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Vehicles Made in U.S. Seen as Important by Dealership Leads

Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by credit

Have you encountered automotive dealership leads asking you about where a particular vehicle was made? Did one of them backed out from purchasing it because it is not made in the U.S.? If so, there is some good explanation to that. A recent study from AutoTrader.com Trend Engine revealed that vehicles made in the U.S. are seen as more important by car shoppers than vehicles made by U.S. manufacturers.

According to the July 2012 Shopper Insights Report, 41 percent of car shoppers say that it is important to purchase vehicles built in the U.S., while only 28 percent say that it is important to purchase from a U.S.-based company or automaker. Those car shoppers that comprise the 41 percent believe that purchasing vehicles made in America supports American jobs and the country’s economy and keeps American dollar at home.

Vehicles referred as “made in” America in the study includes vehicles that were physically built in the U.S. by U.S. workers, but not necessarily made by U.S. manufacturers. These car models can include foreign models. On the other hand, vehicles referred as “made by” U.S automakers are not necessarily made in the U.S. These vehicles can be built outside the country.

The report also revealed that more than half of the car shoppers surveyed perceive vehicles made by a foreign manufacturer in the U.S. as American-made. Only 43 percent see vehicles made by U.S. automakers outside the country as American-made. The top models made in the U.S. ranked by AutoTrader.com are 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco, 2013 Ford Escape, 2013 Dodge Dart, 2013 SRT Viper, 2013 Buick Enclave, 2012 Volkswagen Passat, 2012 Kia Optima, 2012 BMW X3, 2012 Honda Odyssey, and 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class.

There are two possible insights that can be learned from the study: that most car shoppers now prefer vehicles made in the U.S. and that they are more likely to buy such vehicles now. However, dealers cannot still operate with just these two possibilities, especially the latter. There are still many factors that car shoppers consider during the car buying process. Whether the vehicle is made in the U.S. or made by an American manufacturer is just one of the factors they consider.

Nevertheless, the insights and ideas that the study bring the industry are still considered as important for dealerships especially in their generation of automotive dealership leads and sales operations. It doesn’t mean, though, that dealers must only sell cars made in the U.S. from now on. It is just important for dealers to watch the trends in the industry closely as they rapidly shift.

How to Effectively Use Live Chat to Win More Automotive Dealer Leads

Posted on: June 21st, 2012 by credit

Dealerships online have thought of a way to communicate with their prospects more easily, which also makes their dealership website more profitable. Employing an online program such as live chat has become popular among dealership websites today. It allows visitors to communicate with the dealership immediately if they have queries. In the same way, dealers can also turn them into sales right there and then. To maximize the advantages of live chat, keep the following tips.

Be available.

Make sure that there is always a sales rep on duty to respond quickly to visitors. The concept of live chat promotes immediacy and convenience. Thus, make sure that your use of live chat is serving that purpose well. Don’t keep your prospects waiting. If the sales rep is away from his desk, there has to be a responder that would inform the prospect that the representative is away and will be back shortly.

Be proactive.

Don’t forget to get the information of prospects who are contacting you. Do this early in your response. Get their full name, employer name, address, contact numbers, and other important information that you will be needing to keep in touch with them. It is also important to know their preferences on cars and understand what they need.

Be honest.

Never lie about your dealership just to win automotive dealership leads. Rather, answer all their questions honestly. Never ignore questions. If you are not sure how to answer one, just tell them that you’ll get back to it next time. Give them useful information instead of selling them cars and other products right away. However, you can still boast about your dealership’s strengths and track record.

Be persistent.

Although dealership live chat is conducive for you to instantly turn automotive dealership leads into sales on the spot, you cannot expect that it will always happen. Always be prepared then to persistently do follow-ups. After your first contact with a lead through your live chat program, follow through with other offers and promotional materials by sending them emails, direct mails, or by calling them sparingly. Remember also that you have to convince them to come over to your on-site dealership.

Be friendly.

Live chat can be likened as the modern telemarketing. However, you use written communication in live chat and not oral. Nevertheless, you still have to be friendly and watch the tone of your responses. Train your sales reps to communicate well with prospects. In addition, live chat is a very effective tool to establish rapport with your prospects. Make the conversation interactive and fun, but productive.

Could the Falling Prices of Gasoline Affect Lead Generation?

Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by credit

Have you not been generating enough automotive dealership leads lately? Ever wondered why? There are many reasons why a dealership does not meet the necessary number of automotive dealership leads they are supposed to generate. One of these reasons is simply being the dealership that does not have what car shoppers are currently looking for.

The recent reports on fuel gauge published by the American Automobile Association (AAA) show that the national average gasoline price per gallon continues to fall this year. Typically, gas prices influence the purchase decision of car buyers. A research associate in the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute said that a decrease in gasoline prices and a decrease in the unemployment rate would most of the time result in more purchases of larger vehicles. In simpler terms, people buy SUVs, pick up trucks, and the like when they don’t have to spend so much on fuel costs and this could happen if people have jobs.

However, gas prices are fluctuating and this has also an effect on car dealership sales. It appears that when gas prices increase, people tend to drive smaller cars instead. They would also buy car models that are fuel-efficient. Fortunately, auto manufacturers today have been in the business of making more fuel-efficient vehicles.

