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Auto Leads – An Overview

Posted on: January 4th, 2012 by credit


 Auto leads are information about a person interested in getting a car loan. In layman’s terms, it is simply a prospective customer for car dealers or auto lenders.

There are two basic types of an auto lead namely, non-exclusive and exclusive.  Non-exclusive leads are priced cheaper than the exclusive leads.  Its difference from exclusive leads is that other businesses also have access to the information sold to you.  On the contrary, exclusive leads are not sold to anyone else.  This does not spoil your  advantage of being the only one to have the chance to turn the lead into a sale. 

There are many ways by which car dealers generate auto leads–either through traditional marketing styles or contemporary techniques.  Some examples of traditional techniques are telemarketing and referrals.  Telemarketing is when sales representatives call up prospective customers to promote their products and services and to convince them to purchase from them as well.  Referrals, on the other hand, is when car dealers give incentives or some sort of a commission when the customer is able to refer the company’s offers to someone and it turned into a sale.

The contemporary techniques of generating auto leads mainly involve the Internet.  One of them are the Internet marketing strategies utilized by the car dealers themselves.  Some techniques include email marketing, blog marketing, social media marketing and many others.  These techniques basically increase the exposure of the dealer’s website to attract more prospective customers.  The other contemporary technique is generating leads through lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads.  These companies seek to help their clients increase their revenues by making people interested with their clients’ loan programs.  They also employ Internet marketing strategies in promoting their clients’ products and services.  They can be mostly found online.

Not all auto leads can be used by car dealers, though.  There are good leads and bad leads.  Good leads are recent applications and would most likely be converted into sales.  On the other hand, bad leads are those that cannot be used anymore because they are already outdated.

Approved Auto Leads have been providing their partners with quality leads that have high conversion rate.  Car dealers should look for lead generation companies that are dedicated to helping their customers increase their revenue. If this is your first time to buy a car lead from lead generation companies, decide now and choose a company like Approved Auto Leads with over ten years of proven track record.


How to Choose an Auto Lead Generation Company

Posted on: December 31st, 2011 by credit


Despite the recession, the automotive industry manages to gain revenue thanks to auto lead generation.  By buying or renting auto leads from lead generators, car dealers get to find their target market and convince them to make a purchase in their respective shops.  Right now, there are countless lead generation companies online that car dealers can take advantage of.  However, not all these companies can be of help to car dealers that are struggling to make a sale.  Some lead generators are better than others, and these are those that provide the quality leads that will result in sales.

How does a car dealer choose the lead generation company that would be most helpful in increasing car sales? There are certain things a dealer must look for when selecting an auto lead generation partner.  One of these is the price offered for the leads.  There are many auto lead generators online that boast about having cheap leads for interested car dealers, but what they are offering is not really a bargain.    High quality leads—those that covert into actual sales—are not cheap.  If car dealers want to find consumers that would take cars off the lot, then they must invest on high quality leads.  A car dealer may purchase a thousand cheap leads, but if none of them convert into sales, the money will be wasted.

Other things a car dealer must consider when choosing a lead generation company is the length of time the company has been in business, as well as customer feedback.  Both considerations go hand-in-hand: a company will not stay in business if it does not have a loyal client base that is satisfied with its products and services.  It would be wise for any car dealer to pick an auto lead generation firm that has been in the business for a considerable period of time, because the length of service is a testament to the quality of the leads to be provided.  It would also be beneficial for car dealers to ask existing clients of the prospective lead generator about the kind of services it provides.

Approved Auto Leads is one lead generator that guarantees sales for every auto lead it provides.  It does not sell cheap car leads because it specializes only in high quality leads.  It has been in the industry for more than a decade, and the company enjoys the patronage of many loyal clients.  Indeed,  car dealers looking for a lead generation company that would surely boost their sales should look no further than Approved Auto Leads.

Why Car Dealers Should Consider Getting Special Finance Leads

Posted on: December 31st, 2011 by credit


Because of the current state of the economy, many car dealers are having a difficult time reaching their monthly sales quota.  Compared to the past few years, there are less customers going into car shops, causing the vehicles to remain in the dealer’s lot for a long period of time.  Thankfully, car dealers are able to stay in business by utilizing auto leads provided by lead generation companies.  There are several kinds of leads that car dealers can use to make a profit, but one kind they should really consider getting is a special finance auto lead.

What is a special finance auto lead? This lead is a prospective car buyer who is unable to get an auto loan from traditional lenders because of a poor credit score.  This kind of customer is determined to make a purchase—the only problem is the financing.  Car dealers that wish to make sales must tap into the special finance market.  Any dealer that wants to improve its monthly sales could take advantage of these customers, even if they are in the subprime category.

More and more consumers are falling under the subprime category, including potential car buyers.  This could be because of the recession, or simply the result of poor credit management.  Regardless of the reason, it is a fact that more customers would be requiring special financing for their car purchase.  If a car dealer gets access to verified special finance auto leads, the dealer gets access to more prospective consumers.  The more prospective customers there are, the easier it is to generate profit.  Of course, it is up to the dealer to convert a special finance auto lead  into an actual sale.  However, access to the subprime leads is all it takes to make a boost in sales possible.

