwhile, if a lead company sells a lead at a quite expensive price but has a high conversion rate, car dealers should consider taking this kind of deal.  Even though the leads are expensive, they are sure to convert into sales.  In this case, a car dealer is not really spending more.

Car dealers should also make sure that when they buy car dealership leads, the leads are exclusive.  This means that the leads should not be sold to other car dealers.  This would only result in competition and would defeat the purpose of availing services from a lead generation company.  Car dealers can ensure the exclusivity of leads by calling up the company and asking questions about how they distribute leads.

Car leads sold by lead generation companies should also be pre-screened before being forwarded to car dealers.  This ensures the quality of the leads.  In the pre-screening process by lead generation companies, the most likeliness of a lead to turn into a sale can already be determined.  Therefore, car dealers should look for lead companies which pre-screens the leads they collect.

Different Kinds of Car Dealership Leads

Posted on: January 9th, 2012 by credit


Car Dealership Leads

Car dealers no longer just depend on advertising campaigns to succeed in the fiercely competitive automotive business.  Now, they make use of  leads to create sales.  Car dealership leads are actually consumers who are looking for a vehicle and auto financing to make the purchase.  The leads that are provided to the car dealer contain key information about the prospective car buyer such as the name, address, contact details as well as vehicle preference.  Upon receipt of the lead, the car dealer will contact the individual in hopes of closing a deal. 

There are many different kinds of car dealership leads.  The kind of leads that a car dealer will obtain will depend on the car dealer itself.  For instance, one kind is the new car leads.  As the name suggests, these contain information about prospective car buyers who are in search of brand new vehicles.  Car dealers that feature brand new automobiles in their inventory are those that need such leads so that they can make a sale. 

Another kind is the used car dealership leads, or prospective car buyers seeking to buy a used car.  Independent auto dealers that specialize in selling pre-owned vehicles require these leads to bring customers to their lot.  There are now more people investing in used automobiles, and used car dealers should take advantage of auto lead generation to boost revenue. 

The third kind of car dealership leads is the special finance variety, also known as subprime leads.  With this kind of lead, the buyer—not the type of vehicle to be purchased—is the consideration. 

Leads of this kind contain information about  potential customers who are unable to qualify for a traditional auto loan because of a low credit score.  Many dealers are finding it more advantageous to obtain leads that are specific to subprime auto financing because there are now more credit-challenged prospective car buyers.  Dealers know that by finding subprime borrowers and offering them auto financing, they can have a huge increase in sales. 

Car dealers which are interested to obtain special finance leads in order to enjoy more profits would benefit from the services of a lead generation company such as Approved Auto Leads.  Many car dealers can attest that the online company is a great source for quality leads.  Because the leads offered by Approved Auto Leads are updated and exclusive, car dealers have higher chances of sales conversion.  Indeed, buying leads from Approved Auto Leads bring car dealerships closer to better sales.


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