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How SEO Helps Generate More Quality Car Sale Leads

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by credit



Automotive lead providers are more competitive now than before as people discovered the contribution that the Internet can give to increase the sales of car dealerships.  Before, finding car sale leads is not as convenient as it is today.  Car dealers back then would really have to do a lot of leg work before finally obtaining quality leads that will surely turn into sales.  With the Internet as useful a aid in automotive marketing industry, car dealers can already ensure beforehand that they would get quality leads.  This can be done by using Internet marketing strategies.

One of the most basic strategies that a car dealer has to learn is search engine optimization or SEO.  This can be done in several ways to achieve one thing–make the website appear as one of the top results in search engines and drive more traffic.  In other terms, car dealers has to make their websites attract visitors so that they can turn these visitors into customers.  This can be achieved by making the website appear at the first page of results of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and the like.

One SEO technique is using keyword-rich content in your website.  You should first research about the most searched keywords related to the nature of your business that is, cars.  Use these keywords in writing content for your website.  If an Internet surfer enters the keyword you used, your website would be included in the list of results.  You can also use images and videos and other creative resources in your website.  Most people want to see more than just text when visiting a website.  You could drive more traffic by doing this.

People interested in purchasing a car would want to read reviews about their prospective car model. Take your time to provide genuine reviews about the car models in your inventory. This way, your website is not just a car sale leads generator but a helpful resource for car buyers.

To gain more exposure over the Internet, you can get your website listed in various directories online.  What are directories?  These are websites that list all websites according to categories.  Some people would go to these sites to find resources for their particular needs.  You might just capture a quality car sale lead from these directories.

A more advanced and aggressive SEO technique is penetrating the social media.  Social networking sites share information rapidly.  That is why car dealers should take advantage of  this.  There are billions of people here–most could be car sale leads!  There are different techniques in venturing into this kind of technique.  Car dealers should build a community here without making any violations or SEO abuses.  Most social networking sites are stricter now about spamming and other related activities.

Car dealers like you do not actually have to go through all these leg work.  Lead generation companies like us do the same thing aside from sending you car sale leads.  Approved Auto Leads has apt knowledge and skills in executing Internet marketing strategies to generate more quality auto leads.  Approved Auto Leads has proven to be providing only quality leads to its customers for the past ten years.

Selecting the Best Automotive Lead Provider

Posted on: December 28th, 2011 by credit


Lead generation services have been a great help to different businesses already.  This is likewise true with the automotive industry.  Automotive lead providers have been helpful partners of lenders and car dealers.  However, not all auto lead companies provide quality service and help their partners  increase revenue.  Here are some ways by which car dealers and lenders can ensure the excellence of an automotive lead provider.

Automotive lead providers are considered good and credible if it has been in the industry for quite some time already.  Although this may not entirely speak for the company’s good service, this implies that the company may have been serving customers who are satisfied with their service.  In other cases, auto lead providers which are just starting out may also showcase an excellent service.

Good automotive lead providers also only provide their customers with fresh leads.  Fresh means recent or even real time.  Car dealers and lenders have no use for outdated leads.  There is no point then for lead providers to give their clients such leads.  How will a lender or a car dealer make sure that the company provides fresh leads?  One way is by requesting for free leads.  This is like having a trial of their service to see if they really provide good leads.

Car dealers and lenders should also investigate on the system with which the lead company gathers and selects leads.  It is the right of a customer to ask about the company’s lead generation techniques.  The execution of these techniques will affect the kind of leads that they will generate.  To generate quality leads, automotive lead providers must use the various Internet marketing strategies correctly and appropriately.  If they are abusing these marketing strategies, they would just generate a lot of auto leads that are just deceived into taking action.

It is also important for car dealers and lenders to evaluate if the conversion rate of the leads are worth the price they are paying.  It is better to pay for more expensive leads that have higher rate of conversion than paying cheaply for leads that do not convert that much.  Approved Auto Leads are not after meeting the client’s quota.  If there are only 250 auto leads which are sure to be converted into sales, Approved Auto Leads would only give 250 even if the client’s order is above that.  It is better to buy leads which will surely turn into sales.

It is also recommended to choose exclusive leads.  Although this is more expensive than the non-exclusive leads, the customer gets to enjoy monopolizing the deal.

Car dealers and lenders should keep these points in mind when searching for the right auto lead company.  Approved Auto Leads had always been dedicated in helping their partners increase revenue.  Not only do they know how to use lead generation techniques well but they also make sure that their partners will have guaranteed sales.

Car Dealers: Buying Automotive Sales Leads

Posted on: December 17th, 2011 by credit

If you are a car dealer and you may be thinking to revolutionize your marketing strategies, then it would not be a mistake to give it a try.  Apparently, traditional ways of advertising your products and offers are no longer working that much as they used before.  With continuous innovation and the unstoppable development of the Internet, there have been newer forms of advertising with which different industries thrive.  The automotive industry has also been getting more and more competitive with it.

Aside from utilizing Internet marketing strategies, car dealers can exploit the work that lead generation companies can do for you.  Buying automotive sales leads from these companies not only make your job easy but it also allows you to save up effort and more money.  Here are what you can do as a car dealer.

