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Get Real Leads by Showing Real People

Posted on: September 3rd, 2012 by credit

With today’s trend in marketing dealerships, generating sales leads, and even closing sales, the internet has been playing a vital role. Aside from being rapid in sharing information, the internet also features anonymity, the state of being unknown. Dealers can always hide their real names behind an alias and some of them event tell their salespeople to do the same. They communicate with an automotive sales lead without a real name and a real face. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Keeping it this way may work fine in some dealerships. However, there are already many cases where showing online car shoppers the real people behind a dealership attracts more prospects and closes more sales. If you want to rev up your automotive sales lead acquisition and conversion, start showing your prospects real faces.

Engage in conversations. This is a basic in social media marketing. Social media is all about interaction and conversations. Check your social media channels regularly and post videos, photos, and any relevant and interesting content. Answer your followers’ or fans’ questions, reply to comments, or join in discussions. Stay active in your social media channels and keep them lively. Make sure that they are always interactive.

Post real photos. Your prospects would trust your dealership more if they see that there are real things happening in your dealership. Post photos of your events, staffs, and even of yourself. You can also share photos of happy car buyers or winners of your promos. Moreover, you and your sales people should also show your real faces on your social media channels by making your own photos your profile pictures. This way, your followers would know that they are interacting with real people.

Focus on building reputation and relationship than attracting more leads and making more sales. As has been pointed out earlier, keep in mind that social media is primarily for interaction. Therefore, concentrate on establishing your dealership’s brand as credible and reputable. Work also on building rapport with your prospects and existing customers. If you focus too much on sales, you would either lose more leads or fail in your automotive sales lead generation efforts through your social media channels.

Showing your audience online that your dealership is indeed made up of real people impacts how they look at your dealership. Believe it or not, it does so much for your reputation, gaining more trust from potential car buyers. It also helps foster customer loyalty by keeping your customers updated with the affairs in your dealership and developing a stronger relationship with them. Making your social media presence automated may indeed save you a lot of time and energy. However, ponder on the cons of this decision and weigh them against the benefits of going manual and real.

Cold Calling Auto Sales Leads: Are You Sure You’re Doing It Right?

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by credit

Opposing views on cold calling have been boldly expressed online and even in books. Some say that cold calling is no longer effective and that businesses should stop doing it. Others say that although it is a traditional lead generation technique, it remains effective despite being overpowered by Internet marketing strategies. Nevertheless, cold calling is still used by some businesses, including dealerships, today. However, you have to understand that some adjustments should be made when doing cold calling in today’s context.

Don’t Really Sell

Yes, it’s true especially on the first contact with an auto sales lead. Cold calling is no longer used that much to convince prospects to buy. The approach is different now. Rather than being an irritating sales person at the other end of the line, be a sincere car dealer who wants to help auto sales leads with their concerns, making the contact personal and interactive at the same time. It is your chance of making yourself appear credible and reliable to your prospects.

Don’t End There

It is less likely that auto sales leads are ready to buy immediately at first contact. It would normally take several calls or emails before they make a decision. Thus, when you have made the first contact already, make a follow up immediately by sending them an email. Make the message personal by doing it yourself. Provide them with all the necessary information and you can also make an irresistible offer if possible. Do not forget to put a link to your website.

You can also make another phone call with a reasonable time difference from your first call. There have been debates on how many times should leads be called. Even if in most cases, leads get irritated with so many sales calls, some marketing experts say that as many as 6 phone calls in almost 2 weeks is optimal. However, others protest by saying that there are many other lead generation and conversion techniques available now which can be used as alternatives to cold calling.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

As has been mentioned, it will take time before auto sales leads make a decision or even turn into sales. Try to understand them: Cars are expensive and with the global economic crisis today, buying one is not financially easy. It is also a major decision where car buyers need to take time choosing the right car model, dealership, and loan provider. While waiting for auto sales leads to make a decision, be productive by sending them promotional and informative emails. Keep them interested and never lose contact with them.

In closing, train your sales team to be aggressive and efficient in order for you to be successful in converting auto leads into sales through cold calling. You can also hire the services of a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads which can also provide training for your sales staff.


Are Your Leads Talking to Real People in Your Dealership?

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by credit

Prospects often complain when they notice that they seem to be talking to computers in a dealership instead of real people. This means that they are just getting some computer-generated responses which could not provide further assistance in their concerns. This certainly turns leads off. Therefore, it is important that dealers respond to leads themselves, making them feel that they are really talking to real people and providing them with genuine and honest help. Here are some tips in doing that.

An automotive sales lead would not wait forever for you to call him or her back. He or she could easily jump to the next option or entertain other offers. Hence, you need to respond quickly to the leads’ queries to keep them interested in your dealership and win them. A quick response will also keep the leads from moving on to other options or from your competitors who are as quick and as determined as you are in converting them into sales. You can have an auto responder set up to send responses quickly. However, make the responses yourself as much as possible and use the auto responder only when you are not at your desk.

Make your responses personal as well and this is where an automotive sales lead could actually feel that he or she is communicating with a real person. Whether you are getting back to them via email or phone call, make it a point to seem to be friendly, honest and sincere. Moreover, establish connection with them by finding out their interests and jobs and using those to communicate with them well.

