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Bad Credit Auto Leads Are Valuable Too

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by credit

Auto dealerships need to meet a certain amount of sales in order to stay in business. They will not be able to do this if they rely solely on walk-in clients. To look for potential clients, they often rely on auto leads so they can market their products to them. However, these auto leads are sometimes focused only on a specific group of people, namely, people who have good credit scores.

The economy is terrible these days. According to FICO, a huge number of Americans have poor credit scores. People who have poor credit scores cannot get auto loans through traditional means. However, this does not mean that these people are no longer interested in buying cars. It does not also mean that they do not have the capacity to pay for a new car. On the contrary, people with bad credit can get their auto financing from lenders that specialize in dealing with people like them. There are a number of reasons why a person has a bad credit score and in most cases, people with bad credit do whatever they can to change this. Auto dealerships must recognize that there is a gold mine among Americans with bad credit. They can look for these people by using bad credit auto leads.

Auto dealerships can hire companies that specialize in generating bad credit auto leads. These companies have a huge database of people who bought cars before or are interested in buying cars in the near future. Companies that specialize in these kinds of leads usually get their information from bad credit auto loan lenders. These companies can also provide other information such as age, gender and location as well. If auto dealerships combine both regular auto leads and bad credit auto leads, they can reach a bigger audience which translates to a higher profit margin for them. They should not be wary of getting people with bad credit as their customers even if at first it seems like a bad idea. People with bad credit are still potential customers and once they get funding from a lending institution, they are more than willing to buy a car.

When hiring a lead generator company, auto dealerships must make sure that these bad credit auto leads are generated in real time and are not outdated. A quality auto lead is usable and can guarantee a sale. They can look for bad auto lead generator companies online.

Using Automotive Live Chat to Generate an Automotive Lead

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by credit

The success of an auto dealership is based on its sales and how many vehicles it sells. Getting people to buy cars is difficult, especially with the shaky economy these days. A lot of people are clinging to their hard-earned money and they are not willing to part with it on a whim. One tool that can help auto dealers meet their sales quota is to look for interested buyers through the use of an automotive lead.

Automotive leads are collected data from different individuals who have shown interest in buying a car in the past or in the present. These leads can also show statistics on prospective buyers such as their age, gender, where they live and how much they earn. An automotive lead is beneficial to the car dealership because they can adapt their marketing strategies to a specific target market to entice the people in that target market to buy cars. They can also send emails, brochures and newsletters to these people to inform them of new vehicles and other products and services they have in their lineup.

Some car dealerships hire companies that provide lead generator services but if they are looking for a cost-effective way to do it, they can choose to do it themselves by utilizing their own websites. To do this, they should invest in a good automotive live chat software that can be installed on their website. Automotive live chat allows dealerships to interact directly to the people visiting their website. Most of the time, when a person visits an auto dealership website, he or she is looking for a car to buy, or is interested in buying one in the near future. Having live chat saves time on the visitor’s part because he or she can forgo looking at numerous web pages just to get the information he or she needs. The information gathered during the interaction can be used to close the sale if the customer physically visits the dealership.

An automotive lead gathered directly from the dealership’s website has better chances in being converted into a sale. Dealerships will no longer have to outsource their leads from third-party lead companies and there is also no danger of being given a bogus or useless lead. This method of lead generator has been proven to be successful in increasing the dealership’s sales quota. The dealership also earns brownie points because they are bringing their customer service into a whole new level. Not only have they closed a sale, they also gained a loyal customer.

Why Auto Loan Leads are a Good Investment

Posted on: May 25th, 2012 by credit

Generating leads on your own or buying them from a third party is not cheap for dealerships. However, investing in auto loan leads is bankable. The key to gaining more profit from these leads is being able to choose the right lead generation techniques or marketing strategies to use. Today, a lot of dealers have been maximizing the internet to generate leads and rise above the competition in the automotive industry. You, as well, need to participate competitively in the competition by having a brilliant mind in choosing and employing effective marketing strategies to generate quality leads.

The seemingly most influential marketing strategy now is social media marketing. A lot of people are active in social media sites and a number of them could be your prospective customers. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great platforms for you to execute lead generation techniques and acquire many auto loan leads. There are two main reasons why you should go social. One is because your competitors have done so already and you will be missing out on a lot if you don’t, and second, millions of your prospective customers are there.

Another effective strategy is video marketing. Generally speaking, people are visual, that is, they get more attracted to a specific product or service if the promotion is backed with visually pleasing and moving illustrations. Such visual aids redirect the information to people faster and make it easier for them to understand that message. In other words, visuals allow you to communicate to your prospects more easily. You can post your promotional videos on your blogs, dealership websites, and social media pages.

