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Characteristics of a Good Automotive Lead

Posted on: August 8th, 2012 by credit


Today, car dealerships are having a hard time selling their cars. This is not surprising because the world is experiencing hard financial times. People are not earning enough and they would rather spend their salaries in other things. However, despite the crisis, there are still people out there who are interested in buying cars.

Car dealerships must not rely on walk-in customers alone, or else they will never be able to meet their monthly or yearly sales quotas. They need to be proactive in looking for customers who are willing to buy cars. This is where the use of an automotive lead comes in.

An automotive lead contains information about people who have bought a car in the past and/or have shown interest in buying a car in the recent months. This information includes the person’s name, age, gender, where he or she lives and sometimes his or her financial history. In order to be of use for the car dealership, an automotive lead has to have certain characteristics so it will translate into a successful sale.

High Price: Value For Money

Car dealerships must realize that good automotive leads do not come cheap. Nevertheless, they should not be intimidated by the high price of auto leads that come from reputable lead generator companies. They should view these leads as an investment that can translate into sales that can help them meet their sales quotas. Some car dealerships might be tempted to buy inexpensive auto leads but if these do not help them make a sale, then the car company just wasted valuable resources in buying them.

Diversity is Good

Car dealerships must also realize that there are different kinds of automotive leads available today. It will not be surprising if they prefer to get customers who have good credit history and have enough money to finance their cars. However, they should also look into people who have no credit history who are also interested in buying cars. It might sound risky but often, this group has the capability to finance their cars but they have not established their credit rating yet. They should also include people who have a bad credit history into the mix. Having a bad credit history does not necessarily mean that a person is not capable of financing a car especially if he or she is finding ways to improve his or her credit score.

Real Time, All the Time

Most importantly, a good automotive lead should be generated in real time. These leads come from consumers who are actively searching for a car that they are willing to buy. This will allow the car dealer to be in contact with the person right away, and the transaction and sale will proceed faster. Remember, an auto lead from a year ago will not be useful for the dealership.

Lead Generation Mistakes Car Dealers Should Avoid

Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by credit

You can generate auto leads in two ways: by using traditional methods or through the internet. Although some of the traditional methods are obsolete and considered ineffective already, many new techniques were discovered and are now used as effective lead generation means. However, many car dealers are not able to maximize the potential of these techniques in making their dealerships more profitable. They fail over and over in their lead generation efforts, not even producing significant sales. Why? Learn about some of the common lead generation mistakes you should avoid to stop the cycle.

Some car dealers fail in generating leads simply because they have the wrong focus. They are too obsessed increasing their traffic than devising an excellent plan on how to translate the traffic into sales. Making your dealership website drive traffic is basic and easy in auto lead generation once you’re familiar with the techniques. However, converting these leads into sales is the more challenging and the most important part. Massive traffic is not that significant if it does not bring sales to your dealership. Thus, lead generation and lead conversion work side by side in making your dealership more profitable.

Being a rigid dealer and marketer is not also going to work for your dealership. Perhaps you were able to come up with an excellent strategy to generate and convert leads, but that exact strategy won’t work the same as time passes by. You’re missing on a lot if you are not reading the news or the studies about the auto industry. As a dealer, it’s important that you know the current trends on auto marketing, consumer behavior, and the like so you can modify or update your strategies in conformity with the current trends and needs of your target market. You will generate and convert leads more effectively this way.

It is also a mistake to ask your visitors to fill out a form right away without giving them any easier options to contact you. A form is necessary for you to get their information; however, it should not be the only way through which they can contact you. Make it more convenient for them. Provide a toll-free number where they could contact you immediately for their queries. You can also have sales reps stay online to provide assistance to your visitors through live chat.

Finally, hiring a poor auto lead generation company or provider is obviously a mistake. To be able to produce good quality leads, the lead provider must be legitimate and professional in using various lead generation techniques. Check a lead provider’s legitimacy by looking them up in BBB’s online database. To find out how they generate leads, ask them how they employ lead generation techniques because it certainly affects the quality of leads they generate.

Meeting A Different Breed of Car Buyers—Gen Y

Posted on: July 9th, 2012 by credit

Gen Y has been a challenging group of consumers for car makers and dealers. Through the studies, Gen Y shows to have a different consumer behavior than the older generation of car buyers. Thus, dealers and car makers are challenged to get these younger people behind the wheel and turn them into sales. Here is an overview of Gen Y car-buying behavior and preferences from the 2011 Automotive Generation Y Survey by Deloitte.

