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Reminders When Hiring Auto Lead Providers

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by credit

Many dealers often forget how to look closely at auto lead providers when hiring one. As a dealer and a businessman yourself, you should understand that hiring a lead provider is also like choosing your business partner. Auto lead providers take care of a dealership’s marketing efforts and strategies and lead management systems—things that largely make up a dealership’s operation. Therefore, it is necessary that you are always reminded of how to evaluate auto lead providers in the process of hiring one.

Lead Provider’s Legitimacy

First thing to make sure is that you are hiring a legitimate provider. Look up a lead company in BBB’s online database or ask for recommendations from other businesses. Research about the lead provider’s background, including its performance and experience. It is better to hire a provider that has been generating leads for dealerships for more than a couple of years already. Although experience does not really define a lead provider’s performance or professionalism, having more experience still means understanding the industry better. If you only want to generate special finance leads, make sure that the lead provider you will be hiring has an experience in handling such leads.

Delivery Time of Leads

The lead provider must be able to send you the leads they acquire as quickly as possible. Why is this important? Frankly, your prospects do not have all the time to wait for your response. If your response takes too long, they would either listen to your competitor’s offer or simply lose their interest in yours. These would be the last things that you want to happen with your leads. Therefore, make sure that the lead provider you’ll be hiring understands how important it is to send you leads even as soon as the prospects dropped their information in.

Lead Quality and Lead Generation Techniques

Some dealers do not realize it but lead generation techniques have something to do with lead quality. How? Say, your lead provider generates leads for you by using SEO techniques—but they use them abusively. Definitely, your lead provider would not generate quality leads or potential customers who are really serious about buying a car. Why? Some leads could be those who were just deceived by ads and were forced to sign up. Ask your lead provider about how they execute their lead generation techniques.

Comparison of Quotes

Have at least three bids from different auto leads providers and compare them from each other before finally shaking hands with your new business partner. Don’t be too focused on how many leads a company could give you. Rather, look at the conversion rate; the higher the rate, the better. Such leads usually cost more; however, it is better to spend on expensive leads that are most likely to convert into sales than on a lot of leads which conversion is even uncertain.

Things to Do When Hiring an Auto Lead Provider

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by credit

The services of auto lead providers like Approved Auto Leads make lead and sales generation easier, more convenient and more productive for dealerships. There are actually more benefits auto lead providers can give to dealerships. However, many dealers are not experiencing better processes and systems with lead providers. Some don’t even see any significant growth in their sales. There are two possible reasons: It could be that the lead provider is not a good choice or the dealer has missed out on some details while choosing a lead provider to hire. Sometimes, the blame is not always on the inefficiency of a lead provider but on you, the dealer. Check out these things to do when hiring a lead provider.


With the advancement in technology and further developments in the world wide web , it now so easy to search for prospective auto lead providers online. You can also ensure a company’s legitimacy right there and then. Aside from online search, you can also ask for recommendations from other businesses who have hired or have been hiring a lead provider. Narrow down your list by thoroughly verifying a company’s legitimacy and professionalism.


If you are shopping for lead providers online, check first if the company provides their complete contact details in their website. If you’re interested in their services, call them up and find out if they are a real company. If there are no address or contact numbers provided, discard the company from your options. Also, don’t choose a provider located far from your dealership.


It is better if you could walk into the office and observe the people working in there. Are the people friendly? Are they productive? Can they communicate well with customers? Observe also the workplace. If possible, meet up with the owner. It is ideal to personally know the people you are working with.


This simply means interview the company. For example, ask them about the lead generation techniques they use. Make sure that they are knowledgeable with the fundamental and modern techniques and are using these appropriately and not abusively. If they execute their lead generation efforts without tact, they would most likely generate bad leads—shoppers who were just lured by some advertisements to send their information in.


Actually, this is the most important part. Many dealers often neglect lead conversion by being so focused on generating so much leads. The fact is, a number of leads won’t get you more money. However, converting these leads into sales will do. Make sure that you spend sufficient time working on the leads—answering their queries, getting them into the deal, keeping them interested, and following them up. This way, you’ll see your dealership grow.

What Makes Automotive Lead Providers Bad

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by credit

Automotive lead providers are really helpful in making a dealership grow financially. They help car dealers a lot in generating more leads, acquiring new prospects and making more sales. However, if a lead provider is inefficient, it would only cause car dealers more trouble instead of growth. Here are some signs of a bad auto lead provider that you should watch out for.

Bad automotive lead providers do not have a screening process. The screening process is where they should verify all the information they receive from the leads and ensure their authenticity and quality. It is also where they find out if a lead is qualified or not. The screening process is important because it saves car dealers time and effort on having to qualify the leads themselves. It also ensures the quality of the leads that they will be receiving from the lead provider.

A lead provider can also be inefficient if they lack the experience in what they do. This is one of the reasons why car dealers are always advised to work with lead providers who have been in the industry for some time already. This implies that they already know the techniques well in the industry. Your lead provider then must be knowledgeable about various lead generation techniques—traditional and contemporary. Automotive lead providers are supposed to be experts in this. However, there are some who could still not adapt to new techniques and would struggle to keep up with your demands. When choosing a lead provider, call them up and ask them about the techniques they are using in generating leads for their clients.

