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Evaluating Facebook Marketing Behavior: Are You a Hypocrite?

Posted on: September 20th, 2012 by credit

By observation of some dealership marketing experts, Facebook is one of the misused tools in social media marketing. Many dealers are not generating more finance leads and car sales leads through Facebook because they are doing it wrong. The novelty of social media being a marketing platform perhaps contributes to the way many dealers misunderstand social media. Go and evaluate your Facebook marketing tactics for your dealership now. Check out the list below:

Like Me Back…Please.”

You are begging for likes if you like a page and send a message to the owner of that account to say, “Like me back…” This is definitely not a good marketing tactic for your dealership. Think about it: Why would your so-called prospects like you back? Were you helpful to them? Did you do something great for them? Demanding likes is not acting like a professional marketer. Think again: If your prospects grant you likes without you asking them, because they sincerely like you and your dealership, they could even become finance leads or car sales leads or even sales eventually. Being sincere in your marketing efforts in Facebook will earn you sincere potential customers as well who are genuinely interested in your dealership.

Being Talkative for Attention

There are several articles online that talk about dealerships’ vanity in social networking sites. There are dealers who want to get as much attention as they want. Even if you don’t admit it, you are vain if you babble in your status updates. Irrelevant questions, photos, videos, and even quotes are considered as just babbles because you don’t actually care about people’s responses. You just want to get noticed by creating some noise. As a dealership, you don’t need to hoard attention just so people know that you exist in Facebook. You can do this with more appropriate, professional, and ethical marketing strategies.

Sending Personal Messages Randomly

This is a big mistake. Your prospects would hate you and your brand for sending them all-promotional and spammy messages. First, your recipients would be alarmed with the fact that you were able to contact them even if they did not contact you. Second, they treat such messages as nuisances. And third, this will just lose than earn you prospects. Instead, decide on your target market and reach out only to them. You are a dealership so you must cater to car shoppers, car enthusiasts, and people seeking car financing. Do not just select your market randomly. Be intentional when reaching out to potential customers.

Facebook and social media in general are not used so a business can be more popular. Social media marketing experts say that social media is for businesses to establish relationships with prospects and existing customers and not get famous or to sell. Consider what the experts are saying and you’ll see significant improvements in your Facebook marketing efforts.

Things to Do to See Your Social Media Strategy Fail

Posted on: September 19th, 2012 by credit

Social media, although widely used as one of the most effective marketing platforms in today’s industries, is still new. Many dealers still struggle in doing it right. There are still cases where a dealership only wasted money on social media marketing efforts that did not turn in good ROI. Your social media strategy can fail in many ways. It is either you need to start or stop doing something. Think about the following pointers:

Build a complicated dealership website. You were successful in encouraging your contacts in social media to visit your dealership website. They checked out your website but asked, “What did we get ourselves into?” Your dealership website has difficult navigation and they are losing their way. Remember that in creating your dealership website, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Is this color right for the eyes? Can I go easily around the site? Am I getting any useful information from this site? Is it helpful for my needs? Evaluate your dealership website now and never lose leads internet again.

Compete with celebrities and other brands in getting the most number of likes, fans, followers, comments, etc. First of all, you are not a celebrity; you are a dealer—a businessman—working to gain more profit. Thus, you don’t need too much attention in the social media sphere. Don’t be so vain trying to get noticed by almost everyone in social networking sites. There are more important things to focus on in social media marketing than getting all the attention. Moreover, more likes, fans, followers, and comments do not necessarily follow good and effective branding. You need to work on this with a more appropriate and effective strategy.

Provide content that is not worth sharing. One way to drive more traffic and to spread the news about your dealership in social media is providing compelling and useful content that is worth sharing. However, if you are just babbling in your articles, having no value at all, it will definitely not get shared. You will only lose the chance of attracting more prospects and even generating more leads internet.

Sell. Just Sell. This is a common mistake committed by dealers. Social media is not for selling but for building relationships with potential and existing customers. Moreover, consumers are wiser now. They know if you are just trying to get them to purchase something or giving them solutions and genuine help.

Dread experiments. Many dealers fail in their social media strategy because they decide to stick with one system and one strategy. This will not get them any farther. Study different dealerships and see how they do their branding, advertising, lead generating, and even conversion. Be experimental and a risk-taker and try employing their techniques and see if they work for you.

Like Us On Facebook! Taking Advantage of Social Media for Auto Leads

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by credit

Whether you think the economy is slow or there really is a recession, auto dealerships must sell cars in order to stay in business. This endeavor seems impossible nowadays because a lot of people are tightening their belts and spending less and less. Nevertheless, this does not mean that there are no people interested in buying cars because they are out there…you just have to know where to look and how to look for them.

One way to look for your auto loan lead is through Facebook, one of the world’s famous social networking sites. A lot of companies use Facebook to share content to people all over the world. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy so businesses can advertise their new products and services online. The great thing about Facebook is that its members are actual people so if you are in the auto dealing business, you are most likely to get people who will actually make a purchase once you established a connection with them.

