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Special Finance Auto Leads

Posted on: February 1st, 2012 by credit


It is a fact that auto leads are advantageous for auto dealerships.  These can help them increase their sales by pursuing individuals who are truly in search of a vehicle and auto financing.  Special finance auto leads is one specific type of lead that can truly help auto dealers reach their monthly sales target.   However, this lead type does not only benefit the auto dealers that purchase them.  Being a special finance auto lead can also help any prospective car buyer who have bad or poor credit purchase a vehicle.

An auto lead is a prospective car buyer determined to buy a car and get an auto loan for the purchase.  The lead, which is sold by lead generators and purchased by auto dealerships, contains information about the potential customer: the name, address, contact details and the vehicle preference.  A special finance auto lead is just like a regular auto lead; the only difference is that the customer in question has bad or poor credit.  An individual with bad or poor credit usually find it difficult to obtain auto financing through traditional means because their credit situation renders them ineligible.  However, it must be noted that it is not impossible for people with bad credit to purchase a vehicle.  This is because there are a number of dealers that offer bad credit auto loans.

Prospective car buyers can benefit from being special finance auto leads because being a lead enables them to be contacted by auto dealerships that offer financing even to those with bad credit.  Bad credit borrowers may find the process of getting an auto loan challenging, but this would no longer be the case if they become leads.  Instead of shopping around and checking out each lender one by one to see if they accommodate bad credit borrowers, credit-challenged car buyers could give their information to lead generation companies.  The lead generators would then screen their application and sell their information only to auto dealerships that have loan packages specifically for bad credit borrowers.  In no time, a borrower can receive loan offers from auto dealers, and he or she becomes one step closer to   buying a car.

Meanwhile, auto dealers that invest on special finance auto leads can significantly increase their sales.  This is mainly because there are a lot of people who are credit-challenged.  Many of the people who are in search of cars and car financing have flawed credit.  It would be unwise for any auto dealer to alienate customers who want to purchase a vehicle but are hindered by their current credit situation.  If only these customers get the financing they need to buy a vehicle, they are sure to make the purchase.  Hence, auto dealers that assist bad credit car buyers with auto financing would definitely make a profit.

Auto dealers that wish to increase their revenue should consider getting their special finance auto leads from a lead generating company such as Approved Auto Leads.  A top provider of auto leads for more than ten years, the company offers only real time and exclusive leads—those that boost the chances of sales conversion.  Hence, if there is one company auto dealers should buy their leads from, it should be Approved Auto Leads.

Why Auto Dealers Choose to Buy Leads

Posted on: January 29th, 2012 by credit

Buying auto leads enable auto dealerships to make sales and increase profits.  Auto leads contain relevant details about a prospective car buyer such as the name, address and contact details.  Hence, these leads make it very easy for dealers to contact a potential customer.  If the auto dealer pursues the lead and makes the right offer, a sale can be had.

Auto dealerships that rely on auto leads to make sales spend a significant amount of money when purchasing leads from auto lead generators.  The expense of buying leads is certainly less than the cost of traditional marketing such as radio and television advertising, but the purchase of leads still require a hefty sum from auto dealers.  It must be noted that auto dealerships actually have the option not to buy the leads because these can be rented.  They can spend less money on leads by renting instead of buying.  One may be inclined to ask, “Why do auto dealers buy leads when they can just rent?”

Without a doubt, renting auto leads would be cheaper for any auto dealership.  They can save a lot of money by just paying a sum for the temporary use of an auto lead, or the temporary access to a potential customer’s details.  However, while renting leads present the opportunity to save money, it can also deprive an auto dealer of the opportunity to make more money.  Renting means there are others with access to the leads.  If others have access to the leads, this means that the chances of sales conversion for the auto dealer that rented the leads will be reduced.  Indeed, by renting leads, auto dealers have less chances of making a sale and generating revenue.