However, as a dealer, you should still know what car shoppers today are really looking for. You should understand the current trends in automobile demand and the changes in consumer behavior. If gas prices are falling, people would not care of a car’s fuel efficiency. However, if gas is expensive, they would certainly look for fuel-efficient vehicles. Meanwhile, if there is an increase in unemployment rate, people would not still be that inclined to purchase a car although gas prices are falling. Therefore, these examples of shifting trends and others can help you so much in generating automotive dealership leads more effectively.

With the current trends in gasoline prices, car buyers’ consumer behavior, fuel economy, and unemployment rate, employ strategies that will go with these trends so you would still have the automotive dealership leads that you need for the growth of your dealership. Read the graphs. Understand the changes and their effects on the public’s demand for dealership products. Make sure that you always have what car shoppers are looking for. You can also ask help from a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads to help you generate more leads more effectively.

Evaluating Dealership Leads Provider

Posted on: March 20th, 2012 by credit

Lead providers like Approved Auto Leads help car dealers accomplish lead generation tasks—from finding to managing them.  However, not all lead providers can generate dealership leads that will help car dealers achieve an increase in revenue.  A good lead provider should be able to generate quality leads.  Quality leads are those that are really interested in the dealership’s offer or services, and have complete and verified contact information.  For car dealers to guarantee a good working relationship with a lead provider, they should thoroughly evaluate if the company is qualified.

When evaluating a lead provider, it is better if car dealers would call up their prospective providers, instead of just relying on reviews and online sources, to clarify and ask things.  Through the phone call, car dealers can ask the provider relevant and important questions to test the reliability of the company.  One of the things they should ask is the data validation process of the company.  This process is important as this is where the authenticity of the personal information provided, especially the contact information, will be tested.  Leads with inaccurate contact information are of no use to car dealers.  This is also where car dealers would know if the lead is qualified or not.  The company’s validation process ensures that they will only be selling their clients quality dealership leads.

Another point of evaluation is the lead generation techniques used by the lead provider.  Car dealers should work with lead providers that know what they are doing, especially the techniques they use to generate dealership leads.  They should also make sure that the lead provider rightly implements lead generation techniques to produce quality leads.  On the contrary, if a lead provider abusively employs SEO techniques, for example, by using deception or other tricks, they would just generate leads which were compelled or deceived into taking action.  Such leads are not considered as quality and have a very little chance of being converted into sales.

Car dealers should also make sure that the dealership leads sold to them are not sold to anyone else including non-competing third parties.  Why?  It is because leads might get disappointed with how their information were obtained by others who they did not contact.  The tendency is that they will blame the car dealer for divulging their information which the lead provider actually did.  Some lead providers sell the same information they sold to car dealers for added profit.  However, the implications of this transaction is bad.  Before finalizing partnership with a lead provider, car dealers should ensure the exclusivity of the leads they will be purchasing.

In conclusion, car dealers should only work with lead providers who generate quality leads.  Otherwise, seeking the services of such company would not help them at all.  Car dealers should then carefully select the best lead provider by following the aforementioned guidelines.

Identifying Good Automotive Lead Providers

Posted on: February 16th, 2012 by credit


Lead generation is not an easy task for car dealers even if there are new lead generation techniques now.  This is because lead generation in the Internet still requires regular attention and maintenance.  Some car dealers would need the help of automotive lead providers to accomplish this task effectively.  Auto lead providers are companies that specialize in promoting a car dealership by using various lead generation techniques.  The leads generated are sold to their clients.  Car dealers could save more time and money, especially on advertising costs, if they will avail the services of a lead provider.  However, lead providers can only be of help if they work efficiently.

In choosing the best auto lead provider, car dealers should do a research on their prospective lead generation company.  They should make sure that the lead provider is has an established reputation in the industry and is legitimate.  Automotive lead providers that have been in the industry for quite some time can be considered credible and reliable.  However, this is not yet a solid proof.  Car dealers can also ask around for any recommendations or read blogs, forums, and reviews.  Car dealers can check for the lead provider’s legitimacy by calling up their office to see if such company really exist.

Car dealers can do further evaluation when they call the company.  From the way the people in that company entertain their call and attend to their needs, car dealers can already assess whether or not they have good customer service. A good lead provider has excellent customer service.

Car dealers would also have to ask a lead provider a few questions as they continue evaluating the company.  They would have to ask about how the company ensures that they generate and sell quality automotive dealership leads.  A good lead provider has screening process to evaluate all the leads it obtains.  It makes sure that all the information provided by the leads are authentic.  It also pre-approves the leads so that they would not be sending their clients bad leads.  Car dealers should also ask about the lead generation techniques the lead provider employs and check if they do these the right way.  The way these techniques are executed affect the quality of leads that will be generated.  Car dealers should make sure that the lead provider does these marketing strategies professionally and expertly.

Car dealers should also enquire about the company’s return policies.  A good lead provider should have this in case car dealers received bad leads.  This is also known as money back guarantee.  Car dealers should also be wary of lead providers asking for upfront payments because these most likely sell bad leads.

Car dealers should only work with lead providers that will surely help them increase their revenues.  Approved Auto Leads has been doing just that for ten years now.  Its clients are satisfied customers whose revenues increased like never before.




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