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Lead Generation – Cold Calling, Internet Marketing, and Lead Providers

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by credit

Generating automotive sales leads is a task of car dealers that has become easier as technology continues to get more advanced. Car dealers can gain more exposure for their dealerships by utilizing the Internet to advertise their dealerships. However, even if these new lead generation techniques have been thriving in the industry, some of the classic ones still remain effective.

Cold calling, for example, had been one of the most effective lead generation techniques back then when internet marketing strategies have not been developed yet. Although it involved making random calls, which means having a quite undefined target market, it often turned in positive results. However, one major disadvantage that car dealers faced then was getting rejected over and over. This is because automotive sales leads do not like to be called on an average of more than 4 times in a week. Moreover, if sales are insisted on uninterested prospects, they will surely get annoyed eventually.

However, with the discovery of the capability of the Internet to be used as a medium to effectively generate automotive sales leads, cold calling eventually faded into background but remains to be an integral part of converting leads into sales. Using the Internet to generate leads involves creation of dealership websites and promoting these websites in the world wide web. Moreover, email marketing, which is a counterpart of the traditional direct mail marketing, also proves to be effective in reaching prospects more effectively and causing them to respond to dealers’ calls to action. Other techniques that car dealers can use in generating leads through the Internet are search engine optimization or SEO, which improves a website’s visibility in search engine results pages to drive more traffic, blogging, article marketing, and social media marketing.

Apart from the two lead generation techniques mentioned, another new way of generating leads is hiring a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads to generate leads for car dealers. Automotive sales leads did not just become easier to generate but also became a business opportunity for the members of the industry. Lead providers work by promoting their clients’ websites through internet or traditional marketing to attract prospects. The leads they will be generating will then be delivered to their clients after they have been screened. Car dealers pay for the number of leads that they get.

Aside from cold calling, internet marketing strategies, and lead providers, there are still many ways by which car dealers can effectively generate leads in today’s context. They just have to know which are the most applicable and cost-effective ones for their dealership and be knowledgeable on using them.

Using PPC in Generating More Automotive Leads

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by credit

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is an internet marketing strategy that aims to drive traffic to a website by publishing ads in websites and search engine results pages. From the name itself, pay-per-click, advertisers here pay publishers for every click that their ads get. In other words, advertisers pay for their website’s traffic. The cost per click is sometimes at a flat rate or bid-based. Like search engine optimization or SEO, keywords are also important in PPC marketing. Advertisers should use keywords in their ads that are relevant to their prospects’ behavior and needs.

PPC marketing is proven to be one of the most effective internet marketing strategies. It indeed drives traffic to a website and generates leads for businesses. This is also true with car dealerships. Many dealers now have been investing in paying traffic for their dealership websites by displaying PPC ads.

To effectively generate automotive leads through PPC marketing, dealers not only have to know the right keywords to use but should also be able to create compelling text. Do not just advertise your dealership website by putting up ads. Make your ad trigger your prospects to click on it by engaging them. How would you do that? Create a compelling text. Remember that PPC ads are just like snippets which occupy little space in websites and search engine results pages. Thus, you can only tell so much to your prospects so tell them immediately what they need to do.

PPC marketing is like inviting someone to come over at your place. Once your guest agrees to visit you at home, you would want your house to be at its best, wouldn’t you? In the same way, if you are successful with creating a compelling text and making your prospects click on your ad, welcome them with a pleasant landing page. Displaying an ad that captures prospects is not the end of your PPC marketing campaign. Keep them and convert them into sales by creating a competent landing page. Therefore, put effort in creating and designing your landing page to successfully convert automotive leads into sales. Make them do another thing that is, to purchase from your dealership.

Indeed, PPC marketing is an effective lead generation technique for your dealership. If you are hiring the services of a lead generation company, like Approved Auto Leads, to generate leads for you, make sure that they are also knowledgeable in this kind of marketing strategy which not only promotes your dealership but also captures prospects.

Are Your Leads Talking to Real People in Your Dealership?

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by credit

Prospects often complain when they notice that they seem to be talking to computers in a dealership instead of real people. This means that they are just getting some computer-generated responses which could not provide further assistance in their concerns. This certainly turns leads off. Therefore, it is important that dealers respond to leads themselves, making them feel that they are really talking to real people and providing them with genuine and honest help. Here are some tips in doing that.

An automotive sales lead would not wait forever for you to call him or her back. He or she could easily jump to the next option or entertain other offers. Hence, you need to respond quickly to the leads’ queries to keep them interested in your dealership and win them. A quick response will also keep the leads from moving on to other options or from your competitors who are as quick and as determined as you are in converting them into sales. You can have an auto responder set up to send responses quickly. However, make the responses yourself as much as possible and use the auto responder only when you are not at your desk.

Make your responses personal as well and this is where an automotive sales lead could actually feel that he or she is communicating with a real person. Whether you are getting back to them via email or phone call, make it a point to seem to be friendly, honest and sincere. Moreover, establish connection with them by finding out their interests and jobs and using those to communicate with them well.

Aside from a quick and personal response, you can also make your leads feel that the person on the other end of the line is real by offering help and alternatives for their concerns. Do not just be focused on turning them into sales. Listen to and understand their concerns and think of how you can help them. Having this kind of approach wins an automotive sales lead more than just being an expert-in-sales-talk.