On the other hand, it would be very beneficial for any auto dealer to buy leads.  When an auto dealer buys auto leads, it is investing its money on something that can bring forth much profit.  However, the leads that an auto dealer must purchase should be the exclusive variety.  Non-exclusive leads are also accessed by other dealerships, and the tight competition would work against the auto dealer’s goal to make a sale.  Exclusive leads are not accessible by others, and if purchased, only the auto dealer that purchased them can pursue the lead.

While it would be more expensive to buy leads rather than rent them, the money to be spent on them would be spent well.  This is because leads (the exclusive leads specifically) can increase the auto dealer’s return on investment.  Exclusive leads have higher chances of sales conversion, mostly because there is no competition to worry about.  The auto dealer is free to pursue to lead,  make an offer and hopefully close the deal.

Auto dealers that are interested to buy leads can do so from Approved Auto Leads.  The lead generating company has been a top provider of exclusive auto leads, and has served many auto dealerships in the past ten years.  Indeed, auto dealers looking to purchase leads to improve their profit margin need not look further than  Approved Auto Leads for what they need.

What are Quality Car Sales Leads and How They Bring More Sales

Posted on: January 22nd, 2012 by credit

Close more Deals

Do lead generation companies really boost the sales of a car dealership?  Approved Auto Leads guarantees its customers increased revenues with the help of their efforts.  However, there are several factors why this would not happen sometimes in other lead companies.  One of the most triggering factors is the quality of leads a lead company provides.

When car dealers look for car sales lead providers, they should first do some research on the company’s background and track record.  By doing this, a car dealer would know how long has the company been in the business.  A company that has been in the industry for quite a number of years already could possibly be more reliable and credible than any other else.  Although this may not be true all the time, such companies still managed to somehow stay in the business.  When car dealers are considering to purchase auto leads, they should look at the most reputable car sales lead provider to somehow ensure the quality of leads they will be provided with.

Car dealers can further check on the quality of leads by  asking about the various lead generation techniques they employ.  Lead generation techniques online are more prevalent and effective now.  However, if these are abused, it would lead to penalization and bad leads generation.  Many lead companies use these techniques to lure interested car buyers into submitting their information and application.  These leads are bad for they are not really interested in the offer but were just deceived by the ads and other online advertising strategies.  In other terms, lead generation techniques affect the quality of leads that will be generated.

Quality leads have also some distinct characteristics which car dealers can easily determine.  First characteristic is being fresh and recent.  Leads are supposed to be delivered to car dealers as quickly as possible.  The longer it gets for car dealers to get back to them, the more possible it is to lose them as sales.  It could happen when other dealers got to them faster or when they lost their interest in the offer.  They should look for car dealers who has a fast delivery time which is not more than 5 minutes.  In another context, lead companies may also send leads that are already outdated.  Car leaders can not make use of these anymore. 

Quality leads must have undergone through verification and screening process.  These are to test the authenticity and validity of the information given by the prospective customer.  The screening process also determines if the application is qualified or not.  The pre-approved leads are then distributed to the car dealers.  This is the same system that Approved Auto Leads employ to ensure the quality of leads they give to their customers.

Lastly, car dealers should take note of the conversion rate.  In most cases, cheaper leads have lower conversion rate, while the dealer has to pay more for leads that have higher conversion rate.  It is best that car dealers go for the leads with high conversion rate even if they are expensive.  It is a good investment since these leads are more likely to convert into sales than cheaper leads would.

Car dealers should not take car sales lead for granted.  It is always an opportunity to make a sale.  That is why a quick response and the right lead source are two important things that will surely turn a car sales lead into a sale.

Auto Lead Generation What It Is All About

Posted on: January 21st, 2012 by credit

The automotive industry manages to thrive despite the recession because of auto leads. Auto leads help auto dealerships find their customers—individuals who are in search of a vehicle and auto financing. Because all leads contain important information an auto dealer needs to contact a potential customer and close a deal, they prove to be very instrumental in creating sales. Indeed, auto lead generation is truly significant in the business of selling cars.

