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Factors Affecting Effective Automotive Lead Generation

Posted on: January 19th, 2012 by credit

Getting more sales and boosting return on investment (ROI) may not be an easy task for a car dealer especially when there are several other dealers in the market. It may take more than just advertisements. While traditional television, radio and print advertising has been proven effective in the past, the same cannot be said with the continuous innovation in technology today.

Car dealers that understand this reality seek the help of lead generation companies. Through automotive lead generation, lead generation companies provide dealers with leads that are sure to purchase cars at once. They are the link between buyers and dealers. These companies do not necessarily have a physical office. Automotive lead generation is a type of marketing wherein inquiries from potential car buyers are solicited. Lead generation companies then screen these buyers to see who are qualified.

However, since lead generation is only the first step to making sales, the number and quality of leads matter greatly. Increasing sales means increasing the number of individuals who buy cars. Thus, it is a must to have quality leads as much as possible. Expert lead generation companies can deliver such like Approved Auto Leads. If they cannot deliver the number of leads a client car dealer wants, they only seek payment for what they can provide. For instance, a car dealer wants 400 leads but the automotive lead generation company can only provide 350 leads, they will only take payment for 350 leads. Even if the dealer did not get the desired number of leads, it can be assured that what they have are hot leads and are ready to purchase at once.

Other than number and quality, methods used in automotive lead generation is also another factor. Expert lead generation companies employ auto internet marketing to acquire more leads. They have partner websites which advertise client car dealers. They also advertise clients in several other websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also another effective method they use in automotive lead generation. When interested individuals use search engines to look for car dealers, those with the most advertisements get higher rankings. Individuals click on the links to websites that are on the top of the first page. When they have found what fits their needs, they provide their information and lead generation companies screen the potential buyers and endorse approved auto leads to corporate car vendors.

Indeed, lead generation companies greatly help in boosting the sales of car dealers. They give that extra push needed to turn interested buyers to decided buyers. However, there are two things that car dealers should remember. First, in order for lead generation companies to generate the highest number of quality leads, the dealer must have what customers look for. They must have a wide variety of options. Lead generation companies can only do so much if the dealer has a limited number of options for leads. Second, even though lead generation companies can provide corporate car vendors with several quality auto leads, it still depends on how the car dealer finishes the job to ensure a closed deal.

Non-exclusive and Exclusive Automotive Leads Which Leads Are Best?

Posted on: January 19th, 2012 by credit

Those in the automotive industry know how crucial leads are.  In a time when traditional advertising methods are no longer effective in generating revenue for auto dealerships, auto dealers rely on automotive leads to improve their profit margin.  It is a fact that the economy is currently weak, and that there are less people who are financially capable of buying cars at present that there was in the past.  The leads help auto dealers determine who these people are, and convince them to choose a vehicle from their respective inventories.  

The automotive leads that auto dealers can purchase from lead generation companies come in two types: non-exclusive and exclusive.  The choice of which type of lead to buy depends on the auto dealer.  However, it must be noted that one of the two is more profitable for auto dealers, and this is the exclusive variety.

Non-exclusive leads are also called shared leads for reason: these automotive leads are shared by many different auto dealers.  These leads are sold by lead generation companies to several clients, and the number of clients that would share the leads are determined by the location of the dealership and its requirements.  This means that two auto dealers that are located in the same area and have similar criteria vie to make an offer to the same set of potential customers. 

There are many auto dealers that buy non-exclusive leads because they are cheap.  Traditional marketing methods such as radio and television advertising can be costly, and buying shared auto leads prove to be a less expensive—not to mention more effective—way to find or attract potential customers.  While auto dealers do get to save money with the non-exclusive leads, they also suffer losses because of tight competition.  All the dealers that share the particular lead would all strive to make the first contact and close a deal.  Since only one dealer will emerge successful in this endeavor, all others would be left without a sale.  In the end, the dealer would have spent money on a lead that failed to bring in revenue.

The exclusive automotive leads are the best because they basically have a better chance of sales conversion.  The leads are called as such because access to the prospective car buyer is limited only to one auto dealer.  Because there is no competition, the possibility to closing a deal is much greater. 

It is important to note that exclusive leads are more pricey than the non-exclusive sort.  The price may be the reason some auto dealers purchase the non-exclusive variety instead.  Nonetheless, auto dealers must learn to invest their money on leads that can actually bring profit rather than waste money on those that do not.  Besides, the money they spend on the more expensive leads would be paid back if the leads all result in sales.  Therefore, auto dealers can expect a return on their investment.

Approved Auto Leads is one of the lead generation companies whose leads are not cheap, but can definitely boost an auto dealership’s sales.  The company, which has been in the industry for more than a decade, specializes in providing only exclusive and updated leads to auto dealerships.  For exclusive leads that really sell cars, Approved Auto Leads is the best place to go

Auto Leads – Directing Auto Dealers to Their Target Market

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit

Any company or business that offers products and services has a specific target market.  For instance, makers of cosmetics and beauty products definitely has the female population as their target market.  Meanwhile, those that sell workout equipment and exercise-related merchandise seek to promote their products and attract the attention of health conscious individuals as well as fitness buffs, which make up their intended client base. Of course, auto dealerships want to reach out to all prospective car buyers because these individuals make up their target clientele.  Who else would visit car dealerships if not those people who are planning to buy a car?      

Naturally, the marketing strategy of a business or company must consider its target market.  If an auto dealer wants to sell cars, it must determine who the prospective customers are and promote to them.  Auto leads do exactly this: these enable car dealers to know who are planning to purchase a vehicle and get financing for the said vehicle, efficiently directing auto dealers to their target market.  The leads are actually the prospective customers themselves.  Information about the prospect such as name, address and contact details come in the form of a lead, and this is what is sold to and purchased by auto dealerships.

