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Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Auto Dealership Marketing

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by credit

Social media is now esteemed as one of the most powerful marketing tools in the Internet. Dealerships love it for its rapidness in sharing information and the interconnectedness of numerous networks. Social media has also proven its capability to boost dealership sales. Marketing auto dealerships through social media is indeed a trend in the industry that’s keeping the environment highly competitive, provided that it is done rightly. Look at the following dos and don’ts of marketing auto dealerships through social media.

Do provide relevant and engaging content.

Social media marketing is still, in a way, all about content—articles, photos, videos, and graphics. Content has to be relevant to the needs and interests of your prospects and customers. Things like car reviews, dealership promos, inventory updates, event announcements, news, photos of happy customers at the dealership, and high-quality video testimonials are excellent content. Content must also be engaging. Be creative and persuasive with whatever you post on your pages.

Do respond to your followers/fans.

Whether you like it or not, people online react to your posts. Generally speaking, people either like or hate what they see. Whatever the reaction is, your voice needs to be heard. Reply to comments, likes, tweets, etc. If you encounter a very unhappy customer or prospect, don’t deal with him angrily. You can opt not to react or if you have already responded to him, call off the conversation. In addition, make your responses personal and quick. It is obvious that late responses are less appreciated.

Don’t use social media for sales and sales alone.

It’s true that social media can boost your sales; however, it is rather the effect than the result of your social media marketing efforts. Believe it or not, online car shoppers know if they are just being sold to or genuinely helped. Of course, they appreciate the latter than the former. If you are using social media as sales generator, then you are doing it all wrong. Social media, from its name “social”, is basically used in businesses to build relationships rather than sell. Focus on sales and watch your prospects shy away from your dealership, or worse, from the brand that you carry.

Don’t ditch social media.

It was pointed out earlier that marketing auto dealerships through social media is a trend in the industry. It is therefore a big mistake to lag behind and not keep pace with your competitors. If you have not yet included social media in your dealership marketing strategies, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities for growth. Social media does not only help you reach out to prospects and customers but also make your dealership more visible and popular to your target market.

Did You Just Get Social? Better Do It Right

Posted on: July 4th, 2012 by credit

Social media is trending now in auto dealer marketing. More and more dealers are turning to social networks to build their online presence and to promote their brand. However, social media experts have slightly different views on social networking sites as marketing tools.

Some say that dealers should use the social media not as a medium to sell but only to instigate word of mouth among their followers and their networks. Some also say that the focal point of being “social” in the context of auto dealer marketing is engagement. However, many car dealers do not realize these and in the eyes of some experts, they are seeing social media the wrong way. Here are some points expressed by some social media experts.

Social media is all about relationships, interaction, and engagement. Working to meet that standard is not easy. According to a social media expert, you cannot hire services to build relationships, interact with and engage prospects for you. You have to figure it out and do it yourself. You also have to know what factors impact your relationship with your prospects online.

One: People would not care about your dealership or even the brand that you carry if they don’t know who they’re interacting with. As a social media expert puts it, you are in social media and it was called “social” for a purpose: interaction. Connection may be weak, or may not even be established, if you don’t show a face on your page. Some car makers and dealers are showing the face of their social media persons on their pages. Doing the same stirs interest and initiates engagement.

Second: Some could go on thinking that content is not really that important, but whether they like it or not, content impacts engagement. Say, you have been publishing dull, irrelevant, and boring content. Do you think people will still be interested in what’s going on in your page? However, if you provide helpful information like important announcements and interesting photos and videos, you could even attract more prospects. Try and see it for yourself.

Social media is not originally for selling, although you can also do that. However, as a social media expert explained, you cannot mix up selling with being social. The two complement each other but you’ve got to have separate strategies for each. Social media is different from other forms of auto dealer marketing. You have to learn the right approach, which is different from the traditional marketing methods, to maximize its potential.

As a final note, don’t focus on the quantity of likes, fans, followers, comments, viewers, and the like. Although these numbers are important for monitoring and measures, your social media marketing efforts do not revolve around these. For the last time, it’s about interaction, relationship, and engagement.

Advantages of Lead Generation Services in Auto Marketing

Posted on: May 4th, 2012 by credit

Aside from lead conversion, lead generation is another challenging task for dealers especially when they only have the traditional techniques to use. However, dealers today can simply hire the services of a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads not only to generate leads for them but also to promote their dealership by using various auto marketing strategies. Here are some ways by how lead generation services help dealers a lot.

Lead generation services give dealers an easy access to hot leads. In general, lead generation companies employ a screening process where they make sure that the leads they generate are of good quality. Leads are good if they are from people who are interested in buying a vehicle. Pre-screened leads spare dealers from having to qualify leads and verify all the information provided by the prospects. Moreover, these are already people who are most likely to turn into sales which dealers can acquire effortlessly.

Dealers will also have more time to spend on converting leads into sales if they hire lead generation services. They will not have to put much effort in generating leads in expense of other important tasks. Lead generation companies can take that bulk of work off from the dealer’s shoulders and allow them to just focus on making more sales.

