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Are Your Leads Talking to Real People in Your Dealership?

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by credit

Prospects often complain when they notice that they seem to be talking to computers in a dealership instead of real people. This means that they are just getting some computer-generated responses which could not provide further assistance in their concerns. This certainly turns leads off. Therefore, it is important that dealers respond to leads themselves, making them feel that they are really talking to real people and providing them with genuine and honest help. Here are some tips in doing that.

An automotive sales lead would not wait forever for you to call him or her back. He or she could easily jump to the next option or entertain other offers. Hence, you need to respond quickly to the leads’ queries to keep them interested in your dealership and win them. A quick response will also keep the leads from moving on to other options or from your competitors who are as quick and as determined as you are in converting them into sales. You can have an auto responder set up to send responses quickly. However, make the responses yourself as much as possible and use the auto responder only when you are not at your desk.

Make your responses personal as well and this is where an automotive sales lead could actually feel that he or she is communicating with a real person. Whether you are getting back to them via email or phone call, make it a point to seem to be friendly, honest and sincere. Moreover, establish connection with them by finding out their interests and jobs and using those to communicate with them well.

Aside from a quick and personal response, you can also make your leads feel that the person on the other end of the line is real by offering help and alternatives for their concerns. Do not just be focused on turning them into sales. Listen to and understand their concerns and think of how you can help them. Having this kind of approach wins an automotive sales lead more than just being an expert-in-sales-talk.

Lastly, keep on pursuing your leads until they make a decision. Communicate with them regularly by sending them promotional and informative emails and mailers, calling them up, and the like. Make sure that they are considering you as one of their options when the time comes that they are ready to buy a vehicle already. Do not give up even if it takes too long. Giving up on them easily means throwing your potential sales away.

The Advantage of the Internet over Traditional Advertising in Acquiring Auto Sales Leads

Posted on: January 19th, 2012 by credit


When advertising is mentioned, the traditional type is what comes to a person’s mind: television, radio and print. Indeed, these media of advertising have stood the test of time and have been proven to be the most effective for the past fifty or more years. However, with the Internet and the continuous innovation in technology, the same thing cannot be said today. New media advertising and marketing pertaining to blogs, search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertisements among others have been playing a great role in the advertising field over the past years. More than ever, people make use of the Internet for leisure and work purposes. People are slowly preferring online shopping over actually going to shops.


Due to the mere fact that people are going online to shop for products, companies like corporate car vendors have taken advertising and marketing online. This move greatly increases the chances of making sales for car dealers. However, it is one thing to widen the interested market of  a dealer and yet another to get decided car buyers.  Not just any type of advertisement can really boost sales. This is why car dealers hire the services of lead generation companies. Lead generation companies are  the link between costumers and vendors. They provide quality auto sales leads to dealers after screening a pool of interested buyers.


Lead generation companies which employ auto internet marketing get much more auto sales leads. Since it is already a fact that billions make of use of Internet each day, dealers get the most exposure. Interested individuals see the advertisements on the different websites they browse. Moreover, not only do lead generation companies which make use of auto Internet marketing acquire more leads but also they acquire more quality auto sales leads.  Only seriously interested buyers will take time to fill out online forms and put in their information. These are those who really intend to make a purchase but may not have time to shop for cars. In such case, it is the lead generation company doing the shopping for them. The company then refers the buyer to a dealer that has what he or she is looking for.


Another advantage of online marketing and advertising is that lead generation companies can easily acquire information from the potential buyer. It is just a click away. When a buyer sees an online advertisement, he or she can just click the advertisement and it will lead him or her to the website. The company then records the information entered, screens it and endorses it as a quality auto sales lead to a dealer. This is a great benefit for both the dealer and the buyer. The dealer does not have to spend time on poor advertisements without the assurance of sales; the buyer does not have to spend time shopping for cars.


Indeed, auto sales leads are much easier acquired by lead generation companies by making use of the Internet compared to using TV, radio or print advertising. These auto sales leads, in turn, boost the sales of the dealer when it has closed the deals.

Turning Auto Sales Leads Into Real Sales

Posted on: January 6th, 2012 by credit

Auto leads sells cars in todays Market


Generating auto sales leads could be a challenging task for car dealers.  Back then, when only the traditional methods of lead generation were available, finding car leads required hard work.  That is why, car leads are precious for car dealers.  Today, with the innovation of new auto lead generation techniques, car dealers do not have to experience the same level of difficulty when finding leads.  The Internet has been really helpful as well as lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads, which generate leads for car dealers.  However, even of technology has made it easier for car dealers now to find leads, it does not ensure sales.  Turning these leads into sales is now the bigger challenge for car dealers.  How can they be on the top of the challenge?

Car dealers should make auto sales leads feel important.  They can do this by calling the lead immediately after receiving his or her application.  The truth is, car buyers who submit their application online are actually waiting for someone to respond to their query.  This also means that they would surely entertain a call from a car dealer and give ear to his or her offer.  These leads can be really considered as car purchase seekers since they took the initiative to apply for a car loan.  They are most likely to make a purchase soon.  Car dealers would just have to be more persuasive to turn it into a real sale.

In closing auto sales leads, the first word that a car sales representative will say is important.  Car dealers should remember that good impression lasts.  If this is successfully established, car dealers could earn the trust and even the friendship of the car buyer.  Closing the deal would not be that difficult in this way.  Moreover, it is better that car dealers remain honest and consistent with their products and offer.  The people from Approved Auto Leads are aimed at helping the car buyers and not merely selling them something.  It also works when a car sales representative is aggressive and goes directly to the business.

It also pays to be a good conversationalist.  Car dealers should learn this trick especially that they have to persuade the prospective car buyer to get their offer.  One good technique that often works is throwing questions at the car buyer in response to his or her questions.  Car dealers should sometimes post a challenge to the car buyers so that they would also have the time to think about the offer.  Also, by answering their questions with questions, car dealers could get an idea of what the car buyer wants.

Car dealers should also make sure that their car sales representatives are knowledgeable about the company’s different financing options, the car models available at the dealer’s garage, and the specifications of a car model.  This is quite essential so that they could suggest other terms to the car buyer. 

Approved Auto Leads provide quality leads, which are most likely to make a car purchase, to their customers.  For this reason, Approved Auto Leads does not let its customers miss out on the importance of getting quality leads and the treasure that could be theirs in successfully turning them into real sales.

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