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Blogging? Yes, It Generates Leads

Posted on: August 10th, 2012 by credit

In general, blogging is the modern way to write journals now. People, especially teens, write about and post on their blogs their thoughts, ideas, experiences, feelings, and other things. However, for businesses, blogging is a marketing or lead generation strategy and it has been increasingly valued by businesses.

Why Dealers Should Blog

Something to think about: If your competitors blog and they have been experiencing great results from that particular effort alone, wouldn’t you feel the pressure to keep pace? Broadly speaking, blogging has been thriving as a lead generation technique. Here are some convincing facts:

According to the 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Report by HubSpot, inbound marketing, which includes blogging, cost 61% lower than outbound marketing. Blogs is indicated as the least costly lead source. The report also said that businesses have been allocating more funds for inbound marketing (12 percentage points higher than the average budget allocated for outbound marketing) since last year. These mean that businesses are getting more inclined to inbound marketing, perceiving blogs as the most cost-effective lead source.

The report also showed that 60% of the businesses surveyed are posting on their blogs at least weekly. The results of the report imply that the more frequent you blog, the more customers you’ll acquire. In a separate study by the same group, businesses that are blogging at least 20 times a month have driven traffic 5 times more. Those who posted a total of over 200 articles on their blogs got more leads (about 3.5 times) more than those who only have lower than 20 blog posts.

The study also found that companies deem their blogs as crucial to their businesses. Company blogs are also more valued now, with 8 percentage points difference from the results of the same study three years ago.

How Dealers Should Blog

Given the facts above, be reminded that the success in blogging does not come overnight. You need to be patient and diligent in your campaign before you finally see the results. Remember also that the two main products a dealership offers are vehicles and auto financing. There has been a shift in car shoppers’ behavior: They are more dependent on auto loans now to purchase a car. Thus, it isn’t that hard to find auto loan leads now. However, attracting them and turning them into sales are more challenging.

In automotive blogging, provide only unique (not copies from other websites), fresh (new content as often as daily), and helpful content. You can write about news, tips, related reports or studies, vehicle reviews, and other helpful information to catch the interest of online car shoppers. Use strategic keywords in your articles. By using a keyword research tool, find out what related keywords are most searched by internet users. Use these keywords in your articles so they will drive traffic and attract more auto loan leads.

When More Leads is Not Necessary to Make Profit

Posted on: June 22nd, 2012 by credit

It is understood that dealerships like yours have to meet a particular quota of number of leads you should generate. There may be times when you have been acquiring enough, and perhaps sometimes even so much. However, you cannot expect that this will always be the case in your and other dealerships. There are times when you will only be acquiring fewer leads, especially if you are just relying on internet leads, depending on the season. There’s something that you have to know then: when and why do people not look for cars and car financing.

What should you do to make up in such seasons? A good solution could be making some adjustments in the sales process, which includes increasing the conversion rate. Here are some tips.

On your first contact with the auto loan lead, try to sound like you are excited to tell them that they are qualified for a loan. Tell them immediately what type of car and how much loan amount they are qualified for. In this way, you are creating a positive tone, making them feel that they are already approved. Moreover, keep in mind that on your first call, you are not to sell them a car or a financing program. Make it a point to convince the auto loan lead to come over to your dealership. In other words, he goal of the first call is to make an appointment with the lead.

Remember this: In order to avoid dilemmas in handling leads, never pull out a credit report or submit a loan application to lenders unless you were able to meet the lead in your dealership. Have them visit your site first before proceeding further with the loan application process.

Aside from increasing the conversion rate of your leads, you can also boost your marketing efforts. Promote competitive offers such as discounted car prices, lower interest rates, incentives, and promo deals. Use the available and timely resources to promote your dealership products. In the internet, use social media or email to spread the word about your dealership. You can also use traditional marketing efforts like direct mail marketing and auto sales events. These would not only generate you more leads but they can also turn into sales.

You should not lose hope when people seem to have not much interest in auto financing. In fact, subprime borrowers are resurfacing and are taking loans even if they are charged at premium. The reason is simple: With the economic crisis affecting household incomes, people need to secure their jobs, and in effect, their income. In order to do this, they’d need a car.

Automotive Finance Options Are Also Your Sales Opportunities

Posted on: May 27th, 2012 by credit

A car nowadays is a need more than a luxury and that is why, people are sometimes desperate to own one. However, not everyone can purchase a car outright in cash. Given the economic condition across the globe today, many are struggling to gather enough financial resources to buy expensive goods as cars. In this case, automotive financing becomes necessary to make it possible for someone without enough cash to get behind the wheel. There are many automotive finance companies that are willing to extend a hand to such borrowers. The available payment options for them become now your chances to increase your sales.

One automotive finance source is car dealers. Financing through car dealers can be quick and easy. However, just when borrowers think car dealers are their best friends, they’re really not. Moreover, they offer low automotive finance rates for the car but other costs and hidden charges will surprise them right after they agree on the deal. Car dealers can convince borrowers to take their offer with a good sales pitch but it is always best to compare rates before settling with an offer.

