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Like Us On Facebook! Taking Advantage of Social Media for Auto Leads

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by credit

Whether you think the economy is slow or there really is a recession, auto dealerships must sell cars in order to stay in business. This endeavor seems impossible nowadays because a lot of people are tightening their belts and spending less and less. Nevertheless, this does not mean that there are no people interested in buying cars because they are out there…you just have to know where to look and how to look for them.

One way to look for your auto loan lead is through Facebook, one of the world’s famous social networking sites. A lot of companies use Facebook to share content to people all over the world. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy so businesses can advertise their new products and services online. The great thing about Facebook is that its members are actual people so if you are in the auto dealing business, you are most likely to get people who will actually make a purchase once you established a connection with them.

Using the Like Feature for Your Auto Leads

Facebook has plenty of features that can be used to look for potential customers who are interested in buying cars. One way of getting your customers’ foot in the door is by asking them to “Like” your Facebook page. Once you get them to do this, your updates will appear on their news feeds and you can now establish a connection with them.

The Right Content, The Right Customers

When you construct your Facebook page and when you upload updates, you should look at it from your customer’s point of view. It should be interesting enough to catch the attention of the visitor. Do not take for granted what is in your Facebook page. What you say can affect the whole thing and using sales-driven directives such as “Sign up now!” can be another way to generate your auto loan lead. Do not forget that Facebook allows you to share content such as videos, pictures, and newsletters, with your customers so you should take advantage of this as well.

Engage Your Captive Audience

Once you get your captive audience, you should exert an effort to sustain them. Aside from giving the right content, you can also come up with contests to keep your customers and attract more of them. Remember, there is a chance that your visitors will click on that “Share” button so your Facebook page will be broadcasted in the visitors’ network and get more Likes in the future. When you use this approach, remember to follow Facebook’s promotion guidelines.

Auto dealers should maximize the use of social media when it comes auto loan lead generation. A lot of people, young and old, are using Facebook to get updates, entice new customers, market their products. Not only is it effective, it is also profitable without costing you a cent.

Landing Page for Dealers: How to Make It Work

Posted on: September 13th, 2012 by credit

Landing pages are essential in lead conversion process. If you are having problems converting your car sale leads into sales, then you might want to check up on your landing pages to see if they are really working. Here are some tips provided by experts on how to make your landing pages work:

Clear calls to action. A call to action is a must in a landing page. It tells the prospect what he or she should do. Calls to action must be clear and simple. Avoid crowding your page with calls to action because in this way, you will confuse your prospect. Tell them to do only one thing and make them focus on that. Be creative and wise in making your calls to action attractive and compelling. They must be located above the fold of the page.

Consistency in promises. It is a poor marketing practice to be inconsistent with what you say. Make sure that the promise you gave on the first page is also the same promise that will appear on the landing page.

Gather data. Depending on the type of product or service you are promoting, the form may not always be necessary in a landing page. However, for dealerships, it is important that you are able to collect information from visitors who wind up in your landing page. From here, you can work on these car sale leads and convert them into sales since you already have their contact details.

Do not be annoying and stay simple. Simplicity is a great principle in creating landing pages. Your landing page does not have to be grand in order to capture more car sale leads. Most of the time, too much content in a landing page shoos prospects away. If your landing page goes with a background music, make sure that it is not going to be disturbing. For example, if a car shopper is in his or her office and he or she landed on your page which automatically plays a loud music, he or she will be forced to shut the window down. Do not also overdo images. Images and videos do make a page more creative and visually appealing. However, be careful not to make your page overly ornate with large or irrelevant images. Lastly, never ever make your landing pages as popups. Popups totally turn prospects off.

Show your brand. Do not forget to put your brand in your landing page. Make sure it has your dealership’s logo. You can also make the color scheme of your landing page conform to that of your logo or the car makes you are selling. However, you cannot do any more branding than this. The landing page is just a place where your prospects drop-by and not a website where you have to make your prospects stay longer. Spare the marketing and sales speech for the more appropriate opportunities.

Social NOT-working: “Why Does Social Media Seem Not to Work for Me?”

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by credit

Have you ever asked yourself this question or did one of your marketing staffs pop it in a meeting? Almost all dealerships have gone social but not all are experiencing success with it. Why? One reason for failure is committing lots of mistakes. Social media marketing is not that easy and learning how to use its power effectively requires ample time. Learn from the following social media mistakes.

No one knows you have gone social.

This is sad. You went social because you want to keep pace with the competition—dealerships and car shoppers have gone social—but you are not getting any attention because practically, no one knows you have gone social. If you have decided to take a new marketing endeavor for your dealership, let the people where you are or where you can be found. By adding social media buttons to your blog posts and dealership website, or telling people through your TV or radio commercials to visit your social media pages, you are already announcing your existence in social networking sites. Unfortunately, many dealers forget to do this.

You have a wrong purpose for a good content.

