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Picking the Best Partner in Automotive Advertising

Posted on: July 26th, 2012 by credit

Admit it. You cannot do everything that needs to be done to run your dealership successfully: lead generation, lead management, and automotive dealership marketing. Moreover, you cannot also be the expert in all three aspects. Automotive dealership marketing comprises of various strategies and techniques that need to be carried out across various platforms. This really sounds like laborious. Thus, you would always be needing help from marketing companies or advertising agencies to execute your marketing plans.

However, you should realize that hiring one is going to be a crucial decision. The company that you will be working with will be your partner in pursuing success for your dealership. Moreover, marketing is where all lead generation and management efforts start. Therefore, you need to make a careful and wise selection of your marketing partner. Here are some tips in finding a good one.

Expertise. One of the major factors that could make or break your decision in settling for an ad agency is the expertise. Since you are a dealership, the company must be well-versed in consumer advertising. You should also ask them about what medium are they expert in. If they are still traditional, you can consider looking for more unconventional marketing companies. However, it would be great to choose a company that knows how to work well with both traditional and new marketing strategies.

Experience. Although this does not entirely speak for a company’s performance, it is still better to work with a company with enough experience in automotive dealership marketing, using the medium that you prefer, and working in the kind of marketing style that you want. You can ask around for recommendations or ask for references from the company to learn more about their track record.

Measures. Ask the company how do they carry out their marketing plans for their clients and measure the results for them. Do they have the right meters? Also, ask them about their rates and always try to negotiate for a lower charge. If a company really charges too high for you, do not compromise your budget and look for a more affordable one.

Before you even begin calling up ad agencies, make sure that you are clear about your target market, the message you want to put across, your budget, and objectives. In the process of selecting a company, call up at least 3 companies and compare their prices. As has been pointed out, do not resort in compromising your budget for a marketing service that is beyond your means.

Automotive Mobile Marketing: Where to Start?

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by credit

You don’t need statistics to know that mobile phones have become necessities for most people now. People bring their mobile phones with them anywhere they go. Some can even access the internet through their smartphones. So, why not reach out to potential car buyers through their mobile phones? If you are planning to start your automotive mobile marketing campaign to acquire more automotive dealer leads, here’s a quick overview.

SMS (Short Message Service)

SMS, or what we refer to as text messaging, is deemed as the easiest way to communicate with prospects. It is also more cost-effective than direct mail marketing. You can also send a message to potential customers worldwide. Through text messages, you can promote your dealership, announce your upcoming sales events and webinars, communicate more calls to action, and inform potential customers about promos and special offers in a quick and brief manner.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

As the name suggests, MMS does not only include text but also music or sounds, videos, and photos. Dealership messages sent as MMS encourage participation, interaction, and engagement with prospects more. MMS has become more popular since mobile phones with color screens were released in the market. Today, with the popularity of smartphone use, MMS is more possible.

Mobile Websites

As mentioned earlier, many mobile subscribers access the internet through their smartphones. This is a great opportunity for dealers to bring their dealership websites to more potential customers by making them available on mobile phones. However, mobile phones have limitations; like your dealership website might not be compatible for viewing in mobile phones. Therefore, you need to create a mobile version of your website to make it accessible to mobile users. In creating a mobile version, use smaller pages, simpler web page designs, and provide information briefly.

QR Codes

QR codes or quick response codes are 2D bar codes that when scanned by a camera of a smartphone, the user will be taken to a landing page. This is an easy way for dealers to communicate to potential customers and acquire more automotive dealer leads as QR codes can reach both offline and online prospects. QR codes can be attached to business cards, direct mails, posters, web pages, coupons, and the like.

Mobile marketing can be used both for sales and service purposes. Dealers can sell their car models and services through promotions and special offers communicated through one of the mobile marketing forms mentioned above. In the same way, they can also cater to their existing customers by responding to their requests for service and setting appointments through text messaging.

Auto Internet Marketing 101: Building Your Dealership Website

Posted on: July 6th, 2012 by credit

A recent study by J.D. Power and Associates showed that 77% of new car buyers use the Internet to shop for cars. This example tells you that although there are still car shoppers visiting dealerships, a massive number have already been shopping online. Moreover, your competitors are also online. These are the reasons why you should establish your online presence by building your dealership website—the first step in pulling off effective auto internet marketing.


Your dealership website should adhere to the general standards of building a good website that attracts prospects. You can hire a good web designer to build an attractive yet simple website for you. Moreover, the navigation should also be simple and easy to use. Don’t give visitors too much links before they get to the page they want to see. Make it simple. Make sure also that the navigation or menu appears on every page.


The content of your website is integral in making your website profitable. Car shoppers don’t just go to dealership websites to see cars. They are looking for something and your website should have what they need. Provide helpful information like tips, resources, car reviews, and news that will meet your prospects’ needs. In this way, you would build an image of credibility and trust for your dealership.