Using the Like Feature for Your Auto Leads

Facebook has plenty of features that can be used to look for potential customers who are interested in buying cars. One way of getting your customers’ foot in the door is by asking them to “Like” your Facebook page. Once you get them to do this, your updates will appear on their news feeds and you can now establish a connection with them.

The Right Content, The Right Customers

When you construct your Facebook page and when you upload updates, you should look at it from your customer’s point of view. It should be interesting enough to catch the attention of the visitor. Do not take for granted what is in your Facebook page. What you say can affect the whole thing and using sales-driven directives such as “Sign up now!” can be another way to generate your auto loan lead. Do not forget that Facebook allows you to share content such as videos, pictures, and newsletters, with your customers so you should take advantage of this as well.

Engage Your Captive Audience

Once you get your captive audience, you should exert an effort to sustain them. Aside from giving the right content, you can also come up with contests to keep your customers and attract more of them. Remember, there is a chance that your visitors will click on that “Share” button so your Facebook page will be broadcasted in the visitors’ network and get more Likes in the future. When you use this approach, remember to follow Facebook’s promotion guidelines.

Auto dealers should maximize the use of social media when it comes auto loan lead generation. A lot of people, young and old, are using Facebook to get updates, entice new customers, market their products. Not only is it effective, it is also profitable without costing you a cent.

Assessing Subprime Lead Generation for Better Subprime Sales

Posted on: September 17th, 2012 by credit

According to the latest report released by Experian Automotive, loans to borrowers with damaged credit in the second quarter this year increased by 14 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Perhaps, this shows that more lenders or dealers have realized that subprime lending is very lucrative; plus, there is a considerable size of market.

Currently, the demand for sub prime auto leads generated by online lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads have increased as more car shoppers with bad credit continue to inquire about the amount they can borrow. Sub prime auto leads are obtained when a car shopper starts researching online about how much he can borrow for a car purchase and, in request for that information, provides his contact details and other information which allows dealers to contact and follow up on them.

With this in mind, are you sure you are pulling off your subprime lead generation system? Are you still keeping up with the competition? Take a good look at some of the lead gen aspects discussed below:

Landing Page

The landing page is important for turning your consumers into sub prime auto leads; or, in other words, it plays a major role of converting a visitor into an interested and potential customer. A very important element of a landing page is a call-to-action. The call-to-action is a phrase or statement that expresses action for your visitors to do. It must be clear, telling prospects to do only one thing. It also has to be prominent in your page. Calls to action must be compelling, conveying some sort of sense of urgency.

Lead Generation Company

Many dealers today are turning to lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads that employ online lead generation techniques to acquire more leads. If you are working with one right now, make sure you are working with the best partner. See if you are getting real and quality leads. If you are just planning to work with one, make sure that the company is legitimately operating and has considerable experience in generating subprime leads. Working with the right lead provider makes your lead generation system more effective.

Response Time

Regardless of where the leads are coming from, responding to their queries quickly is crucial. You are in a fast-paced competition and it is getting more and more aggressive. Your competitors will get to your leads first if you are too slow. Make sure you have an effective system of responding to and following up on your leads. Don’t let them get snatched away by your competitors who are more aggressive than you. You wouldn’t see significant improve in your sales if you don’t keep pace with the competition.

Landing Page for Dealers: How to Make It Work

Posted on: September 13th, 2012 by credit

Landing pages are essential in lead conversion process. If you are having problems converting your car sale leads into sales, then you might want to check up on your landing pages to see if they are really working. Here are some tips provided by experts on how to make your landing pages work:

Clear calls to action. A call to action is a must in a landing page. It tells the prospect what he or she should do. Calls to action must be clear and simple. Avoid crowding your page with calls to action because in this way, you will confuse your prospect. Tell them to do only one thing and make them focus on that. Be creative and wise in making your calls to action attractive and compelling. They must be located above the fold of the page.

Consistency in promises. It is a poor marketing practice to be inconsistent with what you say. Make sure that the promise you gave on the first page is also the same promise that will appear on the landing page.

Gather data. Depending on the type of product or service you are promoting, the form may not always be necessary in a landing page. However, for dealerships, it is important that you are able to collect information from visitors who wind up in your landing page. From here, you can work on these car sale leads and convert them into sales since you already have their contact details.

Do not be annoying and stay simple. Simplicity is a great principle in creating landing pages. Your landing page does not have to be grand in order to capture more car sale leads. Most of the time, too much content in a landing page shoos prospects away. If your landing page goes with a background music, make sure that it is not going to be disturbing. For example, if a car shopper is in his or her office and he or she landed on your page which automatically plays a loud music, he or she will be forced to shut the window down. Do not also overdo images. Images and videos do make a page more creative and visually appealing. However, be careful not to make your page overly ornate with large or irrelevant images. Lastly, never ever make your landing pages as popups. Popups totally turn prospects off.

Show your brand. Do not forget to put your brand in your landing page. Make sure it has your dealership’s logo. You can also make the color scheme of your landing page conform to that of your logo or the car makes you are selling. However, you cannot do any more branding than this. The landing page is just a place where your prospects drop-by and not a website where you have to make your prospects stay longer. Spare the marketing and sales speech for the more appropriate opportunities.

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