It’s true that it is important to produce good content in social media marketing. Good content is to inform, help and attract prospects and to generate dealership leads. But it should never be the main purpose of content to sell. The goal really is to collect information from prospects and then work on

turning them into sales. Take note that conversion takes place outside the social media work. How then will you be able to make your content generate dealership leads for you? Be an expert in using calls to action. These are devices that tell your prospects what to do next. Strong calls to action exhibit urgency, clarity, and precision.

You have abandoned traditional marketing.

If you are serious about getting more dealership leads, do not abandon your traditional lead generation strategies. Know that not all potential car buyers and your customers are on social networking sites. Therefore, you still need to work your traditional lead generation system in order to acquire more leads. Otherwise, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

SEO is uninvited.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) complement each other. Your social media marketing efforts would not be totally successful without employing some SEO techniques with it. SEO is the most encompassing Internet marketing strategy. Thus, your social media content still has to be keyword-based so you will drive more traffic. Without SEO, it will be almost impossible, especially for small dealerships, to gain popularity in the social media sphere.

Simple Ways to Engage Prospects in Twitter

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by credit

Aside from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, the microblogging site Twitter is also one of the most effective social media platforms in capturing prospects and making sales. In the automotive industry, Twitter functions likewise in generating more dealership auto leads and sustaining interest among car shoppers.

In a recent study, Buddy Media found interesting results about Twitter and its function in engaging followers. It then suggested a few ways on how Twitter can better be used for more effective engagement. The following tips are based on its suggestions:

1. Tweet at the best time.

It is important for you dealers to know when is the best time to tweet. The study revealed that weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are the days with the highest rate of engagement. Moreover, tweets are also effective during busy hours that is, 8AM to 7PM, in any day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday.

Finding out the best time to provide content in social media, especially that is often done with the intention of attracting more dealership auto leads, is as much important as knowing the best time to make sales calls in telemarketing. You don’t want to just throw content out of the window not knowing where will it land. Make sure that each of your effort counts.

2. Do not overdo tweets.

The study found that more tweets do not necessarily result in more effective engagement. The data showed that a maximum of 4 tweets a day is enough to capture audience. Tweet more and you will most likely lose engagement. In addition, the principle “the shorter, the better” also applies in tweets. The study found that tweets that have less than 100 characters receive engagement 17% higher than longer tweets do.

3. Utilize available resources.

Social networking sites are very capable of capturing prospects for you. You just have to know well how they work and what are they capable of to achieve that end. Twitter has many features that can help you engage more followers. Some of these are hashtags, links, photos, and videos. Hashtags help your tweet, as well as your profile and brand, to spread in the Twitter-sphere. You can also include a link in your tweet. Just make sure, though, that the links work; otherwise, you will lose engagement, as Buddy Media found. Meanwhile, photos and videos always work in grabbing attention and capturing audience interests.

4. Tell them what to do next.

This simply talks about calls to action and this can be easily done by telling people to retweet. Retweets increase engagement rate especially when you tell you directly tell your followers to retweet. However, make sure that your content, or tweet, is worth sharing with others. This could be challenging and you may be needing more creative minds in your dealership. Nevertheless, in social media marketing, do not forget to compel your prospects and your customers to take action.

Writing Effective Facebook Posts to Generate Leads

Posted on: September 7th, 2012 by credit

Facebook is one of the most effective social networking sites that dealerships use today to reach out to more potential car buyers and make effective their marketing and reputation management efforts. However, there are many dealers who use the social network site wrongly. For example, content is vital in social media marketing but wall posts of some dealerships in Facebook are problematic—not even effective in generating car dealership leads. If you are also experiencing the same dilemma, take a look at the following principles:


In any case of providing content, the audience is always considered. For example, an editor of a tabloid makes sure that his front page headline is really attention-grabbing as his tabloid competes with the numerous tabloids around it in a newspaper stand. The editor would play with words to catch the attention of his readers. This same principle can be applied to writing Facebook posts. What do your audience look for? What do they need to see in a dealership fan page? What topics or kinds of post interest them? Find these out and you’ll be able to capture audience.


The Internet features speed because users demand speed in acquiring information. This means that even if some people spend long hours being on Facebook, they don’t really have the patience to read long posts. They are more of scanning posts than intentionally reading them. Therefore, your wall posts on your Facebook page must be short. The shorter the post is, the more engagement it gets. Twitter, for instance, does a good job in keeping tweets 140-character-long only. The good thing about being brief is that your audience can quickly get you message without taking too much of their time.


Don’t limit your posts to words only. Remember that Facebook also allows posting of videos, photos, and links. Use these resources to make your dealership Facebook wall more effective. However, make sure to keep all content relevant and appealing. You can post short commercials, interviews, photos of new car models available in your car lot and sales events, and the like.

Call to Action

A typical Facebook post from an ordinary user would not have a call to action. However, since Facebook here is used for marketing purposes, a call to action is necessary. Calls to action tell your audience what to do next after reading your post. Drive them to your other social network pages or dealership website, tell to them to register for a webinar or sales event, or urge them to take advantage of a limited offer.


Facebook is a social networking site and this means that it is meant for interaction. Social media is not meant for businesses to sell but to primarily build relationships with prospects and existing customers. Keeping such perception about social media enables you to formulate strategies that can generate more car dealership leads.

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