Another sign of a bad auto lead provider is not having a return policy. The return policy provides for a money back for the bad leads that a car dealer might receive. It is not wise to work with a lead provider that does not guarantee money back for useless leads.

Likewise, a lead provider that is not registered and accredited by the Better Business Bureau cannot be trusted and relied on. Make sure that your prospective lead provider is legitimate by checking out the BBB database. You will see BBB’s rating on the company, review, summary of complaints, and other information in it. Choose a lead provider with a high BBB rating as much as possible.

Lastly, a lead provider could not be efficient if they are not capable of delivering leads quickly. It is important that leads are delivered fresh and fast. Otherwise, your prospects might lose interest in your offer or be captured away by your competitors. Make sure that your auto lead provider has an effective system for delivering fresh and quality leads at a fast rate.

Points for Evaluating Auto Lead Providers

Posted on: April 27th, 2012 by credit

Lead generation and conversion tasks are tedious and could sometimes be overwhelming. Many auto dealers struggle with doing all the tasks well with the little time that they have. In most cases, they neglect one aspect while overdoing another. This imbalance is common especially when only the auto dealers and their team do the job themselves. However, auto lead providers like Approved Auto Leads can provide solutions to make the job of dealerships easier. They can take the bulk of the workload like lead generation tasks, allowing dealers to focus more on making sales. However, not all lead providers can help; dealers have to select the best one.

Is it reputable?

Not all auto lead providers perform well. There are those that eventually turn out to be abusive and even fraudulent. Some are not just able to provide a good service or incompetent. That is why it is important for dealers to pick out the best auto lead provider. One way is by evaluating its reputability. Dealers can check out the Better Business Bureau or BBB database to see if their prospective provider is registered. The higher the rating, the better. Dealers should also know since when a lead provider has started operation. It is better to work with a more experienced provider than with a newly established one. Dealers can be sure that they are experts on what they do and that they can provide quality service and right solutions if any problem arises. They can also read reviews and forums to learn more about a lead generation company.

How do they generate leads?

It is just important that dealers know how their lead provider generate leads. The way lead generation techniques are used affects the quality of leads that could be generated. Some effective lead generation techniques that a good lead provider should be using are PPC or pay-per-click marketing and SEO or search engine optimization. These are the most effective strategies in driving traffic to a dealership’s website. In order to generate quality leads through these, lead providers should not use them abusively. Dealers would not want to be sold with leads that are not really interested in buying a vehicle. If their prospective lead provider gets leads from a third-party, they should make sure that it knows how to check the quality of the leads they get.

Do they have a screening process?

Approved Auto Leads screens leads before delivering them to dealers. All lead providers should have the same process in ensuring the quality of leads they give their clients. In the screening process, all the information that a prospect provided are verified for legitimacy and accuracy. The leads will also be pre-qualified against the criteria for qualification of their dealer clients. If the leads are screened, it will be easier for dealers to manage the leads. They would not also have to do verification and qualify the leads themselves. It also eliminates bad leads or those that have incomplete or fake contact details. It is important that a lead provider employs a screening process to provide quality leads.


Partnering with the Right Auto Lead Providers

Posted on: March 22nd, 2012 by credit


Auto lead providers, sometimes called as lead generation companies, are helpful partners of car dealers which make their job easy and can greatly help them in increasing their sales.  Lead providers can basically generate leads for car dealers by utilizing various lead generation techniques.  With their help, car dealers do not have to consume almost all their time in finding leads and neglecting the task of closing deals.

However, an auto lead provider would not be helpful at all if they do not possess the qualities of a good lead provider.  Car dealers, then, should make sure that they only get good lead providers as their partners.  Otherwise, they would just be wasting money instead of making more sales with them.  Here is how to distinguish the good ones.

Most, if not all, good auto lead providers have been in the industry for some years already.  This may be a superficial criteria for evaluating a lead provider but it also implies that a lead company has enough experience in doing the job.  This means that car dealers can at least trust that truth that they already know what they are doing.  It is also best for car dealers to check out the most reputable auto leads providers first before considering small companies.

Good lead providers must also be certainly legitimate.  Car dealers can assess this by doing a research on the company’s history, profile, staffs, and track record.  They can also read reviews and forum discussions about their prospect lead providers.  They can actually somehow distinguish an illegitimate lead company.  A lead generation company’s website without the company’s contact information or location is a skeptical one.  There is no way for car dealers to verify its existence.  It is also better for car dealers to disregard lead companies which are located out of state.  The lead company, although online-based, should still be accessible for car dealers.

Lead providers should also have a pre-screening process for all the leads that they have collected  The information they have acquired should undergo verification to test the authenticity.  The screening process itself is to assess the applicant’s qualification.  These processes ensure quality leads delivery to car dealers.  This also keeps car dealers from receiving bad leads which are not useful for increasing sales.  If a lead generation company gets leads from a third party, it should also have a similar process for screening the leads to ensure that they are still quality.

Good auto lead providers do not also ask for any upfront fees.  These fees may be expensive and may  have nothing to do with the services and products that a car dealer is availing from the lead provider.  Moreover, they should also check if the lead company has a return policy for bad leads.  A good auto lead provider would be willing to refund whatever the bad leads are worth.

Approved Auto Leads is a lead provider that has been helping car dealers boost their sales for ten years now.  It can assure the sale quality leads that undergo a screening process before its clients get the order.  Approved Auto Leads only sell leads that convert into sales.

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