Many years ago, auto dealers had to promote to the general public, not only their target market.  Prior to auto lead generation, auto dealership marketing was limited to traditional advertising.  Car dealers had to post advertisements in print media, television and radio to catch the attention and pique the interest of prospective car buyers.  Basically, it was a general approach to find a particular group of people—the car buyers.  Dealers had to spend a hefty sum in hopes of convincing the car buyers to visit their showrooms and check out their inventories.  With auto leads, there is no need for car dealers to promote to even those who are not planning to buy a car.  When dealers buy the leads, they are directed only to people who are really determined to make a purchase.  The lead generation companies do the screening for them and sell them only those that meet their requirements.

Each lead generator uses a set of techniques to find out who are those that are interested to buy a car, and then get their personal information.  Lead generating companies all have a network of contacts and car dealerships, among many others, that they utilize to locate prospective car buyers.  Most of the time, lead generation companies do the hard work, but there are also times when they need not do the seeking.  There are car buyers who give their information directly to lead generators, saving the latter time and money.  Car buyers who do this do not have the luxury of time to shop around for a car, so they speed up the process by going directly to the lead generators.  This way, they can receive offers from auto dealers without having to visit the dealerships themselves.

Approved Auto Leads is a lead generating company that truly helps car dealers find the customers they are looking for.  They sell only updated and exclusive auto leads to car dealers, therefore giving the latter better chances to close a deal and make a sale.  Hence, buying leads from Approved Auto Leads would no doubt direct any auto dealer to the people that would bring profit.

Newly Acquired Finance Auto Leads – What’s Next?

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit

Automotve Leads

Car dealers can obtain finance auto leads through many ways.  They can generate leads on their own through, telemarketing, email marketing, SEO techniques, and many other ways.  They can also purchase leads from lead generation companies.  However car dealers get leads, they should realize that having leads on hand is  blessing.  This means that they should never be wasted.  Even if lead generation companies provide quality leads to car dealers, turning them into sales can never be certain unless car dealers do their part well–and that comes after obtaining the leads..

The next thing that car dealers should do after obtaining finance auto leads is successfully turning them into sales.  How?  First, car dealers should know how to respond well to the queries.  Car dealers can employ an auto-responder so that the leads get a reply immediately even if the car dealer is not available.  Otherwise, the car dealer should give the leads a call to respond to them.  The first call to the leads may be crucial because car dealers should be able to put up a good impression.  The car dealer can do this by considering his or her greeting, tone of voice, and agenda.  During the call, car dealers should be able to find out the preferences of the lead when it comes to car models and loan offers.  It is easier to negotiate and finalize the deal personally if the car dealer has already made this call prior to that.

Auto Leads

Afterwards, if the lead can not give a decision at the moment, the car dealer should hold on to the lead by having constant communication with him or her. However, the car dealer can still entertain the other queries from finance auto leads. It is not wise to hold on to just one because the car dealer can never be sure if that lead will take the offer or not. 

Lastly, car dealers should never give up in pursuing their potential car buyers.  They should not let other dealers steal them away from their reach.  If a car lead is having a hard time making a final decision, car dealers can ask about the lead’s concerns.  They can even make adjustments according to the needs of the prospective car buyer.

Approved Auto Leads guarantees that it only provides quality leads to its customers.  However, it is also important for car dealers to realize that their part is crucial in making those leads successful sales. When Approved Auto Leads give them quality, they are giving out information about people who are really serious about making a car purchase.

Successfully Generating More Dealer Leads With Lead Generation Companies

Posted on: January 12th, 2012 by credit

Want more leads ?

Lead generation companies are those which provide lead generation services to businesses, like car dealerships.  Approved Auto Leads is an example.  It is one of the most novel way of generating leads nowadays.  Lead generation companies employ lead generation techniques skillfully.  One of the biggest advantages that car dealerships can get from lead generation companies is the continuous supply of prospective customers or dealer leads, while they do less work.


Telemarketing services are what lead companies largely offer their clients.  They have advanced technology for more advanced call center systems.  Their staffs are trained and are skillful for this type of work.  They know how to qualify applicants and how to verify their information.  Because of this enhanced telemarketing system, lead generation companies are able to reach out to a huge number of dealer leads–something that most car dealerships are limited to do.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects in businesses that could make or break it.  The staffs of lead companies are skilled at customer interaction or service.  They can respond to their queries, take and follow up orders, and the like.  Car dealers would not be able to do all of these tasks with just a small number of employees in their offices.  They would really need to hire more hands to work these toilsome tasks out.

Car dealers could also increase the productivity of their sales team if they would use the services of a lead generation company.  With the help of the services provided by the lead company, the sales representatives of the car dealers would not have to spend too much of their time in finding prospective customers.  They can now just focus on turning the leads into sales as the staffs from the lead company can do the first half of the leg work for them.


Automotve leads

There is also a greater chance of obtaining more quality or hot leads with a lead company than with the dealership’s internal staffs.  As was mentioned already, the people in a lead generation company were trained for the work they are doing.  Thus, they know how to identify hot dealer leads from the poor leads.  In this way, car dealers are able to spare themselves from the trouble of picking out the hot leads from the bad leads.  It is also cost effective as most of these companies would only ask for payments on a pay per lead basis.  Approved Auto Leads only ask its customers to pay for the number of leads given to them.  These are always hot leads that have high conversion rates.


Indeed, lead generation companies have revolutionized the way car dealerships and other businesses find and reach out to their prospective customers.  These companies have also helped businesses in increasing their sales and revenue.  Approved Auto Leads have always been working towards that direction since from the beginning.

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