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Characteristics of a Good Automotive Lead

Posted on: August 8th, 2012 by credit


Today, car dealerships are having a hard time selling their cars. This is not surprising because the world is experiencing hard financial times. People are not earning enough and they would rather spend their salaries in other things. However, despite the crisis, there are still people out there who are interested in buying cars.

Car dealerships must not rely on walk-in customers alone, or else they will never be able to meet their monthly or yearly sales quotas. They need to be proactive in looking for customers who are willing to buy cars. This is where the use of an automotive lead comes in.

An automotive lead contains information about people who have bought a car in the past and/or have shown interest in buying a car in the recent months. This information includes the person’s name, age, gender, where he or she lives and sometimes his or her financial history. In order to be of use for the car dealership, an automotive lead has to have certain characteristics so it will translate into a successful sale.

High Price: Value For Money

Car dealerships must realize that good automotive leads do not come cheap. Nevertheless, they should not be intimidated by the high price of auto leads that come from reputable lead generator companies. They should view these leads as an investment that can translate into sales that can help them meet their sales quotas. Some car dealerships might be tempted to buy inexpensive auto leads but if these do not help them make a sale, then the car company just wasted valuable resources in buying them.

Diversity is Good

Car dealerships must also realize that there are different kinds of automotive leads available today. It will not be surprising if they prefer to get customers who have good credit history and have enough money to finance their cars. However, they should also look into people who have no credit history who are also interested in buying cars. It might sound risky but often, this group has the capability to finance their cars but they have not established their credit rating yet. They should also include people who have a bad credit history into the mix. Having a bad credit history does not necessarily mean that a person is not capable of financing a car especially if he or she is finding ways to improve his or her credit score.

Real Time, All the Time

Most importantly, a good automotive lead should be generated in real time. These leads come from consumers who are actively searching for a car that they are willing to buy. This will allow the car dealer to be in contact with the person right away, and the transaction and sale will proceed faster. Remember, an auto lead from a year ago will not be useful for the dealership.

Lead Generation Mistakes Car Dealers Should Avoid

Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by credit

You can generate auto leads in two ways: by using traditional methods or through the internet. Although some of the traditional methods are obsolete and considered ineffective already, many new techniques were discovered and are now used as effective lead generation means. However, many car dealers are not able to maximize the potential of these techniques in making their dealerships more profitable. They fail over and over in their lead generation efforts, not even producing significant sales. Why? Learn about some of the common lead generation mistakes you should avoid to stop the cycle.

Some car dealers fail in generating leads simply because they have the wrong focus. They are too obsessed increasing their traffic than devising an excellent plan on how to translate the traffic into sales. Making your dealership website drive traffic is basic and easy in auto lead generation once you’re familiar with the techniques. However, converting these leads into sales is the more challenging and the most important part. Massive traffic is not that significant if it does not bring sales to your dealership. Thus, lead generation and lead conversion work side by side in making your dealership more profitable.

Being a rigid dealer and marketer is not also going to work for your dealership. Perhaps you were able to come up with an excellent strategy to generate and convert leads, but that exact strategy won’t work the same as time passes by. You’re missing on a lot if you are not reading the news or the studies about the auto industry. As a dealer, it’s important that you know the current trends on auto marketing, consumer behavior, and the like so you can modify or update your strategies in conformity with the current trends and needs of your target market. You will generate and convert leads more effectively this way.

It is also a mistake to ask your visitors to fill out a form right away without giving them any easier options to contact you. A form is necessary for you to get their information; however, it should not be the only way through which they can contact you. Make it more convenient for them. Provide a toll-free number where they could contact you immediately for their queries. You can also have sales reps stay online to provide assistance to your visitors through live chat.

Finally, hiring a poor auto lead generation company or provider is obviously a mistake. To be able to produce good quality leads, the lead provider must be legitimate and professional in using various lead generation techniques. Check a lead provider’s legitimacy by looking them up in BBB’s online database. To find out how they generate leads, ask them how they employ lead generation techniques because it certainly affects the quality of leads they generate.

Using Automotive Live Chat to Generate an Automotive Lead

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by credit

The success of an auto dealership is based on its sales and how many vehicles it sells. Getting people to buy cars is difficult, especially with the shaky economy these days. A lot of people are clinging to their hard-earned money and they are not willing to part with it on a whim. One tool that can help auto dealers meet their sales quota is to look for interested buyers through the use of an automotive lead.

Automotive leads are collected data from different individuals who have shown interest in buying a car in the past or in the present. These leads can also show statistics on prospective buyers such as their age, gender, where they live and how much they earn. An automotive lead is beneficial to the car dealership because they can adapt their marketing strategies to a specific target market to entice the people in that target market to buy cars. They can also send emails, brochures and newsletters to these people to inform them of new vehicles and other products and services they have in their lineup.