Aside from substantial information, you should also have your digital showroom or inventory page. Your digital showroom must be comprehensive and interactive. Make sure that you include the pricing, specifications, and features of all car models available in your lot. Multiple photos of each car model also play an important role in turning your visitors into leads.


The basic dealership website pages are the Index or Home page, About Us, Contact Us, Testimonials, FAQs, Services, and a page of your staff’s profiles. Do not forget to always have calls to action, which lead visitors to sign your form or send a query, in each page. Also, it is a good idea to have your special offers and promos flashed on your home page. Utilize all kinds of content such as photos, videos, and graphics whenever appropriate.


When all is set for your dealership website, it’s time now to tell online car shoppers that your dealership exists in the world wide web. Use auto internet marketing strategies to do that. A popular and effective strategy used in almost all industries is search engine optimization or SEO. This is used to make your website appear as one of the top results in search engines so it will drive more traffic. Some techniques used are link building, web directory listing, and blogging with keyword-rich articles.

Remember that your dealership website is no less important than your on-site dealership. Take auto internet marketing seriously and it will generate more leads, and eventually, more sales for you.

Advantages of Lead Generation Services in Auto Marketing

Posted on: May 4th, 2012 by credit

Aside from lead conversion, lead generation is another challenging task for dealers especially when they only have the traditional techniques to use. However, dealers today can simply hire the services of a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads not only to generate leads for them but also to promote their dealership by using various auto marketing strategies. Here are some ways by how lead generation services help dealers a lot.

Lead generation services give dealers an easy access to hot leads. In general, lead generation companies employ a screening process where they make sure that the leads they generate are of good quality. Leads are good if they are from people who are interested in buying a vehicle. Pre-screened leads spare dealers from having to qualify leads and verify all the information provided by the prospects. Moreover, these are already people who are most likely to turn into sales which dealers can acquire effortlessly.

Dealers will also have more time to spend on converting leads into sales if they hire lead generation services. They will not have to put much effort in generating leads in expense of other important tasks. Lead generation companies can take that bulk of work off from the dealer’s shoulders and allow them to just focus on making more sales.

Dealers can also have a more controlled and accurate budgeting. When buying leads from a lead generation company, they can specify the number of leads that they only want to receive in respect with their budget, controlling also the influx of leads in their database. They can also choose the price per lead and pay only for the leads they receive. The return policy of lead generation companies guarantees a money-back for the bad leads that the dealer might accidentally receive.

Lead generation services also help dealers target prospects more effectively. In contrast with telemarketing where dealers have to cold call random prospects and have a high chance of being rejected over and over, lead generation companies can target a specific market. Dealers can specify the geographical and demographic scopes of the prospects they want their auto marketing efforts to zero in.

For the most part, aside from making a dealer’s auto marketing campaigns cost-efficient and more effective, lead generation services help increase a dealership’s revenue. Since dealers can deal with hot and targeted leads, there are more chances of them to make sales out of such leads.

Effective Auto Marketing with Lead Generation Companies

Posted on: February 26th, 2012 by credit

Lead generation is the process of gathering information of potential customers by capturing their interest through various marketing strategies with the aim to increase the revenue of a business.  Lead generation in auto marketing has been more competitive as the Internet gave rise to new lead generation techniques.  Car dealers have learned to use these new methods and found them more effective than the old methods.  Consequently, many car dealers now do way with the traditional lead generation techniques such as, television and radio commercial ads, billboards, and jingles as they keep up with the new trend in auto marketing.  Traditional lead generation techniques are now considered by many as ineffective and obsolete.

Lead generation tasks are not easy and they may be overwhelming for car dealers.  They could even neglect spending time on closing deals.  In this case, car dealers can ask help from a lead generation company.  Lead generation companies practically shoulder auto marketing tasks such as implementation of lead generation techniques, cold calling, and the like.  Approved Auto Leads is a lead generation company that utilizes effective lead generation techniques to generate quality leads for its car dealer clients.  It also provides call center training for the sales staffs of car dealerships.  Lead generation companies also offer appointment setting and sometimes, lead management.

Availing the services of a lead generation company could rev up a car dealership’s sales.  Not only do car dealers get to focus more on converting leads into sales but they also enjoy other advantages of lead generation services.  With help of a lead generation company, a car dealer would be able to manage his or her leads well.  Since lead deliveries are controlled, car dealers will also be able to handle all leads because there is only a certain number of leads coming in per month.  Leads provided by lead generation companies can be considered hot leads because they have already shown interest in the car dealer’s offer by submitting their application.  Car dealers can directly contact these prospects, especially the most important ones.    Moreover, with a comprehensive information of leads in hand, they can even customize loan offers to meet a lead’s needs.  This gives them a higher chance of closing more deals at the end of the day.  The greatest advantage of lead generation companies is the increase in revenue of car dealerships.  Approved Auto Leads has been in this business for ten years and it has helped a lot of dealerships to achieve progress in their sales.  Indeed, auto marketing can be more efficient and competent with the help of lead generation companies

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