Aside from a quick and personal response, you can also make your leads feel that the person on the other end of the line is real by offering help and alternatives for their concerns. Do not just be focused on turning them into sales. Listen to and understand their concerns and think of how you can help them. Having this kind of approach wins an automotive sales lead more than just being an expert-in-sales-talk.

Lastly, keep on pursuing your leads until they make a decision. Communicate with them regularly by sending them promotional and informative emails and mailers, calling them up, and the like. Make sure that they are considering you as one of their options when the time comes that they are ready to buy a vehicle already. Do not give up even if it takes too long. Giving up on them easily means throwing your potential sales away.

Automotive Sales Lead Good Response and Communication so you can Close the Deal

Posted on: January 22nd, 2012 by credit

Approved Auto Leads is dedicated to provide its customers with quality leads–and it does so.  However, the last effort–and perhaps the most crucial–to turn these leads into sales will come from the car dealers themselves.  Therefore, they should know how to handle the leads handed to them by lead providers like Approved Auto Leads.

Car dealers should keep in mind that an automotive sales lead is an interested car buyer.  They are not like some random persons who a telemarketer would call up to find out if they are interested to buy a car or not.  Auto leads are interested car buyers because they have been actively looking for the best car dealership offer.  That is why they submitted their application to lead companies.  Hence, car dealers should not really waste these leads who are almost sure sales.  This is one of the reasons why car dealers should respond to them quickly.  Another reason is the leads’ divided attention.  Car dealers should be aware that interested car buyers would most likely, if not always, apply to many options.  If a car dealer is slow to respond to queries, other dealers, who could respond faster than him or her, would most likely get the sale.

To effectively respond to automotive sales leads aside from being fast, car dealers should also know how to communicate with them well.  If the query was sent via email, the car dealer should also answer by email.  There are software available now called auto responders which are capable of automatically sending an email response to a query.  This is an advantage especially if the car dealer is not at his or her desk.  However, some experts would recommend the auto responder to be turned off if the car dealer is available to respond to each lead.  This is better as the automotive sales lead would feel that he or she is really communicating with a real person and not just with some automated program which can not answer his or her questions.

When communicating with auto leads via email, car dealers should make sure that their contents are well-written.  Car dealers can send them newsletters, updates, special offers, promos, discounts and the like to keep them interested in the car dealership’s features and offers.  However, car dealers should be careful not to overdo this since prospects get turned off if they see that it is just all promotion.  The best way to balance this is by answering their queries truthfully and with genuine solutions.

Auto leads would sometimes make a phone call to the dealership’s office.  At the first call, car dealers should build the impression of being there to help out and not just to sell.  This is an effective way of winning an automotive sales lead.  The goal of the call should be to find out the lead’s preferences and concerns rather than turning him or her into an immediate sale, which does not happen most of the time.  The car dealer should also make sure that before the conversation ends, they were able to set an appointment with the lead to further talk about the details of the offer.

Car dealers should be as dedicated as Approved Auto Leads in making sales.  Hence, they should practice the craft of doing follow-up calls and emails.  The key is to never give up on them until they make a decision.

Points to Remember When Purchasing Automotive Sales Leads

Posted on: January 5th, 2012 by credit

We hand you car deals


Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads have been thriving in the automotive marketing industry.  It has been proven that these companies are indeed helpful in increasing the sales and revenues of car dealers and even lenders.  However, not all lead generation companies serve best as the car dealers’ partners in accomplishing their target sales.  Here are some things for car dealers and lenders to take note of before purchasing automotive sales leads from any lead companies.

First, car dealers should do a little research about their prospective lead companies.  One of the most important things to find out is the longevity of the company’s service in the industry.  This is a good yardstick of how successful and credible the company has been.  However, this may not be true in all cases.  Car dealers then should further check the legitimacy and reliability of the lead company by reading reviews, blogs or forum discussions.  These would allow them to learn from genuine opinions of those who have had an experience working with a particular lead generation company.  Another way car dealers can determine if the company is good is by checking on their verification and screening systems.  These are essential in a lead company.  It is unlikely for a lead company to generate quality leads if they have no efficient verification and screening systems.

Second, car dealers opting to purchase exclusive leads should make sure that they really are exclusive.  Automotive sales leads that will be sold to you should have never been sold to anyone else before.  Otherwise, those leads were used already and it loses the point for car dealers to work out a deal with such leads.

Third, the price of leads versus the lead company’s standard conversion rate should be weighed by the car dealers in purchasing car leads.  They should know what is a good pricing deal and which is not.  It is a good price if the leads sold at an expensive price has a high conversion rate.  On the contrary, if a lead is cheap but has low conversion rate, the car buyer is not paying a good price.  Lead generation companies are supposed to help its customers increase their revenues.  That is why car dealers should pay more attention to the conversion rate rather than the price.  It is not wise to buy cheap leads that would less likely turn into a sale.

Lastly, car dealers should ask a lot of questions to the lead company.  Some important things to ask about are return policy, lead generation techniques, pre-approval system and the like.  These are important details that could make or break the car dealer’s decision on whether or not to work with the company.

Approved Auto Leads have been providing its customers with quality automotive sales leads for more than 10 years.  Its partners have increased their revenues with the kind of service Approved Auto Leads have been showcasing.  It is time now for car dealers like you to boost up your sales with partners like us.

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