Lastly, keep on pursuing your leads until they make a decision. Communicate with them regularly by sending them promotional and informative emails and mailers, calling them up, and the like. Make sure that they are considering you as one of their options when the time comes that they are ready to buy a vehicle already. Do not give up even if it takes too long. Giving up on them easily means throwing your potential sales away.

Automotive Leads that Really Help Car Dealers

Posted on: February 17th, 2012 by credit


Life for car dealers are indeed easier now than before as they can just rely on lead providers to obtain more leads.  They can just simply buy leads and get prospective car buyers in an instant.  However, car dealers should still be on the alert when enjoying this privilege.  Not all automotive leads that they get are really helpful to them and to their business.  These leads can sometimes be even the cause of problems and financial loss in their dealerships.  Here is a simple guideline for car dealers to evaluate helpful leads.

here are two types of leads namely, exclusive and non-exclusive.  To briefly explain, exclusive leads are only sold to one client while other clients benefit from a single lead in non-exclusive type of leads.  If car dealers want to make sure that they get really helpful leads, they should go for exclusive leads.  This may cost them a little bit more but they can enjoy monopolizing the deal.  There is still minimum competition, though, because car dealers would still have to compete with other lenders whom the lead might have contacted too.

Lead providers are also responsible for promoting a car dealerships’s promos, offers, and services.  They do this by utilizing different lead generation techniques.  Car dealers should understand this: Marketing strategies used affect the quality of leads that will be generated.  Internet marketing strategies, for example, are new and effective.  They can indeed generate automotive leads well.  However, if these techniques are abused or inappropriately used, they would not generate quality leads.  To put it concretely, if a lead provider abuses Internet ads, for example, to lure prospects into signing up, it will only generate leads that will not really convert into sales.  These leads were just deceived and are not really serious about buying a car.  So then, car dealers should ask their prospective lead provider about the various lead generation techniques they employ and how they do it.  Approved Auto Leads are experts in lead generation techniques.  It has proven for ten years that the leads they provide actually help their clients in increasing their sales.

Some lead providers also get leads form a third party.  Although this is really not a big deal, it can affect the quality of leads that will be sent to the car dealer if there is no quality control.  Car dealers should ask their provider about how do they know that they are indeed getting quality leads from the third party.  Nevertheless, car dealers can always opt not to allow such strategy.

Automotive leads that help car dealers have high conversion rate.  Car dealers should make sure that the leads they are purchasing are the ones that will most likely turn into sales.  However, they should be aware that leads with high conversion rate are costlier than those with low conversion rate. In any case, it is recommended for car dealers to go for leads that will most likely convert even if they cost them more.

Automotive Lead Management

Posted on: January 29th, 2012 by credit

Automotive lead generation companies have been a great help for car dealers nowadays in increasing their sales and income.  However, if there has been no significant change in the revenues, car dealers should not put all the blame on the lead providers.  Achieving an increase in sales is a two-part process.  First is by a quality auto lead provider that a car dealer should select wisely and the second one is by the car dealers themselves in employing an excellent automotive lead management system.  If both of these work well together, car dealers can guarantee themselves a sure increase in their revenues. The problem is, many car dealers do not know how to rightly manage the leads they acquire.  This is one of the most important things car dealers should learn to ensure revenue growth.  Here are some of practical ways to effectively manage automotive leads.

Car dealers should be organized in compiling and listing the leads.  They can put all leads in a spreadsheet, like in Excel.  In this way, keeping records is easier and orderly.  Car sales representatives would not also have a hard time sorting out the lists and finding names, contact details and other information.  They would also be able to keep track f the status of each lead. Car sales representatives will also be able to avoid repeats.

Another automotive lead management technique that car dealers should learn is communicating with the leads immediately.  Upon acquisition, car dealers should make a call to the leads immediately or make a response in some other ways because these prospective customers are just waiting for replies to their enquiry.  Some car dealerships employ auto responders and other software to automatically and immediately respond to the enquiries even if the car dealers are not in their offices.

Speaking of auto-responders, it is also good that car dealers like you utilize some modern automotive lead management techniques.  An auto responder is a program or software that automatically responds to emails.  It is an effective tool, especially in email marketing, in attracting leads and sending follow-up messages.  In the automotive industry, the main benefit of auto responders is perhaps maintaining the interest of the prospective car buyers.  These leads were interested with the offer that is why they dropped their information in.  And as mentioned earlier, they are just waiting for someone to take heed to their queries.  An immediate reply would not let the interest of these leads go spoiled.  Auto responders would surely do this job well for car dealers.

Another modern technique of automotive lead management is using customer relationship management or CRM software.  CRMs basically do a large part of the car dealer’s tasks.  It can sort information, collect leads, create prospective customers profiles with their preferences, improves customer service, and many more.

Managing auto leads is not an easy process and system to maintain.  Car dealers would really have to be creative and diverse when looking for better ways in managing leads.  Approved Auto Leads provides quality leads to their customers and it would not want those leads go wasted just because of poor auto lead management system.  Having an excellent one is indeed the key to turn hot leads from Approved Auto Leads into sure sales.

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