Getting special finance auto leads can be challenging, but not if the car dealer has help from a reputable auto lead generation company such as Approved Auto Leads.  Over the years, Approved Auto Leads have assisted many car dealers in reaching their monthly target by providing them with high quality special finance auto leads.  Because the car leads that the company provides are exclusive, it guarantees that the client car dealer will have higher chances of sales conversion.  The best part about Approved Auto Leads is that it delivers results without requiring a monthly service fee or a long term commitment contract.

Car dealers that are struggling to make a sale should try getting special finance leads from Approved Auto Leads.  Soon they will see how big a difference a good lead generation company can make in business.

Boosting Up Your Sales with Quality Auto Finance Leads

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by credit

Target Quality Customers with Auto Leads



Buying auto finance leads have made the lives of car dealers and lenders in finding prospective customers easier.  It saves car dealers and lenders time in approving a lead’s application.  Lead generation companies have their own screening process where all applications are evaluated and placed according to whose client’s criteria they have met.  Another advantage of buying car leads is the car dealer and lender have more information about the prospective customer.  With more information, they can already devise an offer that suits the lead’s needs and financial situation before they even meet with the prospective customer.  This can only be possible if the leads come from a reliable lead generation company.

To ensure that car dealers and lenders purchase quality auto finance leads from good lead generation companies, they take some things into consideration.  One thing that they should enquire about is the company’s verification system.  All information of the applicants must be verified, especially the contact details like home address, telephone number, email address, and the like. Approved Auto Leads has its own approval system under which all applications must go.  This is to ensure that the leads are authentic.  Car dealers and lenders should also make sure that these companies get their leads from reliable sources and real interested car buyers.

Quality auto finance leads should also be recent.  Thus, it is important for lead generation companies to send their clients fresh leads quickly.  With a faster delivery, the car dealer or lender can save a lot of time and can even make more sales.

Good leads are also those that do not have duplicates.  Duplicates are possible because an interested car buyer usually sends his or her application to several loan sources.  If the car dealer or lender also buys from different sources, he or she can get duplicate leads.  Nevertheless, lead generation companies should make sure that they only provide new and exclusive leads to their clients.  Approved Auto Leads always recommends exclusive leads to its customers as it also guarantees exclusive territories.  Exclusive leads may be more expensive but it is worth the price because of the exclusivity that car dealers and lenders can enjoy.

Car dealers and lenders can also ensure the quality of auto finance leads by considering the proximity of the leads they will be purchasing.  It is recommended that they only buy leads which came from places near their shop.  Approved Auto Leads give their clients freedom to choose the radius and mileage of their leads.  This is for the convenience and cost-efficiency of the prospective customer, the car dealers and the lenders.  Leads that are far from the car dealer’s or lender’s shop would has usually a lower conversion rate.

Where Car Dealers Can Find Bad Credit Auto Leads

Posted on: December 28th, 2011 by credit

Right now, there are many Americans who are credit-challenged.  A significant percentage of the population has bad—if not terrible—credit.  The economic recession plays a huge part in the credit problems of Americans, though bad spending habits are also a crucial factor.  Regardless of the reason, it is certain that the unfavorable credit standing hurts the individual, specifically because it limits the access to financial assistance.  Thankfully, there are those who are willing to be of help despite low or poor credit scores, and these include car dealers.

Since the recession, the automotive industry has suffered considerable losses and car dealerships have also experienced a drop in car sales.  Compared to the past years, car sellers are finding it quite hard at present to find consumers.  The dealers are aware that despite the financially difficult times, there are still those who are in need of cars.  They also know that those who require a means of transportation may have bad credit, and cannot take out a loan from traditional lenders.  Car dealers welcome bad credit consumers because they are still potential customers, and once they are provided the funding, these customers can help them take cars off their lot.  This is why many car dealers are now looking for bad credit auto leads.

Those in the car sales industry know how crucial auto leads are for business.  Any car dealer in possession of quality car leads can definitely enjoy an increase in revenue.  Right now, because there are many prospective car buyers who have low credit scores, car dealers can benefit from having bad credit auto leads.  These individuals may be a high credit risk, but they are determined to buy an automobile and make a sale for the dealer.  Car dealers which are willing to sell cars to individuals who had financial problems in the past must then find an auto lead generation firm that can provide these leads.

There are many lead generation firms online that can be of help to the car dealers, but not all of them can provide quality bad credit auto leads.  Quality leads are those that are real time, as well as unused.  There is no point in having outdated or used leads because these would not translate into actual sales.  Moreover, quality leads are those that are guaranteed to translate into sales.  This means that the leads—or the customers—would certainly make a purchase.  Only a lead generation company such as Approved Auto Leads can supply such leads. 

Approved Auto Leads is one online lead generation firm that offers real time bad credit auto leads.  Client car dealerships can get the auto lead mere seconds after the application comes in.  Approved Auto Leads makes it possible for car dealers to immediately contact the prospective car buyer and make a sale.  The faster the auto lead is contacted, the faster the sale would be made.  Therefore, any car dealer would find it beneficial to make use of the services provided by Approved Auto Leads.

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