Dealers can also have a more controlled and accurate budgeting. When buying leads from a lead generation company, they can specify the number of leads that they only want to receive in respect with their budget, controlling also the influx of leads in their database. They can also choose the price per lead and pay only for the leads they receive. The return policy of lead generation companies guarantees a money-back for the bad leads that the dealer might accidentally receive.

Lead generation services also help dealers target prospects more effectively. In contrast with telemarketing where dealers have to cold call random prospects and have a high chance of being rejected over and over, lead generation companies can target a specific market. Dealers can specify the geographical and demographic scopes of the prospects they want their auto marketing efforts to zero in.

For the most part, aside from making a dealer’s auto marketing campaigns cost-efficient and more effective, lead generation services help increase a dealership’s revenue. Since dealers can deal with hot and targeted leads, there are more chances of them to make sales out of such leads.

Internet Automotive Dealership Marketing and Lead Generation Companies

Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by credit

Automotive dealership marketing is no longer limited to offline advertising and marketing strategies in the forms of radio and TV commercial ads, jingles, postcards, billboards, trade shows, and the like.  It is more diversified now with the internet as the main platform and tool to make auto dealer marketing more effective and competitive.  The discussion here would be about automotive dealership marketing in the context of the internet and how lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads can make it more effective.

Building a good dealership website is the first step for car dealers to start their online campaign for their car dealership.  The website does not have to be complicated and impressive.  As long as it is user-friendly, interactive, informative, and substantial, it would keep on attracting visitors.  Car dealers should make an easy navigation for their website.  When people visit the site, they should not find it hard to find their way to the information they need.  It is better if car dealers would keep the website simple when it comes to navigation.  They should also put as much pictures, videos, graphics and effects as appropriate to make the site interactive.  A website with a good appearance attracts and impresses visitors.  More importantly and above all, car dealers should make sure that their website is informative and substantial.  The dealership website should contain helpful information which visitors could use as resources to help them find solutions and answers to their concerns and questions, respectively.  The website should also contain the company’s profile and contact information, portfolio of inventory, description of offers and other promos, and even car reviews.

The next step would be to promote this site in the world wide web by using search engine optimization or SEO techniques or any other internet automotive dealership marketing strategies that could make the website attract more potential customers.  There are some simple SEO techniques that a car dealer can do for free as a start.  He or she could list his or her dealership website in the different directories online.  These web directories contain all kinds of websites which are arranged and organized according to categories.  People sometimes utilize web directories to easily find what they are looking for.  There are also directories that are exclusively for auto dealerships only or anything related to that.  Car dealers can also start promoting the site by answering questions in Q&A websites.  This is an opportunity for them to show their expertise and share their knowledge to those who are seeking guidance and advice on car purchase.  Through this, they can also build up themselves as credible car dealerships which car buyers can trust.  They can also penetrate the social media which is a powerful platform to promote the dealership website.

Car dealers can also utilize the capability and expertise of lead generation companies in carrying out these automotive dealership marketing efforts.  Approved Auto Leads does not only take care of increasing the car dealer’s sale but it also is an expert in executing marketing strategies to generate quality leads for the dealership.  Lead generation companies are helpful aids to car dealers especially if this aspect of the business is already eating up their time for closing deals, which is likewise important.

Effective Auto Marketing with Lead Generation Companies

Posted on: February 22nd, 2012 by credit

Lead generation is the process of gathering information of potential customers by capturing their interest through various marketing strategies with the aim to increase the revenue of a business.  Lead generation in auto marketing has been more competitive as the Internet gave rise to new lead generation techniques.  Car dealers have learned to use these new methods and found them more effective than the old methods.  Consequently, many car dealers now do way with the traditional lead generation techniques such as, television and radio commercial ads, billboards, and jingles as they keep up with the new trend in auto marketing.  Traditional lead generation techniques are now considered by many as ineffective and obsolete.

Lead generation tasks are not easy and they may be overwhelming for car dealers.  They could even neglect spending time on closing deals.  In this case, car dealers can ask help from a lead generation company.  Lead generation companies practically shoulder auto marketing tasks such as implementation of lead generation techniques, cold calling, and the like.  Approved Auto Leads is a lead generation company that utilizes effective lead generation techniques to generate quality leads for its car dealer clients.  It also provides call center training for the sales staffs of car dealerships.  Lead generation companies also offer appointment setting and sometimes, lead management.

Availing the services of a lead generation company could rev up a car dealership’s sales.  Not only do car dealers get to focus more on converting leads into sales but they also enjoy other advantages of lead generation services.  With help of a lead generation company, a car dealer would be able to manage his or her leads well.  Since lead deliveries are controlled, car dealers will also be able to handle all leads because there is only a certain number of leads coming in per month.  Leads provided by lead generation companies can be considered hot leads because they have already shown interest in the car dealer’s offer by submitting their application.  Car dealers can directly contact these prospects, especially the most important ones.    Moreover, with a comprehensive information of leads in hand, they can even customize loan offers to meet a lead’s needs.  This gives them a higher chance of closing more deals at the end of the day.  The greatest advantage of lead generation companies is the increase in revenue of car dealerships.  Approved Auto Leads has been in this business for ten years and it has helped a lot of dealerships to achieve progress in their sales.  Indeed, auto marketing can be more efficient and competent with the help of lead generation companies.

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