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Do Special Finance Auto Leads Really Help Today?

Posted on: April 13th, 2012 by credit

Special finance auto leads are information of people who are seeking auto financing but could not get a decent loan offer because of their bad credit. These benefit both dealers and people with bad credit. Dealers can increase their sales by converting special finance auto leads into sales while helping people with bad credit by giving them a chance to get behind the wheel and improve their credit.

However, the automotive industry experienced a crisis in 2008 that lasted until 2010 following the global economic recession. The crisis was caused by the increase in prices of fuel which discouraged people in buying vehicles that are not fuel-efficient. Since there were few fuel-efficient vehicles available in the market, the sales of automotive industry sharply declined. This has also affected sub prime lending to the point that special finance leads and the special finance departments of dealerships seemed to be of no use anymore. Nevertheless, the automotive industry has been progressively recovering from the downturn and is now becoming more competitive.

Special finance auto leads have been a great help for dealerships before the crisis and even today. Auto dealers may face risks in dealing with people with bad credit but they can indeed boost their revenues if they successfully turn them into sales. People with bad credit are still potential customers for auto dealers. In fact, they are more likely to turn into sales because, in general, they are more serious and more interested in buying a vehicle than those with good credit. Auto dealers can also meet their sales quota while increasing their sales with special finance leads. Moreover, auto dealers can save more money on buying special finance leads instead of spending so much on mainstream advertisements which deals with a less specific target market. With special finance leads, auto dealers are able to gear their marketing efforts toward only a more specific target.

Special finance auto leads indeed help dealerships today in making more sales. Auto dealers just have to be wise in generating and buying special finance leads. Gathering this type of leads was not an easy job for auto dealers before especially with the absence of computers and the Internet. Today, they can easily buy special finance leads from lead providers like Approved Auto Leads. When buying leads, auto dealers should choose the exclusive type to ensure higher closing rate. Auto dealers should also check the legitimacy of the lead generation company they will be working with. Lastly, they should also ensure that the leads are of good quality. Special finance leads need more thorough verification and screening than other types of leads.

Easy Guide to Converting Automotive Internet Leads

Posted on: April 11th, 2012 by credit

Achieving an increase in sales has been a struggle for car dealers for many years, especially during the time when the Internet has not yet been discovered, even with the help of a third-party like the lead providers today. Car dealers have to really work their way in making sales. Today, lead generation companies can efficiently work hand in hand with car dealers with the help of the Internet. However, even if they do their job well, their efforts would not make much impact on a dealership’s success if the car dealer ineffectively converts leads into sales. Automotive Internet leads require a slightly different approach from other types of leads in order to convert them into sales. Here are the guidelines.

The Internet is fast-paced. People get information from and make transactions with it quickly. In the same way, car dealers should also respond to automotive Internet leads quickly if they want to convert them into sales. There is an importance in speed because of the tight competition online. Competitors can easily steal potential customers away especially that the audience’s attention in the online setting is highly fragmented. They can easily jump to the other option if the response is taking too long. People who turn to online sources want information in a snap and car dealers have to keep up with this demand in order to close leads. Moreover, voice mails and messages by auto responders should be avoided when responding to the leads’ queries. Car dealers should make the response personal as much as possible.

They should also strive to be the kind of car dealer that automotive Internet leads are looking for. Aside from making sales, car dealers should also be concerned about meeting the needs of their potential customers. They should provide helpful tips and advice to them. They should also answer the questions honestly and genuinely. Car dealers should also have good communication skills. These include choosing the right words in making an offer, expressing genuine concern, and asking the right questions to understand a lead’s demands and preferences.

If despite all the efforts of responding quickly to and communication well with automotive Internet leads, they have not made their decision yet, car dealers should diligently follow them up. They should remember that not all leads can make a decision fast. They may have too many choices and they are taking the time comparing one from another. In following up leads, car dealers should have a plan which includes time allotment for each task, a viable schedule, and strategies. Approved Auto Leads is a lead generation company that can surely help car dealers create strategies to meet their goals. It has been in the business of boosting dealership sales for years already. The goal of follow up is to keep the prospects interested. Car dealers should also strive to have a lead come over to their office to further talk about and eventually finalize the deal.

Working with a Good Auto Finance Lead Provider

Posted on: April 11th, 2012 by credit

Auto finance lead providers can be great partners of car dealers in boosting their sales. However, none of them, even the most reputable ones, can promise 100% or perfect conversion on all the leads they deliver. Achieving an increase in sales in dealerships is a two-part process that requires work both from the lead provider and the car dealer. Lead providers are responsible for generating quality leads while it is the responsibility of car dealers to turn these leads into sales. The lead provider’s efficiency surely has an impact on the success of this process. Thus, it is important that car dealers choose their lead generation partner wisely.

The lead generation techniques that a lead provider uses is an important factor in evaluating an auto finance lead provider. There are two common ways by which they generate leads. One is by using various marketing strategies and the other is getting leads from a third-party. A lead provider should be able to use marketing strategies well and expertly in order to produce quality leads. If they abuse these techniques, especially Internet marketing strategies, they would only end up generating leads who are not really interested in buying a car or taking a loan. Meanwhile, other lead providers get leads from a third party source. You should ask your prospective lead provider about how they verify the leads they receive to ensure that they are of good quality.