  • Almost 70% of Gen Y respondents will buy a used car rather than a new one in the future.
  • Environment is an important factor Gen Y considers when buying a vehicle with 71% of the respondents. Moreover, the results also showed that more than half of the respondents will pay more for an environmentally friendly or energy and money-saving cars.
  • As for purchasing power and influence, more than 61% of the respondents said that they directly influence their parents in making the final purchase decision. Interestingly though, more than 88% of Gen Y respondents ask their peers for opinion about a car brand or model. Almost 80% of these respondents said that their car purchase decision is largely influenced by their friends.
  • In terms of how Gen Y use the Internet for car shopping, more than two-thirds of the respondents now turn to social networking sites to get information about a vehicle brand and model. This is a sharp increase from the 2009 survey where more than half of the respondents do not get information from social networking sites. Other places where Gen Y car shoppers search information from are search engines, auto manufacturer’s website, and vehicle reference sites.
  • Gen Y’s attitude toward dealership experience almost did not change since the 2009 survey. Still majority (82%) of the respondents would like to test-drive a vehicle for 24 hours. More than half of the respondents does not want to have a personal interaction with a dealer or car salesman and prefer settling everything online to purchase the vehicle instead. Moreover, it is better for dealers to keep Gen Y customers satisfied as more than half of the respondents said that a bad experience in a dealership would cause them not to consider buying the same brand of car again.

The shifts in the survey results from 2009 to 2011 imply that car dealers need to closely monitor Gen Y’s consumer behavior so they are always updated with their current needs and preferences. In this way, it will be easier for them to make adjustments in their marketing and auto leads generation strategies to make these people part of their sales. With the facts and figures showed, car dealers should have a different approach in attracting and generating Gen Y auto leads. Doing so could be a challenge but it is necessary to sustain the industry’s recovery.

Why Auto Loan Leads are a Good Investment

Posted on: May 25th, 2012 by credit

Generating leads on your own or buying them from a third party is not cheap for dealerships. However, investing in auto loan leads is bankable. The key to gaining more profit from these leads is being able to choose the right lead generation techniques or marketing strategies to use. Today, a lot of dealers have been maximizing the internet to generate leads and rise above the competition in the automotive industry. You, as well, need to participate competitively in the competition by having a brilliant mind in choosing and employing effective marketing strategies to generate quality leads.

The seemingly most influential marketing strategy now is social media marketing. A lot of people are active in social media sites and a number of them could be your prospective customers. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great platforms for you to execute lead generation techniques and acquire many auto loan leads. There are two main reasons why you should go social. One is because your competitors have done so already and you will be missing out on a lot if you don’t, and second, millions of your prospective customers are there.

Another effective strategy is video marketing. Generally speaking, people are visual, that is, they get more attracted to a specific product or service if the promotion is backed with visually pleasing and moving illustrations. Such visual aids redirect the information to people faster and make it easier for them to understand that message. In other words, visuals allow you to communicate to your prospects more easily. You can post your promotional videos on your blogs, dealership websites, and social media pages.

Search engine optimization or SEO is also an effective strategy in generating auto loan leads. Its goal is to improve your website’s visibility in the world wide web by making its rank in search engine results pages high. The higher the rank of your website, the more visitors it’ll have. SEO involves providing quality and useful content for your website or blogs. There are two important things to remember when doing this technique: keyword and information. SEO becomes effective if you use the right keywords for your website content. Moreover, you will be able to keep on driving traffic to your website if you provide your visitors with helpful information.

Admittedly, working these strategies out or having a third party like Approved Auto Leads do them is costly for a business like yours. However, as has also been pointed out, auto loan leads are a good investment as they could also make up the bulk of your sales. Therefore, don’t hesitate to invest time and money in finding and converting them into sales.


How to Use Facebook to Generate Car Leads

Posted on: May 16th, 2012 by credit

Your prospects are not in their homes anymore watching your TV commercial or listening to your radio ad. They are now in the online community where many car dealers have already gone to as well. If you haven’t realized this trend yet of promoting your dealership online, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of opportunities of generating car leads and making more sales.

One of the best places in the world wide web for you to promote your dealership is social networking sites like Facebook. Facebook is a relatively new marketing tool. Nevertheless, it has been proven to be an effective tool in reaching millions of prospects and generating leads. Here are some tips on how you can effectively use Facebook to generate car leads for your dealership.

Getting into Facebook to establish the online presence of your dealership is not like building your dealership website. In Facebook, it’s all about interaction and conversation. The key is to get in touch with real prospects who have real opinions and interests. Therefore, always have the time to answer their comments and wall posts—even the negative ones. Just keep them engaged in conversations and get them to participate in your online community always. It is by this that you will be able to build a relationship, as well as trust, with your prospects.

Photos do a spectacular job in making your Facebook fan page interesting and fun and add to its interactivity. Post relevant photos like of your recent sales events, happy customers who just bought a car from your dealership, new car models available at your lot, and your happy staffs. Photos also add color and liveliness to your page.

Put also some value on your Facebook page. Do not just post boring updates on your wall. Share also links of useful information such as news, helpful blog posts, and car reviews. Give your prospects something that they can get out of liking your page. Again, establishing your presence in social networking sites like Facebook should be more of interaction than advertisement.

Lastly, do not be afraid to be a bit experimental on your marketing techniques. As has been noted, Facebook is a new marketing tool and so is other social media platforms. Businesses who are using it still need to discover these platforms more and come up with a standard effective social media marketing plan. Therefore, you have all the chance to be creative and innovative in capturing the interest of your prospects and in turning them into car leads.

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