Before venturing into lead generation companies, it is important to do some research on the company first.  A company that has been operational for many years already can mean that the company has been trusted by many clients for such a span of time.  However, this is still not a sure sign for that.  This only somehow help you gauge the company’s credibility and reliability.

Next point of evaluation is the company’s methods of generating automotive sales leads.  Not all lead companies do their job well.  Some companies collect leads from untrusted sources.  Some would even give their clients bad leads which are outdated already.  These will not do any good to your dealership.  It might instead pull you down.  You can ask the company about their methods beforehand, particularly about how they collect leads.  This is also to ensure the quality of leads that you can possibly get from the company.

Since lead companies vary in prices, it is practical  for car dealers like you to canvass for the best-priced subscription.  Always make sure that your money is worth the quality that the company provides. Finally, better check the company’s return policies.  This is for bad leads that they may be including in your order.  Bad leads are applications that are no longer recent and timely.  These are also leads that do not qualify for your criteria.  It is supposed to be the job of the lead company to screen all applications and eliminate those that are already outdated.  Along with the return policies, understand as well the other terms and conditions that go with the subscription.


Approved Auto Leads has been in operation for about more than 10 years now and it continues to provide its partners with quality leads that ensure profit

Ensuring Leads That Close

Posted on: December 17th, 2011 by credit

One of the characteristics of a good auto lead company is its ability and consistency in providing quality leads.  By quality it means leads that will more probably make a car purchase.  However, for car dealerships who are seeking such help from an auto lead company, they may not know which ones would really help and which will just give them useless automotive leads.

Car dealers should evaluate a lead company before getting it to work for them.  One way to do this is by asking them how they generate leads.  They would tell the client several ways by which they do it.  One of the newest and an effective lead generation technique in automotive industry today is online marketing.  Most lead companies now learned various Internet marketing strategies to reach out more automotive leads.  However, these should be properly and rightly executed.  Otherwise, expected production and profit will not be achieved.  The world wide web has regulations and sanctions for webmasters who will not comply with the policies.

The most common Internet marketing strategies that lead companies employ are the search engine optimization or SEO, email marketing and ads.  SEO is for making the website appear at the first page of a search engine results.  This attracts more visitors to the website since not all users go to the second page of results.  Another one is email marketing where lead companies send promotional newsletters, brochures or announcements to different auto leads.  These emails usually urges recipients to do something after reading the material.  In the case of auto lead companies, they try to make the lead fill out an application form.  Lastly, ads are very familiar and common marketing strategy in the Internet that usually annoys users.  Most Internet users would accidentally take action on these ads.

Although effective, the problem with these techniques is they can be easily abused.  Businesses abuse these techniques by deceiving their target market.  If auto lead companies generate automotive leads this way, then they will not be able to produce much quality leads.  If this kind of leads are sold to a car dealer, the dealer would later find out that those leads are not really interested with the offer.  Therefore, car dealerships and even lenders should carefully evaluate an auto lead company before partnering with them.Approved Auto Leads ensures its clients that the leads they sell passed their screening system so that they would not be giving useless leads to their clients but only those that will turn into a sale.

Converting an Automotive Lead Into a Sale

Posted on: December 16th, 2011 by credit

It is not easy to close deals with an automotive lead.  Car dealers are always faced with the uncertainty of every prospective client whether they will take the offer or not.  They have to be really skillful in convincing and urging the lead to take the offer.  Car dealers then have to learn some simple ways by which they can successfully turn automotive leads into sales.

Some car dealers obtain auto leads through their own efforts while others purchase a comprehensive list of applicants from lead generation companies.  When car dealers receive the list already, it is important that they contact the prospective customers immediately before other dealers get to them.  This is where building a good impression is most important.  A good impression will make the lead want to listen to and be encouraged to negotiate with the car dealer.

It is also better that they befriend the lead.  Relationship and trust are essential in making a deal work.  That is why it is important that dealers meet with the automotive lead personally and not just settle things over the phone or through emails.

Car dealers should also be reminded that the competition is tight and a single automotive lead may have several options already.  Car dealers then should follow-up the lead quickly before other dealers get in the way.  This could be done by keeping contact with the client and regularly sending them newsletters and the like.  This should not be overdone, though.  Otherwise, the lead would be disenchanted with the offer and the company.

This may not be necessary for all occasions but it is perhaps better if car dealers try to understand the situation of the lead.  This is most applicable if the lead is on the verge of giving up on the negotiation and wanting to walk away already.  The car dealer should not be emotional and just let the lead go.  He or she should know the reasons and concerns of the lead.  It is precious opportunity wasted if a lead would just be allowed to walk away.  Adjustments can still be made in the agreements.

Lastly, car dealers should never think of giving up.  It really takes time and patience sometimes to be able to come up with a fine closed deal.  However, if the automotive lead came from a lead generation company and they do provide quality leads, the car dealer has somehow a guarantee that the lead will make a purchase sooner or later.

Approved Auto Leads make sure that they only provide quality leads to spare their clients of such situation.  The leads they provide are guaranteed approved and are those who are seriously wanting to purchase a car.

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