Good auto finance lead providers also guarantee money back for bad leads. This is called the return policy. This serves as your protection whenever you receive leads that have incomplete or bogus contact information. Such leads are useless because you are unable to contact them. It is your right to have your money back for bad leads.

Quick delivery of leads also defines a good lead provider. It is important that leads are delivered as soon as possible to maintain the freshness and the interest of these potential customers. Otherwise, your competitors would get them first or the leads would pay attention to other offers instead.

For the most part, a good way to find good auto finance lead providers is research. Read reviews and forum discussions about your prospective companies and know how they perform based on the opinions and experiences of their previous and current customers. It is better to work with companies who have been in the business for quite some time already. Approved Auto Leads have been around for almost ten years already and it still confidently guarantees car dealers that they can do something to boost their revenues. You can also ask around for recommendations. If you have a friend or a relative who have previously worked with a lead generation company, you can ask him or her for some tips and advice in finding the right one.

Targeting Market with Auto Dealer Leads

Posted on: April 10th, 2012 by credit









Companies such as car dealers, which provide products and services to the public, need to have good marketing strategies to generate more profit and acquire more clients. There are a lot of avenues that these companies can use for their marketing strategies but knowing which ones are the most effective is the key. Auto dealer leads is one of the most efficient marketing tools in the industry that boost car dealers’ sales.

Auto dealer leads are collected data from different people who have shown interest in buying a vehicle recently or in the past. Also known as sales leads, these are gathered information from customers and potential clients that includes their name, contact details, social security number, monthly income and mortgage, employment information, bank accounts, and credit scores. Car dealerships use them to classify their prospective clients by category so they can use targeted marketing strategies on them. Car dealers also use sales leads to meet their sales quotas by making sure that their leads will direct them to clients who are most likely to buy a car. Sales leads are often bought from sales lead generator companies.

The primary goal of car dealers is closing a sale on a vehicle and they cannot afford to just wait for a potential customer to walk through their doors, hoping that he or she will buy a car. They need to be proactive so they can earn more income and reach their target sales. That is why using auto dealer leads are important: it boosts their business by as much as 8 to 10%. Sales leads also lets car dealers know who are actively inquiring about buying vehicles, whether it be a sedan or SUV. Sales lead generator companies can also act as an intermediary between the customer and the car dealer by answering potential customers’ questions and setting up their appointments to the car dealer. Car dealers also save time because they do not have to hunt for potential clients anymore and they can focus on marketing their cars and completing the sale.

Fortunately, there are a lot of auto dealer lead generator companies out there. A company that wants to purchase auto sales leads should research and ask different sales leads providers about their services. Auto dealers need to find the right lead provider which will provide them with proper information about their target market. The car dealer must also make sure that their sales lead provider will give them exclusive leads in real time which have not been sold to the car dealer’s competitors. They should avoid lead providers that would point them to casual internet surfers who are not really interested in doing business with car dealers. The important factor here is looking for individuals who are serious in buying a car, and leading these prospects to the car dealer.

Whether the company is looking for new customers or keeping loyal patrons, using auto dealer leads can help the business in the long run.


What Kind of Auto Leads Should Car Dealers Purchase?

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by credit

Car dealers buy purchase auto leads to help them rev up their production and increase their sales.  However, this will only be possible if car dealers are buying the right kind of leads from a good lead generation company.  They should make sure that they only purchase quality leads.  Quality spells for car leads that converts into sales and are exclusive, fast and verified.  These are the characteristics that car dealers should look for in car leads before purchasing them from a lead provider.

Quality car leads converts into sales.  Car dealers can ensure this by buying leads with high conversion rate.  Although these may cost more than leads with low conversion rate, these will surely contribute to the growth of a car dealer’s sales.  Car dealers should always go for high-converting leads even if they are quite pricey.  With this, they would not have to keep on repeating orders frequently on leads with low conversion rate.

Quality leads are have real exclusivity.  This means that when the purchased auto leads are exclusive, car dealers are assured that they are not sold to other dealerships.  Exclusivity of leads can also be seen when the leads are not resold to a car dealer.  If a lead is just a resale, it was used by other dealerships already and would not be useful for another car dealer anymore.

Quality auto leads are also marked by freshness and are delivered fast.  Good lead generation companies would deliver leads to their clients fast.  This is an important feature that a lead generation company should possess.  Leads should be delivered as quickly as possible so that car dealers would have more time to close more deals.  Moreover, getting leads the soonest time possible also maintains the interest of the leads in the car dealer’s offers.  A good lead generation company should have an excellent system in ensuring that leads are quickly delivered to their clients.

Quality auto leads undergo a screening process.  Car dealers should make sure that the leads they are about to purchase undergo a screening process before they are delivered to car dealers.  The screening process include verification of the lead’s information to see whether they are authentic or not.  The screening process itself is to pre-qualify the applications.  This is the most systematic way to ensure that a car lead is of quality.

Approved Auto Leads screens every lead that enters their system and makes sure that they are authentic and qualified applicants.  A prospective customer would fill out an application form in Approved Auto Leads’ website.  Then, its system automatically assess the application for approval.  If it is qualified, the lead will be delivered to the client if it matches the client’s criteria for car leads. Approved Auto Leads is an example of a good lead provider which is committed to helping their partners increase their sales by providing the right kind of auto sales leads.

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