Search engine optimization or SEO is also an effective strategy in generating auto loan leads. Its goal is to improve your website’s visibility in the world wide web by making its rank in search engine results pages high. The higher the rank of your website, the more visitors it’ll have. SEO involves providing quality and useful content for your website or blogs. There are two important things to remember when doing this technique: keyword and information. SEO becomes effective if you use the right keywords for your website content. Moreover, you will be able to keep on driving traffic to your website if you provide your visitors with helpful information.

Admittedly, working these strategies out or having a third party like Approved Auto Leads do them is costly for a business like yours. However, as has also been pointed out, auto loan leads are a good investment as they could also make up the bulk of your sales. Therefore, don’t hesitate to invest time and money in finding and converting them into sales.


How Dealership Auto Leads Help Both Dealers and Car Buyers

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by credit

Owning a car is one of the things that one really wants to achieve in life. However, it is not that easy to get behind the wheel of your own car. You need to work hard to save enough cash to buy one, which would take years. However, there is a way for people to be able to buy a car even if they don’t have enough cash yet—taking a car loan.

In a nutshell, car loans can help you buy that Tuner or SUV that you have always been dreaming of, for example, by letting you purchase it in installments rather than in one-time payment. This gives you the chance to drive your very own car without paying it in full. Car loans are really advantageous for car buyers like you. However, you have to meet the requirements such as a relatively high annual income, a good credit history, and the down payment to get approved for one. Unfortunately, some people fall short of fulfilling these requirements, and with the economy as it is, availing car loans makes it even more difficult for these people.

If buying a car and availing loans for a car are difficult, so is being a car dealer. With a fewer number of people having the capability and resources to purchase cars, many car dealers find it hard to meet their sales quota. This is where dealership auto leads come in handy.

Dealership auto leads contain a list of prospective customers interested in buying a car or availing a car loan. From there, car dealers can offer these people special finances to help them buy cars, which in turn help dealers meet their quota.

Dealership auto leads are honey-pots for buyers who want to buy a car through loans but can’t fulfill their requirements because it can help them in many ways. If they are successful in catching a car dealer’s attention, they can talk with them about ways that can mutually benefit the both of them. For example, the car dealer could say, “I will acquire a car loan in my name for you so you can pay at a lower price, but you need to pay at 10% interest”. This makes it easier for buyers and beneficial for dealers in the long run. Moreover, car buyers can also refer the dealership to their friends or relatives, which would mean higher income for the dealer.

Dealership auto leads are very helpful to both car buyers and dealers. A single transaction from these two parties can actually boost the current status of the car industry and of the economy. It can also make owning a car an easier dream to fulfill.

Cold Calling Auto Sales Leads: Are You Sure You’re Doing It Right?

Posted on: May 23rd, 2012 by credit

Opposing views on cold calling have been boldly expressed online and even in books. Some say that cold calling is no longer effective and that businesses should stop doing it. Others say that although it is a traditional lead generation technique, it remains effective despite being overpowered by Internet marketing strategies. Nevertheless, cold calling is still used by some businesses, including dealerships, today. However, you have to understand that some adjustments should be made when doing cold calling in today’s context.

Don’t Really Sell

Yes, it’s true especially on the first contact with an auto sales lead. Cold calling is no longer used that much to convince prospects to buy. The approach is different now. Rather than being an irritating sales person at the other end of the line, be a sincere car dealer who wants to help auto sales leads with their concerns, making the contact personal and interactive at the same time. It is your chance of making yourself appear credible and reliable to your prospects.

Don’t End There

It is less likely that auto sales leads are ready to buy immediately at first contact. It would normally take several calls or emails before they make a decision. Thus, when you have made the first contact already, make a follow up immediately by sending them an email. Make the message personal by doing it yourself. Provide them with all the necessary information and you can also make an irresistible offer if possible. Do not forget to put a link to your website.

You can also make another phone call with a reasonable time difference from your first call. There have been debates on how many times should leads be called. Even if in most cases, leads get irritated with so many sales calls, some marketing experts say that as many as 6 phone calls in almost 2 weeks is optimal. However, others protest by saying that there are many other lead generation and conversion techniques available now which can be used as alternatives to cold calling.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

As has been mentioned, it will take time before auto sales leads make a decision or even turn into sales. Try to understand them: Cars are expensive and with the global economic crisis today, buying one is not financially easy. It is also a major decision where car buyers need to take time choosing the right car model, dealership, and loan provider. While waiting for auto sales leads to make a decision, be productive by sending them promotional and informative emails. Keep them interested and never lose contact with them.

In closing, train your sales team to be aggressive and efficient in order for you to be successful in converting auto leads into sales through cold calling. You can also hire the services of a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads which can also provide training for your sales staff.


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