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Why Use Mobile Marketing as an Auto Lead Generation Technique

Posted on: July 10th, 2012 by credit

As the Internet continues to be an effective marketing tool, another medium, mobile, is being praised for its potential. Several car dealers have been employing mobile marketing as an auto lead generation technique. However, many car dealers are still in doubt of its capability. One of the best ways to answer this is looking at the figures from various related studies done recently.

  • More than 80% of Americans own a cellphone.
  • 91% of adults in the U.S. have their cellphones within their reach 24/7.
  • 25% of Americans only use their cellphones to access the Internet.
  • Brands using text messaging to reach customers connect with 95% of mobile users.
  • People read most (about 90%) of their text messages within 3 minutes from the time they were sent.
  • About 90% of mobile searches lead to action (and in a separate study, 70% lead to action within an hour) and more than half lead to purchase.
  • Mobile ads perform better 4 to 5 times than online ads.
  • More than 16 million mobile subscribers use location-based check-in and in a separate study, 95% of smartphone users look for local information.
  • 81% have done product research via smartphone and 50% purchased.
  • 33% of mobile subscribers prefer offers communicated via text messaging.
  • In June 2011, the number of U.S. Mobile subscribers exceeded the U.S. Population.

In addition to the facts stated above, people bring their mobile phones with them anywhere they go and use it anytime of the day. It is one of the essentials they bring with them when they leave their houses. Moreover, the figures above show that mobile marketing is indeed an effective auto lead generation technique as a good number of mobile subscribers who received a mobile ad took action and some eventually became sales.

Mobile marketing comes in many forms. Text messaging or SMS is one and deemed to be cheaper than direct mails. It is also the simplest form as the message can be sent regardless of the type of phone the recipient owns. Another form is mobile websites which are mainly and more conveniently accessible through smartphones. Mobile applications are also exclusive for smartphones. Multimedia messaging or MMS is also another form that allows the advertiser to use other types of media to put his message across. Lastly, quick response or QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes that store information which can be read by a mobile device. QR codes can be found in billboards, business cards, print ads, direct mails, websites, emails, coupons, and the like.

Mobile marketing may be relatively new and is yet to be discovered further. However, competitors are moving and the prospects are where they are. Study how mobile marketing works and consider employing it as an auto lead generation technique for your dealership.

How Social Media Helps in Automotive Lead Generation

Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by credit

Social media is a new platform and tool for businesses to advertise and carry out marketing efforts. Your lead provider should not miss out on this marketing tool which has become important for businesses, including automotive dealerships, in keeping up with the competition. Here is how important social media is in automotive lead generation.

Spreads the Word

Post a blog entry on your website. For people to notice and read it, you have to work your way for it and your website to gain traffic. That will definitely take time, unless your website has already been established in the high ranks of search engine results pages. Try posting the same content in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn and it will get noticed by thousands of audiences in just a matter of minutes. Try it. Post an interesting car ad on your dealership’s Facebook account and wait to see it acquire likes and comments in less than an hour. It could even perhaps be shared by some users. Social media can make an information viral as it spreads quickly across a vast span of audiences across the globe. Thus, social media helps not only in promoting your dealership but also in driving traffic to your dealership website.

Finds the Leads For You

Technology has indeed developed in a very awesome way. You and your lead provider do not really have to work so hard now just to find leads. Social media had, in a way, transformed how automotive lead generation is done. By using social networking sites to find leads, you can simply use search tools and key in relevant keywords that could lead you to your prospects. You can even set an alert for every new query that comes in. An example of this amazing tool is the Twitter Advanced Search tool. It allows you to narrow down your search to tweets containing relevant queries for your dealership that came from a specified distance from your location. Although not a social networking site, the concept of Google Alerts also greatly helps in finding leads.

Helps You Build Relationships

Social media, from the name itself, is all about interaction—relationship. Since building relationships in doing business is important, that makes social media an important tool for automotive lead generation. Just like a typical teen who is active in various social networking sites, be active also in posting comments, answering questions, reacting to comments, and relating with other users. It is not even far from possible to turn leads into sales right there and then. Don’t waste this opportunity and make sure that your lead provider is maximizing social media platforms to generate leads for you.

Points for Evaluating Auto Lead Providers

Posted on: April 27th, 2012 by credit

Lead generation and conversion tasks are tedious and could sometimes be overwhelming. Many auto dealers struggle with doing all the tasks well with the little time that they have. In most cases, they neglect one aspect while overdoing another. This imbalance is common especially when only the auto dealers and their team do the job themselves. However, auto lead providers like Approved Auto Leads can provide solutions to make the job of dealerships easier. They can take the bulk of the workload like lead generation tasks, allowing dealers to focus more on making sales. However, not all lead providers can help; dealers have to select the best one.

Is it reputable?

Not all auto lead providers perform well. There are those that eventually turn out to be abusive and even fraudulent. Some are not just able to provide a good service or incompetent. That is why it is important for dealers to pick out the best auto lead provider. One way is by evaluating its reputability. Dealers can check out the Better Business Bureau or BBB database to see if their prospective provider is registered. The higher the rating, the better. Dealers should also know since when a lead provider has started operation. It is better to work with a more experienced provider than with a newly established one. Dealers can be sure that they are experts on what they do and that they can provide quality service and right solutions if any problem arises. They can also read reviews and forums to learn more about a lead generation company.

How do they generate leads?