If a borrowers wants to take a financing deal without pressure from a dealer’s sales pitch, then a bank would be a friendlier financing institution to go to. Banks can help borrowers get the best option and give them lower interest rates because they don’t want another client running away from credit debt. Aside from offering automotive financing, banks are also often partnered with insurance companies.

Meanwhile, private loan companies can be sharks. They can lend money in as fast as 15 minutes and surprise borrowers with high interest rates and huge loan amounts which their current employment salary would not suffice. Good loan companies help borrowers make sound decisions and offer them competitive rates.

The credit history is one of the most important aspects of automotive finance planning because it directly influences the borrower’s power in getting an auto loan. A good credit history determines how much he or she can borrow from a bank or a lending company and his or her overall qualification for the loan. A bad credit can lower his or her chances of getting a loan; that’s why, people would rather pay in cash as much as possible.

Knowing these payment options for car buyers is an advantage for you as a car dealer as these are also your opportunities to generate more leads and sales. Knowing what car buyers are looking for and getting hold of their information give you a competitive edge in the industry. Approved Auto Leads has been a lead generation company for almost 10 years now and knows well how to effectively generate quality leads for its clients.


Why Auto Loan Leads are a Good Investment

Posted on: May 25th, 2012 by credit

Generating leads on your own or buying them from a third party is not cheap for dealerships. However, investing in auto loan leads is bankable. The key to gaining more profit from these leads is being able to choose the right lead generation techniques or marketing strategies to use. Today, a lot of dealers have been maximizing the internet to generate leads and rise above the competition in the automotive industry. You, as well, need to participate competitively in the competition by having a brilliant mind in choosing and employing effective marketing strategies to generate quality leads.

The seemingly most influential marketing strategy now is social media marketing. A lot of people are active in social media sites and a number of them could be your prospective customers. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great platforms for you to execute lead generation techniques and acquire many auto loan leads. There are two main reasons why you should go social. One is because your competitors have done so already and you will be missing out on a lot if you don’t, and second, millions of your prospective customers are there.

Another effective strategy is video marketing. Generally speaking, people are visual, that is, they get more attracted to a specific product or service if the promotion is backed with visually pleasing and moving illustrations. Such visual aids redirect the information to people faster and make it easier for them to understand that message. In other words, visuals allow you to communicate to your prospects more easily. You can post your promotional videos on your blogs, dealership websites, and social media pages.

Search engine optimization or SEO is also an effective strategy in generating auto loan leads. Its goal is to improve your website’s visibility in the world wide web by making its rank in search engine results pages high. The higher the rank of your website, the more visitors it’ll have. SEO involves providing quality and useful content for your website or blogs. There are two important things to remember when doing this technique: keyword and information. SEO becomes effective if you use the right keywords for your website content. Moreover, you will be able to keep on driving traffic to your website if you provide your visitors with helpful information.

Admittedly, working these strategies out or having a third party like Approved Auto Leads do them is costly for a business like yours. However, as has also been pointed out, auto loan leads are a good investment as they could also make up the bulk of your sales. Therefore, don’t hesitate to invest time and money in finding and converting them into sales.


The Challenge of Finding Quality Auto Loan Leads

Posted on: February 16th, 2012 by credit


These days, it is fairly easy to obtain auto loan leads.  There are many lead generation companies online, and they can provide dealers a substantial number of leads in a short period of time.  Though there are now many auto lead generators, not all of them can provide quality leads.  Only a select number of auto lead generation firms can guarantee quality leads, and finding these firms can be a challenge for auto dealers.

Quality auto loan leads are basically those that have the highest chances of sales conversion.  These leads are customers who are determined to purchase a car or any other vehicle, and are really in search of auto financing.  If these customers are given the right loan offer, they would not hesitate to make the purchase.  Quality leads are also those that match the dealership’s qualifications.  The prospective buyer must be within the dealer’s specified region and the vehicle that the customer wants must be something that is offered by the dealership.  In addition, the leads must be fresh, updated and exclusive to be of good quality.  Because such leads are very specific, it is important for lead generators to screen them properly.  Before sending the leads to a particular auto dealer, the lead firm must first make sure that the leads are most suited to the dealer and that they have greater probability of becoming a sale.

Unfortunately, some lead generators do not screen their auto loan leads.  Some lead firms do not even know where the leads come from.  These auto lead providers are those that buy leads from a databank and then resell the leads to dealers.   Many auto dealers are disappointed to find that while they did receive leads in bulk, they turned out to be useless.  After contacting the leads, they find that the people did not even apply for auto financing.  Either the individuals were asked to fill out a survey form or they were given something in return just to provide their details.  In some instances, what the dealers receive are used, old or stuffed leads.  There is no point getting in touch with an old or used lead because chances are, the buyer has already made a purchase with another dealer.  With leads like these, auto dealers would have spent a considerable sum and get nothing in return.

One of the online auto lead companies that sells quality auto loan leads is Approved Auto LeadsThis lead generator sells leads that truly sells vehicles.  With more than ten years in the business, the company has proven itself as a reliable lead source, and this is the reason their clients keep coming back for more.  With Approved Auto Leads, there is no need to find another auto load generator.  The company itself is the guarantee of quality.

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