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Automotive Mobile Marketing: Where to Start?

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by credit

You don’t need statistics to know that mobile phones have become necessities for most people now. People bring their mobile phones with them anywhere they go. Some can even access the internet through their smartphones. So, why not reach out to potential car buyers through their mobile phones? If you are planning to start your automotive mobile marketing campaign to acquire more automotive dealer leads, here’s a quick overview.

SMS (Short Message Service)

SMS, or what we refer to as text messaging, is deemed as the easiest way to communicate with prospects. It is also more cost-effective than direct mail marketing. You can also send a message to potential customers worldwide. Through text messages, you can promote your dealership, announce your upcoming sales events and webinars, communicate more calls to action, and inform potential customers about promos and special offers in a quick and brief manner.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

As the name suggests, MMS does not only include text but also music or sounds, videos, and photos. Dealership messages sent as MMS encourage participation, interaction, and engagement with prospects more. MMS has become more popular since mobile phones with color screens were released in the market. Today, with the popularity of smartphone use, MMS is more possible.

Mobile Websites

As mentioned earlier, many mobile subscribers access the internet through their smartphones. This is a great opportunity for dealers to bring their dealership websites to more potential customers by making them available on mobile phones. However, mobile phones have limitations; like your dealership website might not be compatible for viewing in mobile phones. Therefore, you need to create a mobile version of your website to make it accessible to mobile users. In creating a mobile version, use smaller pages, simpler web page designs, and provide information briefly.

QR Codes

QR codes or quick response codes are 2D bar codes that when scanned by a camera of a smartphone, the user will be taken to a landing page. This is an easy way for dealers to communicate to potential customers and acquire more automotive dealer leads as QR codes can reach both offline and online prospects. QR codes can be attached to business cards, direct mails, posters, web pages, coupons, and the like.

Mobile marketing can be used both for sales and service purposes. Dealers can sell their car models and services through promotions and special offers communicated through one of the mobile marketing forms mentioned above. In the same way, they can also cater to their existing customers by responding to their requests for service and setting appointments through text messaging.

Is Your Dealership Website Converting?

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by credit


Car dealers promote their dealerships online by employing various Internet marketing strategies.  One of the most employed strategies is the search engine optimization or SEO.  SEO aims to make a website rank high on or appear at the first page of the search engine results to drive more traffic.  This is achieved by using various SEO techniques.  Why is traffic important?  When a website attracts more visitors or drives more traffic, the business has a higher chance of gaining profit.  Car dealers have been so focused on working on the optimization of their websites.  Some of them even spend lots of dollars to make their SEO efforts more competent and more efficient.

However, another factor that also makes the website sell is the conversion rate.  It is the percentage that expresses how much a dealership’s website turns visitors into automotive dealer leads and eventually to sales.  This is often neglected by car dealers.  Car dealers may achieve driving massive traffic to their websites but if the website does not convert that much, the massive traffic will not have much impact on the car dealer’s business.  Thus, car dealers should also put some effort on increasing their websites’ conversion rate.

One of the things they could do is encourage visitors to engage with them through communication.  They must provide their complete contact information including their telephone numbers, office address and email address in their Contact Us page.  The numbers should be aptly labeled so that when visitors call, they would be properly directed to the respective office.  Car dealers can also utilize live chat, the new helpful tool in engaging visitors.  Live chat allows visitors to contact the car dealer or a dealership staff for their queries.  This software in itself can also convert visitors to automotive dealer leads.

A car dealership website will also convert more visitors into automotive dealer leads if it has an appealing appearance and easy navigation.  Car dealers should just make their websites simple and easy to understand.  The content should also be interactive, informative and compelling.  The dealership website can be interactive if car dealers would put relevant and engaging photos, videos and other graphics.  They should also not forget to devote a page for their inventory.  The articles should also be helpful to the visitors and not just contain promotion.  Lastly, the content should be compelling to make the visitors take action.

In doing all these, car dealers should never forget to measure their performances by tracking their website’s traffic, rank and conversion rate on a regular basis.  It will also be helpful if they will evaluate their marketing efforts from time to time for further improvement.  If they are considering hiring the services of a lead provider like Approved Auto Leads, they should make sure that the lead generation techniques it employs are effective and appropriate.

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