It is just important that dealers know how their lead provider generate leads. The way lead generation techniques are used affects the quality of leads that could be generated. Some effective lead generation techniques that a good lead provider should be using are PPC or pay-per-click marketing and SEO or search engine optimization. These are the most effective strategies in driving traffic to a dealership’s website. In order to generate quality leads through these, lead providers should not use them abusively. Dealers would not want to be sold with leads that are not really interested in buying a vehicle. If their prospective lead provider gets leads from a third-party, they should make sure that it knows how to check the quality of the leads they get.

Do they have a screening process?

Approved Auto Leads screens leads before delivering them to dealers. All lead providers should have the same process in ensuring the quality of leads they give their clients. In the screening process, all the information that a prospect provided are verified for legitimacy and accuracy. The leads will also be pre-qualified against the criteria for qualification of their dealer clients. If the leads are screened, it will be easier for dealers to manage the leads. They would not also have to do verification and qualify the leads themselves. It also eliminates bad leads or those that have incomplete or fake contact details. It is important that a lead provider employs a screening process to provide quality leads.


Know How Lead Providers Generate Auto Leads for You

Posted on: April 12th, 2012 by credit

Lead providers like Approved Auto Leads are partners of dealerships in making their businesses more profitable. They not only provide leads for you but they also perform marketing efforts to promote your dealership together with its products and services. Auto lead providers help dealers like you by performing effective marketing strategies. Here are some of the auto lead generation techniques that they usually use to generate leads for you.

Pay Per Click or PPC marketing has been a great technique in driving more traffic to a business website and in making sales. Advertisers here pay website owners for every click of visitors on their ads. These ads are usually just texts and sometimes photos that occupy a portion of a website or a search engine results page. Auto lead providers use this technique to capture potential customers for their clients. PPC marketing is one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies.

Another auto lead generation technique that lead providers use is the search engine optimization or SEO which is another effective Internet marketing strategy. SEO is a marketing process in which your website’s visibility in the world wide web is enhanced to attract more visitors or drive more traffic. More visitors means more sales opportunities. Some SEO techniques that are commonly used are link building, blog marketing, article marketing, and forum participation. These marketing tasks could be tedious and time-consuming. However, you can leave them all to a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads

Calls to action are also used by lead providers to generate auto leads for their clients. Some examples are click here, download now, join now, contact us, apply now, money back guarantee, get started today, call for a free quote, get approved now, and the like. These are simple phrases but they should be convincing, or better yet, compelling to make potential customers take action, usually by filling out an application form. This may seem like a simple technique but it is crucial for opening doors for interested visitors.

One of the newest Internet marketing strategies is social media marketing. Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like are perfect places to spread information quickly and pull off viral marketing effectively while reaching a massive audience. Lead providers know this and they take advantage of this opportunity to generate more leads for you. Being in social networks also builds an impression to your prospects that you can be easily reached.

There are more auto lead generation techniques that lead providers use to generate leads for their clients. As a final note, remember that the way they use these techniques affect the quality of the leads they generate. Thus, it is important to ask them about the marketing strategies they use and how they carry these out before doing business with them.

Efficient Auto Lead Generation Techniques Boost Car Sales

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by credit

The marketing aspect in automotive industry has advanced with technology.  Indeed, there are new forms and ways by which car dealers can represent their businesses in the market.  Traditional auto lead generation techniques such as, TV and radio commercial ads, billboards, referrals, and the like can still be used.  However, reality tells us that they are not that effective anymore in grabbing people’s attention.  New lead generation techniques involve the internet which makes everything fast, convenient, cheap and effective.  It also reaches a vast number of people.  Doing internet marketing strategies well and properly will definitely ensure a boost in a car dealer’s sale.

Telemarketing or cold calling is an old form of reaching out to prospect car buyers.  Even if in the internet age already, this auto lead generation technique still proves to be effective.  However, its purpose is slightly different now.  Car dealers give their auto leads a phone call for follow up purposes.  It is different from before when car dealers would have to randomly call people and find an interested car buyer from there.  Today, the leads being contacted have an initial negotiation with the car dealer already.  It is now also recommended that a phone call to a lead should not be all about promoting the offer and urging the lead to take it.  Car dealers should instead try to give alternatives to the lead who is, most of the time, having quite a lot of concerns that hinder him or her from making a decision.  Despite this change in how telemarketing is used, this technique is still effective in reaching out to prospective car buyers.

Car dealers can also generate leads efficiently with the help of auto lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads.  They would just have to buy auto leads from them and also let them do the marketing efforts.  However, car dealers should make sure that they only partner with a reputable lead generation company which certainly provides quality leads.  With the help of these companies, car dealers can spend more time on closing deals.  Lead companies rev up a car dealership’s production and also increase its sales.  Approved Auto Leads has been in the business of helping car dealers increase their revenues for 10 years now.  It stays committed to providing its partners with auto leads that will surely turn into sales.

Another way by which car dealers can do auto lead generation well is through search engine optimization or SEO.  This is a process in internet marketing where a website’s ranking in the search engines is enhanced to attract more visitors.  When car dealers learn this well, they can be sure to have a breakthrough in their sales.  However, they have to perform the SEO techniques they employ rightly.  Otherwise,  they would only generate bad leads.  SEO techniques are most effective when applied to writing articles for the dealership website, posting car dealership ads in different websites, and social media marketing.

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