Some car dealerships hire companies that provide lead generator services but if they are looking for a cost-effective way to do it, they can choose to do it themselves by utilizing their own websites. To do this, they should invest in a good automotive live chat software that can be installed on their website. Automotive live chat allows dealerships to interact directly to the people visiting their website. Most of the time, when a person visits an auto dealership website, he or she is looking for a car to buy, or is interested in buying one in the near future. Having live chat saves time on the visitor’s part because he or she can forgo looking at numerous web pages just to get the information he or she needs. The information gathered during the interaction can be used to close the sale if the customer physically visits the dealership.

An automotive lead gathered directly from the dealership’s website has better chances in being converted into a sale. Dealerships will no longer have to outsource their leads from third-party lead companies and there is also no danger of being given a bogus or useless lead. This method of lead generator has been proven to be successful in increasing the dealership’s sales quota. The dealership also earns brownie points because they are bringing their customer service into a whole new level. Not only have they closed a sale, they also gained a loyal customer.

Lead Management Techniques for Auto Dealers

Posted on: April 12th, 2012 by credit

There are two ways by which auto dealers can generate leads. One is through their own marketing efforts and the other is by hiring the services of a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads. Auto dealers can generate quality leads by employing either or both ways. However, there are many of them who do not know how to handle leads well. They often end up failing to convert the leads they have obtained into sales. Auto dealers can reverse this cycle by coming up with a well-planned automotive lead management system which includes effective lead scoring, lead nurturing and lead distribution.

Auto dealers should build criteria for leads to know which ones are already sales ready. This is called lead scoring. It is also the phase in automotive lead management where the levels of interest of the leads to the services or products of a dealership are defined. This can be done by collecting demographic and behavioral information from the leads. Demographic information usually include the geographic location, company size or number of employees, job title or role, and company type or industry. On the other hand, behavioral information can be culled by observing the activities of leads through analyzing data such as number of pages viewed, number of forms filled out and submitted, emails opened, relevant keywords searched, and the like. The criteria and the definition of each category can be customized by an auto dealer according to his or her needs.

Lead nurturing is more than just keeping the leads interested. It must also be about building relationships with them. Auto dealers should understand that leads are not just prospects but also real people. They should be able to understand their needs and preferences, giving genuine advice and help, during the process of lead nurturing. The process mainly includes sending emails to all leads regularly and making phone calls to all leads in an auto dealer’s database. The goal of lead nurturing is to keep the leads’ knowledge of the auto dealership and to make it as one of the first options that a lead would consider checking out when he or she is ready to entertain sales representatives.

Lastly, when leads are already sales ready, auto dealers should now be able to make a smooth transition to turn the leads over to the sales team. This is called lead distribution. Auto dealers can smoothly turn over the task to sales reps by giving them complete details of all the leads and all the necessary information that the sales reps might be needing. Despite the turn over, auto dealers should still be hands on by keeping track of the leads’ statuses and supervising follow up activities. They should also have regular updates about the leads so they can modify their lead scoring and other automotive lead management techniques to more effectively manage leads in the future.

Things to Ask Automotive Lead Providers

Posted on: February 26th, 2012 by credit



Automotive lead providers are helpful to car dealers in hitting their revenue and sales target.    However, if lead providers are not efficient and competent, they will just cause trouble to car dealers.  Car dealers should then be critical when finding the best automotive lead provider to work with.  Here are some of the most important questions they should ask lead providers.

Car dealers should ask about the validation process of a lead provider for the information and applications they receive.  A lead provider should know how to validate the data they gather in order to ensure the authenticity of the information.  For example, if car dealers received leads which can not be contacted—either the information are bogus or the prospects are not real—the leads are useless because they would never convert into sales.  Automotive lead providers should have an effective system in checking the validity and authenticity of all the information they get.

Another thing to ask automotive lead providers is the lead generation or auto marketing techniques they use.  This also implies that car dealers should also have knowledge on various lead generation techniques and which are most effective.  They should also make sure that the lead providers carry out these techniques properly and legally, especially Internet marketing strategies where policies are strictly implemented.  If these are used abusively, lead providers would only generate leads which are only compelled or deceived to sign up.  These leads are not really interested car buyers and would not most likely convert into sales.

Other things that car dealers should ask automotive lead providers are about return policy, lead exclusivity and reselling, and the company’s years of experience in the industry.  A lead provider should have return policy in cases where car dealers receive leads with bad contact information.  A good lead provider would be willing to return the car dealer’s money for such leads.  Lead providers should also guarantee exclusivity of leads.  This means that the leads sold to a car dealers should not be sold to competitors or other non-competing third parties.  Car dealers should make sure that their lead provider does not resell the leads sold to them.  Otherwise, their prospects might call them up and complain about several promotional phone calls they receive and be puzzled on how others got their information.  Lastly, a lead provider is most likely credible and reliable if they have been in the industry for quite some time already.  However, this should not be the sole basis of a company’s efficiency.  Car dealers would still have to evaluate them further.

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