What is auto lead generation all about? As the phrase itself suggests, it is about generating leads—or finding the potential buyers and getting their details. An auto dealer may generate its own leads, but most dealers depend on auto lead generating companies to provide them with what they need. These companies have the responsibility of seeking out prospective buyers and passing their information to the sellers. However, there are instances wherein an auto lead generating firm simply receives the information directly from the prospective car buyer. Car buyers who do not have the luxury of time to shop around for a vehicle give their details directly to the lead generator. This way, they can receive offers from dealers without having to do much work.

Most of the auto lead generating companies are based online, and they use the Internet to search for people looking to buy a vehicle. Each lead generator has a website which is utilized to gather the required information. Each auto lead generator uses a number of techniques and tools to locate potential car buyers and obtain their details, and these may include video marketing, lead capture pages and the auto-responder. Since there are millions of people browsing the Internet on a daily basis, the online lead firms easily manage to find the specific set of customers they intend to reach. While the Internet is the most helpful tool of all for most auto lead generating companies, there are times when the lead generators do not get the prospects online. Sometimes, the leads come from the dealerships. Prospective car buyers who visit auto dealerships in search for financing leave their information, which are then stored in an auto lead database.

It must be noted that auto lead generation is not solely limited to the search of leads. Auto lead generators do not just pass all the leads they have to auto dealerships. The information is sorted first before they are sent to the dealers. It is also the responsibility of the auto lead generator to screen all applications, and decide if it is to be approved or denied. If the application is approved, an auto lead will only be sent to an auto dealer if it matches with the location of the dealership as well as the dealer’s requirements.

Approved Auto Leads is one of the companies involved in the business of auto lead generation. The online lead generating company has been generating and delivering auto leads to car dealers for more than a decade. The company’s continuous success in business can be attributed to the quality of the lead it generates. Real time and exclusive auto leads are what Approved Auto Leads sell, and these in turn result in sales for the auto sellers. It is therefore no surprise that leads from the company are in demand, making Approved Auto Leads a top auto lead provider in the industry.

The Advantage of the Internet over Traditional Advertising in Acquiring Auto Sales Leads

Posted on: January 19th, 2012 by credit


When advertising is mentioned, the traditional type is what comes to a person’s mind: television, radio and print. Indeed, these media of advertising have stood the test of time and have been proven to be the most effective for the past fifty or more years. However, with the Internet and the continuous innovation in technology, the same thing cannot be said today. New media advertising and marketing pertaining to blogs, search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertisements among others have been playing a great role in the advertising field over the past years. More than ever, people make use of the Internet for leisure and work purposes. People are slowly preferring online shopping over actually going to shops.


Due to the mere fact that people are going online to shop for products, companies like corporate car vendors have taken advertising and marketing online. This move greatly increases the chances of making sales for car dealers. However, it is one thing to widen the interested market of  a dealer and yet another to get decided car buyers.  Not just any type of advertisement can really boost sales. This is why car dealers hire the services of lead generation companies. Lead generation companies are  the link between costumers and vendors. They provide quality auto sales leads to dealers after screening a pool of interested buyers.


Lead generation companies which employ auto internet marketing get much more auto sales leads. Since it is already a fact that billions make of use of Internet each day, dealers get the most exposure. Interested individuals see the advertisements on the different websites they browse. Moreover, not only do lead generation companies which make use of auto Internet marketing acquire more leads but also they acquire more quality auto sales leads.  Only seriously interested buyers will take time to fill out online forms and put in their information. These are those who really intend to make a purchase but may not have time to shop for cars. In such case, it is the lead generation company doing the shopping for them. The company then refers the buyer to a dealer that has what he or she is looking for.


Another advantage of online marketing and advertising is that lead generation companies can easily acquire information from the potential buyer. It is just a click away. When a buyer sees an online advertisement, he or she can just click the advertisement and it will lead him or her to the website. The company then records the information entered, screens it and endorses it as a quality auto sales lead to a dealer. This is a great benefit for both the dealer and the buyer. The dealer does not have to spend time on poor advertisements without the assurance of sales; the buyer does not have to spend time shopping for cars.


Indeed, auto sales leads are much easier acquired by lead generation companies by making use of the Internet compared to using TV, radio or print advertising. These auto sales leads, in turn, boost the sales of the dealer when it has closed the deals.

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